"Roll Up!"; 50th Anniversary of Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mBen989, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scranton, PA
    (Yes, another Beatles thread; deal with it!)

    It was fifty years ago yesterday that the most famous of the Capitol albums was released.


    So, where did you first hear this album? What did you think? Has this opinion changed? How many copies do you own? Do you like the mono mix or the stereo?
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  2. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scranton, PA
    One more thing; I do plan on doing an anniversary thread on the TV special so let's keep to the album as much as we can.

    Also, posting this cover because reasons.

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  3. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    How is it the 'most famous of the Capitol albums'?
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  4. Crimson jon

    Crimson jon Forum Resident

    I love love love this album......to me it's a real album and stands up as one of the greatest achievements in music history.
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  5. Galactus2

    Galactus2 Forum Resident

    An excellent question that was on my mind, too.

    Ever see that TV special that goes with this album? There was a reason they didn't release it in the US for decades. Zzzzzz.
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  6. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Flying, Blue Jay Way, I Am The Walrus and Strawberry Hills make this special for me.
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  7. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    Yes, I have a copy of the show - on Beta tape. :)
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  8. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scranton, PA
    Because it's the only Capitol album to be accepted as canon.
  9. timind

    timind phorum rezident

    Westfield, IN USA
    The significance of this album for me is it is the first album I bought with my own money. I bought this wonderful album back in 1968, probably January.

    I sold off most of my albums years ago. Of course I kept this one.
  10. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Forum Resident

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    I'd say Meet the Beatles is the most famous Beatles album period.
  11. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    I don't mean to derail your thread, but these are highly debatable assertions.
  12. jeffd7030

    jeffd7030 Wait for the ricochet

    Hampden, ME
    My second favorite Beatles record (just behind Revolver).
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  13. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    please explain...
  14. Gramps Tom

    Gramps Tom Forum Resident

    Stereo by far for me.

    I love most of the music. Baby, You're A Rich Man and Your Mother Should Know are definite faves, and wrongfully passed over by many fans.

    As a collection of songs, IMO, it's fantastic. Penny Lane is in the band's top-10 best, many days in my top-5.
  15. HfxBob

    HfxBob Forum Resident

    MMT is a slapped-together album, but it's pretty to hard to argue with when there are so many brilliant songs.
  16. fogalu

    fogalu Forum Resident

    Killarney, Ireland
    I bought this in 1968. It was quite expensive as it was an import and the main reason I bought it was to get stereo versions of those songs (I already had the UK E.P. versions and the singles.) The word "stereo" was nowhere to be seen on the album cover but the guy in the record store assured me it was a stereo recording.
    I didn't get my equipment until several months later only to find, of course, that the damn thing was in mono.
    This hasn't prevented me from loving this album - one of my all-time favourites.
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  17. raphph

    raphph Forum Resident

    I just went for my daily lunchtime jog and listened to this album without seeing this thread....Certainly helped me get through the bleak, cold London streets...

    Also occurred to me I've seen Paul perform all of the Paul-fronted songs live from this album...
  18. vince

    vince Stan Ricker's son-in-law

    Having only been born a few weeks before the release of this album, I bought my copy in the late seventies, with the orange Capitol logo. Still have it! Played it to death. While all my friends were either into the pop charts, or KISS, I would go home and listen to this.
    Like me, I believe it has aged well... Silly, with a whiff of 'subversiveness'.... just like me.
  19. DonnyMe

    DonnyMe Forum Resident

    NW Indiana
    Definitely the one album we played backward more than any other. The zillion times we had our ears up to a speaker. The album cover we scoured with a magnifying glass searching for clues that Paul was dead!

    Oh yea, it had great music too! One of my favorite Beatle albums. 50 years and it hasn't lost its charm for me. Here's to the next 50!
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  20. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Scranton, PA
    Well, I assume it was included in the 87 releases because of its fluke construction (one side is the MMT EP, the other the three singles The Fab Four released in that legendary year) and the popularity down the years such a concoction created.
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  21. rrbbkk

    rrbbkk Forum Resident

    I was too young at the time to realize MMT was just a collection of singles and oddities. I loved it then and still do.
  22. Mr. Nastey

    Mr. Nastey Forum Resident

    Brilliant album, much improved by the Capitol version (for once, although a good case could also be made for Meet The Beatles). MMT, Fool On The Hill, Your Mother Should Know, Walrus and all of side 2 is/are essential. SFF and Penny Lane is possibly the greatest single ever recorded. To be honest, I prefer this one to Pepper. MMT gets an undeserved "son of Pepper, but not as good" rap.

    I have this in my collection in many versions; original Capitol stereo, Capitol mono, Apple stereo, the German stereo pressing, and a French version of the e.p. Up there with the White Album and Revolver for my favorite.
  23. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    Well, it is the Capitol album that became canon [as of 1987].
  24. jmxw

    jmxw Forum Resident

    "Most famous" may be debatable. "Only Capitol album that became canon" is not debatable.
  25. ponkine

    ponkine Forum Resident

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