Rose Marie, R.I.P.

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    Wouldn't Eve Arden as "Our Miss Brooks" meet all of the same qualifications credited to Sally Rogers ?
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    Her well known parts will be remembered, and I remember her and Morey in a 90 minute show on ABC, on videotape, listed on imdb as "Honeymoon Suite" in 1972. imdb says it was a late night show, and maybe it was repeated in their late night potpourri of the time, but I remember it as a daytime show, a series of 90 minute specials in the daytime! imdb says there were two episodes, and has no other info, but I thought there were more. I think she was a maid and he was a bellhop or something, getting involved with the couples who checked into the Honeymoon Suite of the hotel. Three or four or five stories per show, something like Love Boat set in the hotel and Honeymoon Suite, with guest stars of the same level, with a continuity knitted together by the duo, sometimes tying together different stories at the end. It was at least as funny, or serious, as the boat, but better in ways because of those two real old time pros. I wish that series was available. I remember it, sometimes, just because it is not available.
    Honeymoon Suite (TV Series 1972– ) - IMDb

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    She was on Hollywood Squares for years-so funny. RIP.
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    RIP, she has a bit part as a very small child singing standing on top of a piano in The International House. Even as a little kid she had a set of pipes!
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    I've enjoyed her sort of renaissance on Twitter over the past few months and I'll miss her positive posts. I'm glad that she was able to see that she was still remembered and loved.
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    She was a wonderful entertainer and I loved everything I saw her do. R.I.P.
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    Ahhh, Rose Marie :cry: Rest in peace and thank you!

    How many times through the years has Rose Marie and the rest of that great cast of "The Dick Van Dyke Show", provided me a laugh and a smile ..., talk about priceless! If I may, before it's too late, thank you Dick Van Dyke and especially Carl Reiner, for offering us so many great memories!
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    Enjoyed her on Hollywood Squares. Dick was before my time. RIP, special lady.
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    I have always associated Rose Marie with my happy childhood in California in the 1960s. Every weekday morning my Mom and I would watch reruns of the Dick Van Dyke Show on KNXT channel 2 and she was also appearing in commercials for Bell Brand potato chips ("If it's Bell, it's swell!"). R.I.P. Sally Rogers.
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    Wow - 90 years in show business (most people don't even live that long). Apparently, she was also the last living individual to have a hit record on the charts prior to World War II.

    A truly great and funny lady.

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    RIP. Always loved those quick one-liners when I was a kid.
    From imdb:
    • [​IMG]
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    There’s a picture on Tom Bergeron’s Twitter that has him and Rose Marie.
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    Sad to lose her, but grateful that the documentary about her was finished in time for her to see it. What a life she must have lived.
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    She was great on the Dick Van Dyke show. That's all I remember her from, but she and Morey were hilarious, especially when Mel Cooley came to the office. I miss well written and acted shows like that.

    RIP Rose Marie
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    The Dick Van Dyke show has brought me so much joy, and she was a large part of it. So much love to all of those actors and writers.
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    Really enjoyed her recent Twitter trip. Peace.
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    When the big man gets here, we’re gonna take our cut, and scram outta here.
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    absolutely adorable! wow...thanks for this. : )
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    wonderful video...looks nice... must be from the Rhino BR box?

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