Rolling Stones "Exile" CD/Vinyl Thread--Part 3*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bowie Fett, May 14, 2010.

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  1. elvissinatra

    elvissinatra Forum Resident

    Album Only. Boo.
  2. Doug Schiller

    Doug Schiller Senior Member

    Tampa Bay
    If you are talking about All Down The Line (alt take) its an album only song.
    You have to pay the full $19.99 to get it.
    It was a free release in the UK Amazon store if you can try to find out there somewhere.
    Not sure why it was left off, what is so bad by making it 11 songs?

    Interested in seeing how this looks in the iTunes LP format. Would be nice if Apple gave a preview.

    BTW, the NPR interview with Don Was is fascinating, he goes through almost every track and explains what he did along with some great stories.

    It also confirms that nothing basically was done to the 18 album tracks.

    The guy had all the multi-tracks on his PC, how much do you want to bet that he mixed his own version? ;)
  3. reb

    reb Money Beats Soul

    Long Island
    Yes, absolutely. I thoroughly enjoyed the disc upon first listen. However, I played over headphones at a low volume- which I believe is a good way to listen to a loud disc.
  4. rpd

    rpd Senior Member

    Huge threads, but is the concensus this...if one has the original cd and/or the older remaster, then, purely from a SQ standpoint, this new remaster is not really essential...maybe just grab the target rarified cd for $10????
  5. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Senior Member

    There was an ad for the new Exile reissue in today's USA Today on the weekly Tuesday record review/music charts page. The ad copy reads: "Exile on Main Street, the album remastered, plus ten new songs."

    If anything, the ad copy suggests that the bonus tracks are completely new, not a mixture of 70s backing tracks and new vocals.

    I agree with mbleicher; I find it impossible to believe that anyone with any interest in the Stones who has read any of the magazine or newspaper or online articles about this release is being hoodwinked into thinking that they are getting untouched vintage outtakes. And if someone is such a casual fan that they buy the two-CD release with no idea of what is on it, then, almost by definition, they are too casual a fan to care which bits of the bonus tracks are overdubbed and which are vintage.
  6. elvissinatra

    elvissinatra Forum Resident

    Wait, wait. I'm looking for the version of "All Down The Line" that was the b-side of the "Happy" single in 1972. That's supposedly an acoustic version, different from the "All Down The Line (alt take)" that was given away for free at Amazon UK. I got ahold of that, and it's cool. But it's not the b-side version.

    Does iTunes have the Amazon UK freebie version or the original b-side acoustic version?
  7. hutlock

    hutlock Forever Breathing

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    That original b-side is a MONO mix (as opposed to the realllllllly narrow stereo mix on the LP), not an acoustic mix. It is definitely different from the (alt take) version that was free at Amazon UK, but it is not the acoustic version you're talking about.
  8. JohnG

    JohnG PROG now in Dolby ATMOS!

    Definitely at the very least, grab the $10 rarities CD at Target.
    Not sure at this point if the remastered Exile beats the Virgin.
  9. elvissinatra

    elvissinatra Forum Resident

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up. So the acoustic version is bootleg-only?
  10. floweringtoilet

    floweringtoilet Forum Resident

    Warren, RI, USA
    I don't have the Columbia CD, so I can't comment on that, but what you describe roughly corresponds to the values I got for my needledrop of a UK original. For "Shine A Light" the needledrop is on average approximately -20 dB, the Virgin CD is about 3 dB louder (-17 dB) and the new Universal about 4 dB louder than the Virgin (-13 dB) and 7 dB louder than my needledrop. I didn't compare any other tracks. This is about what I expected given my experience with the UMG Sticky Fingers and Some Girls remasters.

    I thought about just buying the Target rarities edition, but then I figured I wouldn't get the joy of bitching about the quality of the remaster, which has got to be worth the extra $12.

    I've only listened to the remaster in the car so far, so I can't really complain yet.
  11. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Ohio, USA
    For me, the bonus tracks sound pretty good (ironically, I think that the opening track, "Sophia Loren," is one of the weaker efforts).

    And count me among those who could care less about the overdubs--the real issue, for me, is whether or not the songs are interesting or not. And I think they are.

    Did anyone think there would actually be pristine songs from the vault that hadn't already been booted?
  12. chaz

    chaz Senior Member

    How about the earlier 86 remaster with the original dynamics? :D
  13. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Senior Member

    Or used on the original album?

    Or used on Tattoo You or some other 70s album?
  14. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Is Target well stocked with the single, "bonus tracks only" disc? I have to wait until after work to go (another hour) and I want to prepare myself mentally for disappointment.

    Target NEVER has what I go there for.
  15. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Generally I like the new songs. I actually do like "Sophia Loren" for it's groove alone.

    A weird way to look at it I know, but I'm sorta glad that I didn't find a track or 2 that was so good that I wished it had gone on the original album. You'd start messing with the original song order or wishing "if only"...then you'd start questioning your favorite album...

    For me the extra tracks really are "bonus tracks"-alternate versions, outtakes, tracks that the band fooled around with a bit today to make them interesting. I think they still have that "Exile vibe"(even with the new parts) which makes them more fun to listen to.
  16. Oliver

    Oliver Bourbon Infused

    Just curious-do people feel that there ARE "bonus" songs that could belong on the original album and where would you put them. I know many like "Plunder My Soul"...
  17. floweringtoilet

    floweringtoilet Forum Resident

    Warren, RI, USA
    Mine was extremely well stocked with the single disc rarities set. The "fan pack" with t-shirt however was completely sold out. I imagine you'll be alright.
  18. 51nocaster

    51nocaster Forum Resident

    This is strange. This morning, I downloaded the alt version of All Down the Line from ITunes USA as a single track for $1.29--I'm listening to it right now! But, when I just went back to check ITunes, it is in fact back to an album only cut.
  19. keef00

    keef00 Senior Member

    The one I went to had more of the "bonus tracks" disc than anything else... probably about 15 copies on an end cap display. This was around 1:00PM, so you'd think the diehards have already been there. There were just 3 "fan pack" boxes left.
  20. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Senior Member

    "Plundered My Soul" would have been one of the highlights of the original album, but I don't feel any need to burn a CD-R including it in the running order.

    They finished what they finished in 1972. And I'm glad that they have now finished some of the other cool ideas they had kicking around at the time.
  21. Larry L

    Larry L Senior Member

    Allen, Texas
    I got it exchanged. There were at least a dozen copies left, so my haste wasn't that necessary. I'm really enjoying this disc. The photos in the booklet are very interesting. I would like to see more of those.
  22. My feelings exactly, but I can say that my local target had a ton of the bonus tracks discs.

    My store had no $22.99 versions on the shelf, but had what were labeled as 2 Disc Special Editions for $27.99. I was almost NOT going to buy it, but when they rang it up, it was $22.99.

  23. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    I just got my rarities disc at Target. There were about a dozen more.

    From what I saw with the Hendrix-Valleys of Neptune Target edition, this one shouldnt last long.
  24. walrus

    walrus Senior Member


    If we can't expect much from a $35+ reissue, it's no wonder the record companies are dying. For that much I might as well hold out and hope I someday stumble on an original in reasonable condition. Thanks for the advice, tho...unfortunately when you're in a ******-paying job, you end up being pretty picky about such things.
  25. mbleicher1

    mbleicher1 Tube Amp Curmudgeon

    Washington, D.C.
    I like it a lot, and I agree that it's in the top half of songs from the sessions (at least, it is now that it's been finished), but I think it would be too similar to "Tumblin Dice" to actually make sense on Exile. While the Exile songs all have a very similar feel, there's no standard "Exile song," the way one might argue that "You Still Believe In Me," "(Don't Talk) Put Your Head On My Shoulder," and "I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" reflect a sort of standard "Pet Sounds song." (Even the rockers are differentiated—"All Down the Line" is dense, "Rocks Off" is the grittiest and brassiest, "Happy" is loose and wide-open.) "Plundered" might sound a bit too much like "Tumblin, Part 2" in the context of the album.

    It's a testament to how well the original record coheres that it's hard to figure out where or how adding a strong song like "Plundered" would even work.

    Haven't received my copy of the CD yet, but listening through iTunes (again), it sounds like, mastering-wise, the remaster is more revealing in a "hey, cool!" way at a reasonable volume on headphones, but that this might translate to something a bit heavy-handed when played loud on actual speakers. Can anyone confirm that this about accurate?
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