Rock bands/artists who went pop

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by seed_drill, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Michael Bolton?
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    indeed, so much he changed his name
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    A lot of prog acts from the '70s. Genesis, Yes, Rush and Pink Floyd to some extent.

    I tend to disagree with Aerosmith, at least from Permanent Vacation thru Get a Grip. There were definitely a few moments where they rocked pretty hard like "Young Lust", "Eat the Rich", "Magic Touch" etc.

    I'll give you "Pink" and "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" though. They're pretty terrible.

    Another one that I definitely would say fit in this category is Def Leppard, starting with Hysteria (though maybe a couple of songs on Pyromania sort of predicted the trajectory).
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    Oof. Granted, they did still have hard rock songs (rather they were good is another story), but those songs are dreadful. Not as dreadful as Brandon, but still.
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    No one mentioned Steve Miller yet. But he's one of the first I think of when this kind of question (similar to the "sell-out" one) comes up.

    Steve Miller. I understand he's gone back to more rock and blues "lately", but he sure went pop a long time ago.
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    That song on a kids show... uhhhh :tsk::wtf:
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    KISS had dabbled in pop before and after Unmasked, and occasionally would have a hit pop single. Beth, Hard Luck Woman, I Was Made For Loving You, Forever
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    Liz Phair.
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    John Wetton....Steve Howe....Carl Palmer....Geoff Downes.

    and I thank you!
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  12. Cassiel

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    Split Enz
    Human League
    Simple Minds

    Look up their early stuff.
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  13. Could Paul McCartney fit this description as he worked with Michael Jackson on "Say Say Say"? Nothing against either artist and I love the song but I think this "crossover" would fit the criteria.
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    Rod Stewart
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    The phenomenon I'm talking about really only applies from the late sixties/early 70s onward. Before then there weren't separate rock vs. top 40 stations and everybody wanted a hit single.
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    He was an example in my original post.
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    Don't think there's a better example than Lady Gaga. Before she created that character, she was playing jazz standards on piano.
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    I was thinking america compared to worldwide, rather than the U.K. You hear plenty of Queen in different countries on the radio. Certainly in Australia and in Europe too.

    Radio Gaga's a good example. It went to number 1 and number 2 in a lot of countries. You still hear that played often.
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    ...and it's a great POP song!
  20. Sondek

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    That it is. I never said it wasn't pop, so I'm not sure why you replied that.
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    Maroon 5 definitely deserve a shot at this title as well. That and the fact that Adam Levine should have went solo in 2007.
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    Hetfield and Trujillo shopping at Armani....
    [​IMG] :winkgrin:
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    Honestly, I was appalled when it came out. But I was a young teen and not into pop. I don't know that I've heard it in over 30 years, though I can still recall the melody, which I guess means it's a great pop song.
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    I get what the OP is going for here but really isn’t (or wasn’t) rock music basically pop music to begin with?

    I mean in many of the examples given so far I’d say just keeping current is what lead many of the artists in the direction they landed in. While with others maybe became more interested in simpler song forms (like the prog cats) or maybe they became more adventurous and explored technology which ended up sounding more pop.

    I think a better distinction might be to say which artists intentionally compromised their artistic integrity to cash in on a wider audience or coasted on their fame to release lazy records.

    In that category I’d nominate Heart. The things they let their label or managers make them do are some of the most embarrassing examples I can think of.
  25. Utopia… from prog to power pop.

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