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    New York city
    UPDATE re: "Hackney Diamonds"

    I get to Barnes & Nobles' flagship store in Union Square on early Friday afternoon (release day)....and of course "Hackney Diamonds" on CD was already sold out ! They probably only had 5-10 copies delivered to the store . and all were already gone :(:realmad:

    LUCKILY, for me , right across the street from B&N, they had opened a temporary Rolling Stones pop-up store. They had a few copies of the CD (even some with a variant cover exclusive to the store)...Unfortunately they didn't carry the Deluxe edition with the Blu-ray. But I was just glad to get a copy of the newest CD by my favorite band, I couldn't think of anything else

    Just another tale of CD shopping in America's biggest city (considered by some the cultural capital of the world...)
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    Parts Unknown
    Just gotta accept the fact that it’s not 1999 anymore. Adapt and overcome.
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    Welcome to the new modern world :(. For the record, I don't like it either.
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    New York city
    I've adapted . I had no choice . Amazin, Import CD, Collectors Choice, Deep Discount, Discogs, Label name it, I've ordered from the

    But I REALLY wanted to have the latest album of my all time favorite band on release day, and attempting to find it at retail was a bitch...
    Of course, there are worst things in the world in the vast scheme of things
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    New York city
    So the Barnes & Nobles location in downtown Manhattan closed about a month ago. They had a decent , not great selection , of physical media

    Now the remaining 2 B&N stores are the only places in NYC where one can even possibly hope to get a CD or Blu-Ray on release day (if you're lucky)

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