ROKU in 2022 (for a newb still living in 2015)

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    Getting in the game a little late, probably wouldn't even wanted one, except I saw benefit in getting a $30 entry-level Roku Express for twenty bucks, just to get an app or two I can't get on my older televisions. Why the lowest rung on the Roku ladder?

    1) Neither TV is an OLED, QLED or 4K. The 40-inch Samsung upstairs is a 2014 midline set, the 50" Panasonic Plasma downstairs, is from 2010 (maybe even 2009!). So no new apps on these.
    2) Mid-level sound system downstairs, no ATMOS; just Denon 5.1, decent speakers, and an OPPO 103D.
    3) No smartphone, although we do have some Kindle Fire tablets around the house we might use a ROKU app for as an extra remote.

    The plan is simple: no wifi connection, just right into the ethernet, and use it upstairs if the missus thinks we can benefit from it together. We're already paying for expanded basic cable, Amazon Prime and Hulu, and a Netflix account that's likely to wear out its' welcome anyway. If she's got enough to keep her watching as much as she wants already, I can just take the thing downstairs, hook it back into the ethernet, or the Panny Plasma, or even the OPPO 103D if that's a better option.

    I'm the kind of guy who doesn't splurge for the fanciest and finest and then figure out how to use it. I look at what I have, and try to get the most out of that, without throwing a couple thousand more at it for some ultimate experience. This sort of dropped into my lap, and I'm gonna go forward with that. For me, it's a $20 investment, plus $3 a month for Disney+, and I'd be happy. And, just in time for any benefits from their new OS 11.

    What would you do at this level, if you didn't have a modern set, or a hankering to drop a paycheck's-worth of streaming fees every month?
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    I don't believe the Roku Express has an ethernet port. I think you need a Roku Ultra for that. I love the Roku though. I have three of them throughout my home along with YouTubeTV and when my parents come visit or we babysit my niece, it makes it a lot easier to watch TV through the house as I don't have to surrender my main TV for my niece to watch cartoons all day. My parents are pretty old and the Roku is ridiculously easy to navigate. I also love the private listening feature where the controller has a headphone jack you can plug into and watch TV late at night while other people are asleep or napping. Not sure the Express has that, again I have Ultras and my controllers have that.
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    My bedroom TV has Roku built in. I tried playing with it for awhile but gave up. Mind you, I haven't cut the cord yet, I still have cable.
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    My advice is to purchase the Roku stick+ and not bother with the entry level models. They are great pieces of technology, but it won't take long before you will want to upgrade to quicker load times.
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    Roku’s go on sale fairly often if you feel the need for a higher range model like the top of the line Roku ultra or the slightly less featured ultra LT model that is a Walmart exclusive. The express and stick models generally run off of Wi-Fi however if you watch this video you can see the express can be connected to Ethernet with an adapter.
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    D'oh-! :doh: Literally D'OH-! That's a newb for didn't even occur to me that my Express wouldn't have ethernet connectability.

    And, after I asked what I thought were all the right questions to the Hulu chat dude, what did I do? I opened the Roku up, and got everything out. :rolleyes:

    At least I know I've got a good strong wifi signal upstairs. Really torqued though, that I made sure to install ethernet throughout the house just for stuff like this, and can't even use it.

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