Rolling Stones A Bigger Bang Live On Copacabana Beach releases

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Sis+erRay, May 7, 2021.

  1. RoughAndRowdyWays

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    I'd love to see 'Light The Fuse' get a proper release on CD/DVD. Shame it was Google Play exclusive as it really rocks and has quite a unique setlist for post 80s Stones. ---

    Rough Justice
    Live with Me
    19th Nervous Breakdown
    She's So Cold
    Dead Flowers
    Back of My Hand
    Ain't Too Proud to Beg
    Oh No, Not You Again
    Get Up, Stand Up
    Mr. Pitiful
    Tumbling Dice
    Brown Sugar
    Jumpin' Jack Flash
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  2. Sis+erRay

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    Another teaser: the 'A Little Bang' (Bigger Bang Tour) EP

    1. Sympathy For The Devil
    2. Wild Horses
    3. You Got Me Rocking
    4. Happy
    5. Rough Justice

    No details on dates/venue

    A Little Bang (Bigger Bang Tour EP) [Live]
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  3. Elliottmarx

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    They are not doing themselves any favors with releases like this - truly sounds like an audience recording. So washed out.
    If this were to come on randomly on someone's Spotify, they'd move on. This won't make new fans, and older fans will be scratching their heads wondering why then need washed out versions of these tunes.
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  4. Randy5554

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    Rough Justice sounds much better than the other four tracks (which sound pretty bad, especially compared to the original Clearmountain mix from the DVD).
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  5. segue

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    Yep. I can't imagine that sounding good on any system

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  6. WelshChris

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    I'm just fed up of seeing all this stuff in 4:3
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  7. Bink

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    If it was filmed in 4:3 shouldn't it be released that way? I would rather they do that instead of stretching or cropping the picture.
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  8. WelshChris

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    Indeed it should, but I'd still rather see something a little more "cinematic" released.
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  9. Bink

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    With these older acts there is probably not going to be a huge amount of cinematic footage available. Although they could have filmed Copenhagen in cinemascope, it seems that Shine a Light is really the only film from that tour that was made for theatrical release.

    Many fans would say that the footage from Madison Square Garden in 1969 would be high on their wishlist. Although this was filmed for a cinematic release, if it was released I would expect this to in 4:3.
  10. walrus

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    According to instagram, it's from the upcoming Copacabana Beach release (which makes sense, of course it is).

    And yeah, this really does sound pretty bad. I ripped the audio from the Four Flicks and Biggest Bang sets before I got rid of all my DVD's, and I think i'll just stick with that. Just like the bootlegs of Atlantic City 1989 sound better than the official release, apparently so will this one.
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  11. Chris Desjardin

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    Does anyone know where I can find the 2 Blu-Ray/2CD version:

    8. ‘A Bigger Bang’ Live On Copacabana Beach: SD Blu-ray 4-disc Set (+ Salt Lake City SD BD)

    I haven't seen it anywhere...

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  12. pablorkcz

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    This seems to be a European/Japan market thing, i.e.: won’t be found on U.S. stores. The Rolling Stones UK/Europe store is selling it, I ordered mine from (France), and someone upthread named a few other stores. CDJapan has the 2 Blu-ray, 2 CD + extra DVD documentary disc version (probably at a couple other Japan stores as well).
  13. drbryant

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    The video is nice but who mixed this thing? At 00:14 when Charlie hits the cymbal it should crash. This is not a good sign.
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  14. Carl80

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    Saw that live EP on ITunes , are the five songs all from Copacabana beach or some from Salt Lake City as well ?
  15. aphexj

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    I think "Rough Justice" could be SLC but I'm not 100% sure. Here's "Start Me Up" from SLC:

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  16. Carl80

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    I was quite surprised how good the sound is from the Rio gig, it’s tempting me to buy it, might just go for it and get the deluxe set.
  17. bfackler

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    I'm still trying to figure out how to buy the deluxe blu-ray in the U.S.
  18. Curveboy

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    New York City
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  19. bfackler

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    North America
  20. drsmuts

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    The pre-ordering for this thing is hopeless.

    No Tracklistings or proper descriptions of content just generic blurbs on the official store links, no bluray links on Amazon UK etc.
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  21. Scott6

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    So you thought it sounded terrible but you still bought the DVD but you haven't played the DVD? Mmmm, please tell the truth!
  22. rrbbkk

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    The truth is there are three other DVDs in the Biggest Bang box set which I have played and enjoyed very much. If you wish to troll contributors to this forum please find writers more impressed by your meager efforts.
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  23. drsmuts

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    I recently watched The Bigger Bang set (apart from Copa as I'm saving it for the bluray release) and thought every disc was great fun.
  24. Sis+erRay

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    Got the RSD picture disc. What a muddy sound :(
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