Robin Trower album, "Joyful Sky"*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by TheDailyBuzzherd, Aug 20, 2023.

  1. Todd W.

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    Yes, very good and I have it too.

    As for Joyful Sky, I have that also. For those who aren't ardent fans, Robin has been doing most of the singing since Someday Blues in 1997. I think the last other vocalist was on 20th Century Blues with Livingstone Brown on vocals. I could be wrong.

    My point? He singing and his voice have declined, but, I love his output since 2000. He has put out 12 albums in that period. I don't think many of his age group has been that consistently good. The vocalist does a fine job along with Robin's playing and if you are a fan, at all, this is another worthy purchase.
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    I'm sure it's been said already in this thread but it still boggles my mind anyways that he is still out there not just making music but performing live in his 80's. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though, considering all the blues guys who kept going and going.
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    As I was searching for my concert ticket, I can't believe it's been darn near exactly six years since I have seen him.........April 5th, 2018. I had always wanted to see him. I have been a fan since the first live album in 1976. Took me a long time. To kind of answer your question, fantastic show and I loved it.

    I was going to see a second time, in the same theatre, but covid hit and I think he had some issues and the show was cancelled.
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    I sure don’t listen to Trower albums to hear the vocalist “do a fine job”. She sounds terrible to me, another belting rock chick singer.. ugh

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