Robert Fripp Exposure box to be released

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jblock, Jun 17, 2021.

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  2. Say It Right

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    Small correction, the title is Exposures (plural), which is kind of interesting.

    Early speculation on contents:

    All 3 discs from the Exposure remaster of about 10 years or so ago with whatever else wasn't on there or found since. Then for other full albums: Under Heavy Manners/God Save the Queen, Frippertronics/Let the Power Fall, The League of Gentlemen + live disc.

    For bonus material, there's rehearsed jams with Wetton & Collins from around '78. This would have to include some live Frippertronics performance. A vinyl bootleg used to be available of the 1st public performance from The Kitchen in NYC. Bootleg the bootleggers?

    Not sure that he'd go as far forward as 90's onward Soundscapes?
  3. jblock

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    That makes sense. Besides the jams with Wetton and Collins, there are jams with Levin and Marotta. All are available from the DGM site as well as the Kitchen performances.
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  4. Vic333

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    Interesting. It'll be fun to see if this release gets as expansive as the KC box sets have been.
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  5. DaveinMA

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    Also Fripp/Wetton/Walden.
  6. Sordel

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    In principle this should be very interesting ... I wonder what we'll get in the way of surround remixes.
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  7. Instant Dharma

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    Does this mean we could possibly be treated to MORE Peter Hammill in 2021??
  8. JakeKlas

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    It was only in the past year or two that I first bought/heard Exposure.

    A quirky album that I probably wouldn’t have cared for when it was originally released based on what I was listening to at the time. But now I really like it.

    A box set would be an easy pre-order for me.
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  9. Instant Dharma

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    CoCoCo, Ca
    I hope thats all there. I bought copies of all or most of those albums in the mid 90’s or so when I was collecting a lot of stuff from that era. Would be nice to have them all digitally in one of those types of sets.
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  10. Vaughan

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    Oh hell, yes.

    I absolutely love the original Frippertronics. Later he found "better" ways of achieving the same effect - such as with his soundscapes - but somehow it lost its magic.
  11. SurferOne

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    I saw RF playing Frippertronics in front of me at a radio station at midnight in Montreal around the time He was promoting the Exposure album. Here is the picture I took saying «Robert»...
    [ATTACH=full]How to attach or post a jpg ? [/ATTACH]
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  12. penguinzzz

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    Call me shallow but I would like to hear NYC3, I May Not Have Had Enough... and even Disengage without vocals. It's not that I don't like or get the final versions but I think they might also work as effective instrumentals.
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  13. MichaelCPE

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    This has the potential to be wonderful! As well as content, there are two things which matter to me.

    First, I hope they do as they did with the Sailor's Tales box and have ALL of the content on the blu rays.

    Second, though the initial CD release of Exposure (a remix) had a DR of 13, the 2006, two disc release was compressed and both discs had a DR of only 10. I want to hear the dynamics of the master tapes as, for me, that is how the music comes alive and sounds real.

    And now the long wait to find out about content, and then the even longer wait to find out about dynamics.
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  14. MichaelCPE

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    Steven Wilson often creates an instrumental only version of albums he remixes for surround. For example all the Yes blu rays includes one, and it's a rewarding listen which reveals details missed due to the vocals.

    My wish is that subtitles were added to the blu rays. If these were included with the instrumental versions then we could easily sing along at home :whistle:
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  15. Geordiepete

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    Karaoke Crimson!
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  16. penguinzzz

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    Charlton, London
    I can just picture singing along with NYC3! :sigh:
  17. radiophonic

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    Excellent news. I clearly remember buying Exposure with Christmas money, aged not quite 14, in December 1981. It blew my tiny mind. That version of Here Comes The Flood gets me every time. I never really got to the bottom of the Daryl Hall story. Was the version of Sacred Songs that eventually came out unchanged or was there record company/management interference in addition to the initial block on its release? I wonder if more material from those sessions is lurking in the vaults, awaiting Exposure? Also, Hammill / Fripp / Levin / Marotta would have made an absolute killer live band. I have the 2CD expanded version already, but I'm pretty interested to see what else they've unearthed. The album's diary structure makes it a pretty flexible beast in terms of running order and extras.
  18. Say It Right

    Say It Right Not for the Hearing Impaired

    Niagara Falls
    Sacred Songs was shelved for about 3 years. RCA and likely Hall & Oates management (Tommy Motolla) felt that the association with Fripp would hamper commercial potential. Debbie Harry was supposed to sing a version of "I Feel Love," and the same happened with Blondie's representatives.

    Not sure of the exact details, but at one point there was a proposed group, consisting of Hall/Fripp/Levin/Marotta. Jerry Marotta did end up drumming for Hall & Oates for a period of time afterwards.
  19. Musicisthebest

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    Manchester, UK
    I can vaguely remember reading a comment by David Singleton saying that there was a lot of unused material associated with this album. Annoyingly I can't remember where I read it, in the Uncut Guide to King Crimson perhaps?
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  20. Norco74

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    Or Exposure if you feel for it!
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  21. mark winstanley

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    I'd love the album versions in 5.1 .... I was wondering if we'll go there with all the Crimson stuff coming out.
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  22. SJP

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    Looking forward to this one.

    Although I doubt this could ever happen (too many moving pieces) but it'd be kind of cool to flesh out a mega box with the "trifecta" of Exposure, Sacred Songs and PGII in some sort of unique way (understanding any of us who own all three can put this together on our own).
  23. jwoverho

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    This should be a great release!
  24. konoyaro

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    Yes, it'll be interesting to see what the box set ends up encompassing. I remember that somewhat odd EP he released named "Network". Although it didn't include any unique material it was a kind of bridge between Exposure and his Frippertronics releases so perhaps he views them as related increasing the likelihood that they'll be included.

    Less likely, would be The League of Gentlemen first release. I'd love to see a digital copy of that included since it hasn't been available in quite a long time.
  25. audiotom

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    I was thinking the isolated vocal track for Exposure

    Terri Roche and Brian Eno counting out time
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