Rough Trade Sale coming May 21 ...

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    Rough Trade's daily email went out today. It says:

    "Keep your eyes peeled for hundreds of new titles getting added to our Cheap Thrills sale on Saturday."

    Rough Trade NYC Record Store Is Moving From Williamsburg… to 30 Rock - Variety

    As an aside, Rough Trade's new midtown Manhattan store opens on June 1. Record Store Day is June 12 and I will be in Manhattan for the sale.

    I won't stand in line for RSD, but I will be able to beat the crowd that waits online to buy from Rough Trade when they release their unsold items the next day. If anyone here is missing something from RSD, LMK that afternoon. I plan to visit the store two or three times on June 12.
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    Figured one of these would be coming pre-move.

    I also ordered some exclusives from their UK shop that have been sitting in Chicago without moving for well over a month now. Starting to think I just kissed that money goodbye. The package doesn’t even show up in my USPS Informed Delivery feed. Bummed.
  3. DapperGentleman

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    I see that Rough Trade has already added many many new titles to their Sale Box as of this morning. I was hoping for bigger discounts, maybe those prices are to come later? Still there's lots of exclusives there that are pretty recent with improved prices. Rough Trade raised their free shipping level to $75 this week.
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    New titles have been added. Good sales prices but not great sales prices...
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    2LP RSD Creation is $10 off, $24.99

    2LP Who : Face Dances RSD $26.99
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