Ronnie Spector "Say Goodbye To Hollywood" on CD?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by L5730, Nov 8, 2018.

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    I've poked around a bit and can only find this on on a newer version with extra tracks of the 1987 album "Unfinished Business".
    The original album had 10 tracks and Say Goodbye to Hollywood wasn't included. The new one looks like it might be a re-re-release out this month, as in 2004 the song was included as track 11, but now there is a mono version too, and a few other tracks.

    There is a collection of youtube videos of the re-re-release and the audio sounds rather sausage-like. I could snag the mp3 from amazon, but it's just going to a bit better lossy quality.

    I know there are 45's around, and they probably sound better, but I don't really have access to vinyl playback at the moment. I am also rather sceptical of buying vinyl in used condition.

    IS this track on any good sounding compilations anywhere? Or, is it the fact it's a cover (Billy Joel), and included the E-Street Band (Bruce Springsteen) make it one of those that is darn hard to licence out for VA compilation use?
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    Thanks, folks, for the replies. Much appreciated.
    It looks like I messed up a bit. The CD on amazon is actually the same 2004 release 11t racks, just being re-released and not yet in stock. As for mp3s there are more tracks.

    I can't get a sample of "Playlist -", but the sample from "Dangerous" sounded more bassy, but was a lo-fi sample with no HF content at all.

    I grabbed the sample of this from 7digital and it's the same as the one on youtube for the "Unfinished Business" and the same as Amazon's sample. At least I could pay an extra 80p for a real download with 7digital, rather than a lossy mp3.

    I think that this maybe just what it is. It's probably never going to sound particularly great no matter how I get it.

    Thanks again, all.

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