Robyn Hitchcock. Your favorite album?

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  1. I have all the albums and many live shows. Huge fan.
    The one I play the most is "The Kershaw Sessions". Fantastic.
    If you insist on a studio album, "Globe Of Frogs" and "I Often Dream Of Trains".
    I also love the live acoustic versions of "The Devils Coachman". Not on any official release but blows away the studio version.
  2. Greg(ory)

    Greg(ory) Some Stupid With A Flare Gun

    those two and Goodnight Oslo
  3. entropyfan

    entropyfan Forum Resident

    Moss Elixer - or maybe Eye

    Had Jewels for Sophia and A Star for Bram been condensed into one album, THAT would be the one.
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  4. cungar

    cungar Forum Resident

    Torrance, CA
    One of the few artists I know that has made an album this late in their career that rivals their best work.
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  5. drad dog

    drad dog Forum Resident

    New England
    To me he's the only one. He's the Lou Gehrig of rock.
  6. Greg Eagle

    Greg Eagle Forum Resident

    I only have 2 of his CDs - Ole Tarantula and Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight. I love both. Where do I go next? A lot of material on SPotify to wade through....
  7. samthesham

    samthesham Forum Resident

    Moorhead MN
    Gotta Let This Hen Out
    I Often Dream Of Trains
    Black Snake Diamond Rule
    s/t (2017)
  8. chrism1971

    chrism1971 Forum Resident

    Glos, UK
    That's amazing - I thought I had pretty much everything by Robyn, missed that one. What's it the b-side of?
  9. Chemically altered

    Chemically altered Forum Resident

    In your mind
    The one preceding his debut.
  10. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    I have it as the b-side to "Eaten By Her Own Dinner". There's also another track on the b-side called "Dr. Sticky".
  11. lambfan68

    lambfan68 Forum Resident

    Too bad the A&M albums haven't gotten expanded reissues like the earlier ones.
  12. C6H12O6

    C6H12O6 Forum Resident

    My lab
    Those two, unless you count the live Gotta Let This Hen Out! which is a bit of a cheat but it's my actual fave.
  13. notesofachord

    notesofachord Only the Stones Remain

    Black Snake Diamond Role
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  14. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
    Hmm...I think of LFL as one of the strongest of this century. On the other hand, Luxor and Shadow Cat do not excite me much...

    Obliteration Pie is a great one I don't see mentioned much. He redoes a lot of songs on it, but they're all really good ones I like to hear, and the ones new to that album are really good...and has the original version of "A Man's Got to Know His Limitations, Briggs"...
  15. Libertine

    Libertine Forum Resident

    I came to the Robyn Hitchcock party late. I’ve since bought two of his LP box sets and always by his new material. I haven’t heard all his albums but he seems really consistently great. Really he should be seen as a national treasure in my opinion, and advancing years seem to have made no impact on the quality of his songwriting. I’m really looking forward to his album with Andy Partridge.

    He once gave me a tomato from his backstage rider in the middle of his gig. So I’ll always love him for that!
  16. innerturmoil

    innerturmoil Well-Known Member

    The record he did with Joe Boyd, The Man Upstairs is probably my favorite.
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  17. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
    Is there a full album with Andy Partridge in the offing, or do you mean Planet England? That's already in existence:

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  18. Dave Thompson

    Dave Thompson Forum Resident

    I went for Fegmania, but it's hard to choose between about half a dozen...
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  19. sbeaupre

    sbeaupre Everything must go

    Inner Horner
    Some thirty years on, his latest album is easily one of his best. Pretty remarkable.
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  20. Omron

    Omron Forum Resident

    I don’t know where to start?
    Robyn is a song writing & musical genius .
    Only a handful of great dead artists are up there with him to this day.
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  21. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
  22. VeeDub

    VeeDub Forum Resident

    Denver, CO
    Impossible to pick just one album as a fave. Likely my favorite solo artist of all-time. First saw him live in 1989, and most recently two weeks ago just before everything collapsed in the US; 10 concerts in all, which isn’t bad considering I’m in Denver. :laugh:
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  23. John Porcellino

    John Porcellino Forum Resident

    Beloit, WI
    Thank you! I had no idea this existed!
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  24. Tristero

    Tristero Touching from a distance

    It's a fantastic EP, a lovely meeting of the minds with two of my favorite British songwriters from the 80s (and beyond). Here's hoping that they follow through with more new material.
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  25. jeddy

    jeddy Forum Resident

    QUEEN ELVIS and GOODNITE OSLO are favourites but I love ELEMENT OF LIGHT and TROMSO KAPTEIN and EYE.....etc..

    he's one of my fave songwriters!
    Totally one of the greatest songwriters of our time IMO.
    Him and Jonathan! those guys should do an album together!!

    The song "Sweet Ghost of Light" from EYE is one of the most beautiful songs ever!

    ...and yes the SOFT BOYS were great too!
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