Roger Waters 'Us + Them' Tour 2017

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ponkine, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. ponkine

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  2. MYKE

    MYKE Analog Upstairs, Digital Downstairs

    Bet he finds a way to work in his Father, and The War.
  3. Vinyl Socks

    Vinyl Socks Forum Resident

    Niles, Ohio
    Prediction: Pink Floyd reunites at Desert Trip tomorrow night.
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  4. bunceman

    bunceman Member

    Jamestown NY
    Creative genius maybe 1977-1980 but even then it's debatable
  5. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    Us, Them, Daddy and The War was, in fact, the original title but the record company talked Roger down.
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  6. Thievius

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  7. J_D__

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    Mooresville, NC
    You have a better chance of a Roger spitting on a fan.
  8. Tristero

    Tristero Forum Resident

    So is this actually going to be a new album or just a "reimagining" of older work?
  9. Dave Gilmour's Cat

    Dave Gilmour's Cat Forum Resident

    So is it a new "concept" or a reworking of DSOTM?

    Edit: sorry, posted same question as above poster.
  10. Efus

    Efus Forum Resident

    Jackson, NJ, USA
    Nobody knows.
    Could be a tour theme for all we know.
    The only thing that has been mentioned as news is a multi-year Roger Waters' tour, starting in May, with a new stage show.

    For those that don't like The Wall, it maybe a good time to catch him, as only a couple of those tunes (if any) maybe in the set.
  11. RockNRod

    RockNRod Forum Resident

    Why all the whining? The bitching and complaining about Waters is getting tired. If I have to listen to my family and neighbors discuss politics I can certainly handle anything Waters has to say. I look forward to any type of commercial releases he chooses to do. Enough ranting for now. Off to listen to F.E.A.R. ;)
  12. The Zodiac

    The Zodiac God's Lonely Man

    "Creative genius"? What modesty.
  13. Anne Elk (Miss)

    Anne Elk (Miss) Well-Known Member

    I thought he wrote most of 1983's The Final Cut, too. So maybe 1976-1986. The debatable bit is, I think, 1972-1975.
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  14. peteham

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    Simcoe County
    Your opinion might have a scintilla of validity if you told us who you thought was a creative genius.
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  15. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    "And, what ever you do... DON'T MENTION The WAR!"
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  16. bunceman

    bunceman Member

    Jamestown NY
    To me at least The Final Cut is more of a Roger Waters solo album than a Pink Floyd creation, I know the opinions on this can be polar opposite of others. Animals and The Wall to me is Roger's prime creative output as Pink Floyd the band. Pre Animals is still very much a group vibe. "Creative Genius of Pink Floyd" just comes off the wrong way when there is clearly different eras of creative peaks for all members of PF.
  17. Tristero

    Tristero Forum Resident

    At their best, Pink Floyd was a team effort. When Roger assumed the mantle of dominant "creative genius", they lost their way.
  18. AlanDistro

    AlanDistro Forum Resident

    Sandy, OR
    I really really really want this to be a new album of original material, but it won't be.
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  19. J_D__

    J_D__ Forum Resident

    Mooresville, NC
    IMO, without Gilmour and Wright, Pink Floyd wouldn't have been successful.
  20. jedstar

    jedstar Well-Known Member

    you got that right sister!
  21. jedstar

    jedstar Well-Known Member

    Waters just bums me out.
    they should have included a razor blade with THE WALL and THE FINAL CUT
  22. RockNRod

    RockNRod Forum Resident

    That would be Judas Priest.
  23. M2225

    M2225 Zhar the Mad

    Helsinki, Finland
    Saw Roger on the Wall tour in Finland in 2011, automatic purchase of new album if it contains new material.
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  24. How about all of them? Together? As a band?
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