Roger Waters Says David Gilmour Rejected His 'Big Peace Plan' Offer:

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by David P. Hill, Oct 7, 2019.

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    Has anyone read this piece in Rolling Stone? I was wondering if it told more in detail, Roger's peace plan with David? I think David has retired from tours or anything with Roger. If this news is old or already a thread a gort can delete. I did a search and couldn't find anything m

    Attention Pink Floyd fans! Time for another disappointing update.

    In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Roger Waters explained meeting David Gilmour in June.

    Roger talks about proposing a ‘big peace plan’ to David which was ultimately rejected.

    Here’s the statement:

    “I wish he’d let me advertise this movie [‘Us + Them’] on the Pink Floyd website. It’s not allowed. He censored it, and I’m not allowed to announce anything on it.”

    When asked when the meeting happened, Roger said:

    “We spoke in June. We had a big meeting where I came up with a big peace plan that has come to nothing, sadly.”

    He further added:

    I bet all Pink Floyd fans are sorry to hear that. They all hoped that we could kiss and make up, and everything would be wonderful in a cozy, wonderful world
    “Well, it wouldn’t be all that cozy or wonderful for me, because I left Pink Floyd in 1985 for a reason. The reason being that I wanted to get on with my work.

    “Well, thank goodness I’ve been able to get on with my work. Work is its own reward. I was very happy to see in the Variety review of the movie that they managed to connect the dots between ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ ‘Animals,’ [solo album] ‘Amused to Death,’ and ‘Is This the Life We Really Want?’ That was gratifying.”

    Pink Floyd is one of the most commercially successful rock bands of all time. David Gilmour joined the band in the late ’60s with Waters becoming their primary lyricist. The duo devised the concepts behind the albums The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977), The Wall (1979) and The Final Cut (1983). They are credited with influencing genres such as progressive rock and ambient music. The band was inducted into the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005. The band has sold more than 275 million records worldwide, with The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall two of the best-selling albums of all time.
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    It will be a matter of minutes before the inevitable "Roger vs Dave" arguments begin.
    Please read the article first.............
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    The Wall of Popcorn

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    ...which is reposted in the OP...?
  6. lightbulb

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    Is Any Butter Out There?
  7. George Co-Stanza

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    Waters spent the better part of two decades crapping all over the work Pink Floyd did after he left the band, and now he is throwing a fit because they won't let him advertise one of his solo releases on their website? Cry me a river, Roger.
  8. lightbulb

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    So, just what is this “Big Peace Plan”, of which he speaks of...?
    Lacking Critical Details
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    An endless river?
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    Who knows what that peace plan entailed? Given the context of that comment, it certainly seems plausible that it was a very Roger-centric plan. And besides, Gilmour hardly plays solo shows anymore. What's the point of making up in the context of Pink Floyd? Does anyone seriously think that Gilmour would do anything with a friendly Pink Floyd? He hardly did anything for Rattle That Lock.

    And for all we know, maybe the talk went like: "you're charging how much for the Later Years box set?! Wait, let's make amends."
  11. LonesomeDayBlues

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    I’d love to know more about the “big peace plan.” Something tells me that it wasn’t that good.

    As for me, love it all: The Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd, David Gilmour and Roger Waters.
  12. Devin S

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    “I’m done with it. I’ve had 48 years in Pink Floyd – quite a few of those years at the beginning, with Roger. And those years in what is now considered to be our heyday were 95 per cent musically fulfilling and joyous and full of fun and laughter. And I certainly don’t want to let the other five per cent colour my view of what was a long and fantastic time together. But it has run its course, we are done and it would be fakery to go back and do it again.

    Obviously I accept there are people who want to go and see and hear this legend that was Pink Floyd, but I’m afraid that’s not my responsibility. It’s just a pop group. I don’t need it. I don’t need to go there. I’m not being coy or difficult. I just think that at my age I should do whatever I really want to do in life.”

    -Dave Gilmour (August 2015)

    It's quite safe to say that Dave's position on this matter hasn't changed a bit since then. No peace plan would matter to Dave as no peace plan is wanted nor is it needed. Roger wants peace because he is mentally still at war with his ex-bandmate, his past and and himself. Dave on the other hand seems to have found his peace within himself a long time ago.
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    Not saying that it would happen but in all honesty, there’s really no need for a Pink Floyd reunion. I was happy seeing Gilmour, Waters, and now Nick Mason on their own respective tours. You get 3 for the price of one IMO.
  14. jwoverho

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    I don’t know how much better it would have been with Waters when Gilmore and Wright played in Gdańsk, for example. I’m thinking Gilmore knew he could carry on without the conflict that came with Roger.
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    I can't see what offer would've made what amounts to counter-programming to "The Later Years" worth putting on Pink Floyd's website.

    Maybe he offered to play bass on the AMLoR remix, or graciously let them include "The Final Cut" in the box... or promised to give DG exclusive rights to all the pigs.
  16. FloydMaui

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    Rog got divorced for the fourth time in 2015 .....
    maybe he's just a bit lonely out there on the estate ....?
  17. smoke

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    Dave strikes me as very down to earth and not very hungry, in any sense of the word...and why should he be??? He could have been touring stadiums with/as Pink Floyd all this time, if he wanted to.
  18. muzzer

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    Nothing to see here.
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  19. HotelYorba101

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    They both have great things going on solo and can bust out Pink Floyd tunes anytime with their respective bands, as much as I love what they did create together, there is no need for either to play with someone they don't want to be associated with any longer
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  20. segue

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    Many people say Roger is happier than he has been in a long time after his very successful world tour, and has most of a new album already in the works. Gilmour has stated in interviews he is happily done with PF.
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    Gilmour could come around, maybe another one or two-off Pink Floyd concert for charity. But with the sendoff of The Endless River and Gilmour auctioning off his guitars, it seems Dave has put the Floyd behind him for good and Waters waited a bit too long to offer up some kind of “peace plan”.
  22. HitAndRun

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    I agree that we don't know what the peace plan entailed, and hence we can't know whether Dave rejecting the peace plan was reasonable or unreasonable.
  23. Even if Gilmour would have been perfectly happy with Roger Waters' so called "peace plan", I don't think a lot of interesting things could come out of it at this stage in their careers. Since they haven't written a song together in 40 years I don't expect a lot of great new material, while the best thing that could come from live shows would be something that sounds exactly like the solo shows they've been putting on for the last 15 years or so.
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    More like 1 for the price of three.....
  25. Choba b CCCP

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    Who needs RW in a group now? He can't sing, he can't play, he can't perform without the click track and just mimics to some pre-recorded stuff.

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