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RSD 2021 6/12 (pressing/overall quality review) *first drop*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry James, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. scribbs

    scribbs Resident Mockery

    Surf City USA
    Bunnymen and Fixx. I was planning on playing them, but the sun decided to show itself.
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  2. Kenny Lagers

    Kenny Lagers good ears beat good gear

  3. FunkJazz

    FunkJazz Wake up... and smell the Sunflower

    The Netherlands
    Definitely. I seriously looked into exactly those aspects beforehand, and then decided that I wanted this as my first vinyl GD boxset. I do own a ton of GD live material on CD.
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  4. vinylshadow

    vinylshadow Forum Resident

    As I mentioned, 3 out of the 6 Grateful Dead records were either dished or had an edge warp. Hopefully they don't effect play. At least China Cat Sunflower is song 3!
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  5. scribbs

    scribbs Resident Mockery

    Surf City USA
    It looks like they took the best approach with the sides except for the 12th. Lame.
  6. WhatDoIKnow

    WhatDoIKnow I never got over it, I got used to it

  7. Achn2b

    Achn2b Forum Resident

    N. Conway, NH

    Washboard abs.
  8. adhoc

    adhoc Gentlemen Prefer Stereo

    Any more opinions on the Dirty Three 4LP set?
  9. Jam757

    Jam757 Forum Resident

    Cool, thanks, I also read the description on the Petty site and seems like a necessary purchase. Actually what I really want is a AAA version of She’s The One but we’re never gonna see that.
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  10. tinnox

    tinnox Senior Member

  11. Jgirar01

    Jgirar01 Forum Resident

    Dallas, Texas
    Listening today.

    The Grateful Dead is great but had to turn up the volume a little. Not their best in terms of sound quality but pretty darn good and a smoking show. Like it a lot.

    Both the Elton and Petty surprised me both in pressing quality and the contents. Bought the Elton on impulse but really like some of the songs and I always get anything Petty and this one has great sound , great pressing, sounds amazing cranked up loud. Highly recommend both.
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  12. Michael Leek

    Michael Leek Forum Resident

    Just hope it doesn’t rain dear…
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  13. FunkJazz

    FunkJazz Wake up... and smell the Sunflower

    The Netherlands
    They took the best approach with the sides, resulting in one side without music. I quite like the etching.
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  14. dloew

    dloew Forum Resident

    My "Flaming Lips ‎- The Soft Bulletin Companion" has some serious right-channel noise throughout the entirety of first 2 tracks, as others have observed. Rest of the album isn't as bad, but certainly some noisy parts here and there. Besides the noisy tracks, overall the album sounds great, cut by CB.
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  15. Lecords

    Lecords Forum Resident

    Pacific NW
    The Joni Mitchell Archives Highlights disc, mastered by Bernie Grundman, is beautifully pressed and presented—EXCEPT that during "Pastures of Plenty," there's what sounds like a digital glitch (rapid clicking noise throughout the track, like a bad CD rip). The CD and streaming versions also had this problem.

    If this is on the source tape (unlikely), it's shocking that they elected to include this compromised track on a highlights disc. And if it's not on the source, that's even worse.
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  16. Lanark

    Lanark Forum Resident

    Nope, they are ALWAYS terrible, always, try to name me one good sounding picture disc, you can't because they are all terrible, granted some are gut wrenchingly unbelievably terrible which others are only 'slightly' terrible, but they are all terrible.
  17. rhino4evr

    rhino4evr Forum Resident

    South Florida
    yeah that was my exact experience. Overall glad I have it, but out of the 8 records I bought yesterday it’s the only one that was less than exceptional sounding. Kinda sucks because my original Soft Bulletin record is one of the best sounding records I own.

    the Kenny Dorham wins this year for shear performance alone, followed closely by the Chicago Blues set.
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  18. Lanark

    Lanark Forum Resident

    It sounds like tape damage to me, I could imagine Joni selecting a track she likes best even if its a technically imperfect recording.
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  19. Jack

    Jack Senior Member

    The RSD Kinks lp for Percy is astoundingly good.
  20. bdfin

    bdfin Forum Resident

    Washington State
    I never thought the original had great sound to begin with. Wasn't horrible but certainly not great either.
    I have two copies of the original and I've never thought it sounded that great. It IS a great album, but the original recordings weren't that fantastic to begin with.
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  21. Obtuse1

    Obtuse1 Forum Resident

    The award for biggest RSD quality blunder has to go to the Motley Crue cassette box set.

    Using a magnet as a latch for the box was a bad idea.
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  22. Batman21

    Batman21 If you don’t run you rust

    Ya im with ya. And the quality changes from song to song as well. Great album for sure. This reissue is totally fine considering how many vintage copies are trashed, but as myself and a few others have mentioned, just a missed opportunity for an attempt at some TLC, thats all. I wouldnt discourage anyone from picking up the rsd at a reasonable price.
  23. WhatDoIKnow

    WhatDoIKnow I never got over it, I got used to it

    I would say it is. I really like it and I don't have a problem with the fact that it isn't exactly "She's the One". I have that on CD and hires files so I'm okay with it.
    The RSD LP looks beautiful and sounds beautiful while being a rather different experience altogether.
  24. Porkpie

    Porkpie Forum Resident

    So far I’ve been really impressed with the quality of the releases I’ve played (hopefully I won’t jinx it).

    Warren Zevon - Preludes: perfect pressing.

    Prince - The Truth: an acoustic album and again perfect (meaning flat and quiet)

    Tom Tom Club - not a silent soundfloor but it’s a dance/funk album so you only hear this between tracks

    Toyah - Mesmerised: perfect

    Toyah - Four From Toyah 40th anniversary: some noise between a couple tracks but nothing on the music itself, so I’d say that’s pretty perfect:

    Left to listen to:
    Maria McKee - High Dive
    Steely Dan - both albums
    Tom Petty
    Joey Ramone
    Flaming Lips
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  25. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Hearing In Stereo Since 1959

    Salem, MA
    I'd certainly prefer the antler-native.
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