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Rock and Roll Hall Fame Class of 2020 is...

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ModernDayWarrior, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    Perhaps, but I know that when I saw Whitney live in 1986, it was a young crowd.

    I make zero claims that WH was "rock", but she still was more of a real pop star than BS ever was.

    Though Babs tried desperately in the 70s! :laugh:
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  2. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    You said “all forms of popular music”. Frank Sinatra certainly falls into that category. He was a pop singer, as well as a jazz singer...one of the most popular recording artists of all-time, and created the first “concept” album.
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  3. Herman Schultz

    Herman Schultz Forum Resident

    New York City
    You are so wrong. People who listened to Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Famers Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, The Platters, and so on, in the 1950's, would recognize Whitney Houston as a natural inheritor of that music far more than they would any thrash metal artist.
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  4. FillmoreGuy

    FillmoreGuy Forum Resident

    springfield nj
    How anyone can take the RnR Hall Of Fame seriously is beyond me. It's just like the Oscars, Grammy awards etc. Nothing to write home about.
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  5. Toddarino

    Toddarino Total Hunk

    Can’t wait to hear whatever pop star that’s relevant currently, induct T.Rex.

    “I’ll never forget the first time I saw a vintage T.Rex shirt. I just had to have it even without hearing the band. Then I listened to the chorus of 20th Century Boy a bunch of times on Spotify and it spoke to me. Now I love Mark Bolan and that guy from that movie with the wizards and the ring.”
  6. BroJB

    BroJB Hey man, is that FREEDOM ROCK?

    Except - and God help me for taking this silliness seriously for a moment - what they do is an insult to rock music geeks.

    If the Football HOF left out Barry Sanders but kept inducting lacrosse players, football fans would have no problem calling the whole thing a scam and washing their hands of it it.

    Rock fans, for reasons I don't understand, choose to say the equivalent of "well, it's not so much the Football HOF as it is the Sports Played On Grass Hall of Fame" and go along with it.
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  7. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    I wouldn't cry if Lauper got inducted. Still think Alanis has a much better case.

    I also think you view her move to irrelevance as quicker than it was. I mean, Spice Girls were essentially done as a pop act when "Junkie" came out, so it's not like Alanis was rendered irreverent the second they hit the charts.

    Alanis continued to have success after Spice Girls and Britney, etc...
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  8. jon9091

    jon9091 Master Of Reality

    It should be someone like The Black Keys.
  9. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident

    Rock developed through the years. Claiming that Whitney was a part of that development or related to it in any way is bonkers.

    Slayer are part of the hard rock evolution and what a lot of rock became.

    It's truly unbelievable that someone is actually arguing for Whitney Houston's relevance to a ROCK Hall of Fame.

    There's literally nothing that couldn't be inducted given these criteria.

    Let's put Iron Maiden in the jazz Hall of Fame. After all they improvised their guitar solos.
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  10. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    How about the generations of young women influenced by her who went into a career performing music? How about John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask for writing her version of "I Will Always Love You" into the greatest rock musical of all time? How about the Guinness Book of Records recognizing her for being the most-awarded female artist in history, not just in rock but ANY genre? You don't think any of that amounts to a reasonable influence on rock and roll?

    I grant you that it's unlikely that any of this inconvenient information was brought up in the regular course of discussion on this particular forum
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  11. finslaw

    finslaw muzak to my ears

    Someone please tell me why The Pretty Things aren't even in the conversation. If it is the lack of a US hit then can't it be made up with this:

    Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Van Morrison, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Ramones and The Clash.

    These are only a few of the artists influenced BY them!!!
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  12. mbd40

    mbd40 Steely Dan Fan

    Hope, Ar
    I'm not a Whitney fan but she is one of the most successful as well as important and influential female artists of modern times so a worthy induction. Plenty of other artists who aren't rock n roll have been inducted.

    Good for the Doobies and T Rex. I like both bands.

    It's still a joke that Def Leppard is in there, but not Judas Priest and Motorhead.
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  13. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    All of the ones I listed are at the very least as worthy of induction as the Dave Clark 5. "Strong enough" or "HOF worthy" by whose criteria? Jann Wenner's? Like I said, a bad joke. As for the Hall's blatant anti-prog bias, they must assume that Yes is the only token prog artist they need. So why wasn't Grandmaster Flash the only token rapper they needed?
  14. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident

    No it doesn't indicate a reasonable influence on rock

    It's truly incredible that all it takes is an absolutely ridiculous PR move by a hall Hall of Fame and some people who should know better are now actually arguing that Whitney is relevant to rock.

    By your standards, just about any popular music is relevant to rock and the category is then emptied of all meaning.
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  15. Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor Forum Resident

    "The American Music Hall of Fame" It hasn't been about "Rock and Roll" in a long time. It's just a name that stuck.
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  16. Jmac1979

    Jmac1979 Forum Resident

    Louisville, KY
    but it wasn't the same. 1995-1996 was all about female singer-songwriters and whatever and you had Alanis, Jewel, Crow (who probably lasted the longest of all the above going into the mid-2000s, but never again reached her level of chart success she had in 1994-1996) and the sort, and then all of that was pushed aside the moment Spice Girls hit and then all the "you don't have to have any actual talent, just be sexy" TRL tarts started coming along and Alanis simply couldn't compete in such a climate and suddenly she was going the "cult act" route of Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Bjork instead of being a first-tier pop star in the age of Britney. I give Alanis credit for never going the Jewel/Liz Phair route and embarassing themselves and alienating their core fanbase for a quick hit in the 2000s though.
  17. Fusionfan

    Fusionfan Forum Resident


    I've heard that Kurt Rosenwinkel loves Rush so they belong in the jazz Hall of Fame and it's really just elitism keeping them out.

    I'm also waiting for Miles Davis to be inducted into the country music Hall of Fame.
  18. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    it should be STURGILL SIMPSON
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  19. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on

    N. Texas
    Y A W N
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  20. Synthfreek

    Synthfreek Drum machines are not inherently evil.

    What part of non-rock acts have been being inducted into the Hall since its inception do you not understand? And this is coming from a metalhead.
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  21. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    Because female rock artists influenced by Whitney don't count?
  22. BroJB

    BroJB Hey man, is that FREEDOM ROCK?

    By your reasoning, Maria Callas should've in too.
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  23. RedRoseSpeedway

    RedRoseSpeedway Music Lover

    Todd not getting in yet again is just an insult at this point

    Also bummed about MC5
  24. Dan33185

    Dan33185 Dylan/Cohen/Adams/T. Buckley/Holly

    1. Still no Warren Zevon, that's ridiculous.

    2. Just change the name to Music Hall of Fame already
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  25. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    What is more popular in rock and popular song vocal styling right now, bel canto or Whitney-style belting?
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