RSD 2021 6/12 (pressing/overall quality review) *first drop*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry James, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
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  2. BroJB

    BroJB Hey man, is that FREEDOM ROCK?

    Yeah, clearly there's been some improvement in the technology for creating picture disks, because the record sounds fantastic.

    I was a bit worried when I heard the first track - God's Children - because it's quite muddy. Fortunately, the rest of the LP sounds wonderful.

    Must have been something about the recording of that track that Kevin Gray couldn't fully fix.

    Too bad - it's one of my favorite Kinks songs.
  3. tinnox

    tinnox Senior Member

  4. Prince sounds fantastic too. Better than the CD
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  5. I bought this Kinks pic disc by mistake. Love Percy but in my haste didn’t realize it was a picture disc. I though they always came in packages where you could see through to the friggen disc. I need to read closer
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  6. Jam757

    Jam757 Forum Resident

    This isn’t any different than the box set version right? Also, I see no confirmation in the description it was AAA (with no digital step). I own the box set version and do like it a lot just wish it was 2lp.
  7. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    The Al Green sounds wonderful
    The strings fill it out nicely, less is more, lush
    Dynamic, dead silence except maybe just a little noise on the quietest intro

    I really love it
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  8. bjlefebvre

    bjlefebvre Forum Resident

    Washington DC-ish
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  9. Tom Campbell

    Tom Campbell Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    Yes, it's the box set mastering.

    With a little research, I have discovered that this edition of She's the One is NOT AAA -- it's mastered from hi-res digital. Apologies.

    Here is the breakdown of the box set masters, from Michael Fremer's website:

    According to mastering engineer Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, all of the albums in both box sets were mastered from the analog master tapes with the following exceptions:

    Mojo and Hypnotic Eye were mastered from the original high resolution 24 bit 48K digital masters (these were originally recorded digitally and sound so IMO).

    She's The One and Greatest Hits were mastered from high resolution (24 bit 96K) digital copies of the original analog masters.

    And here's some really good news: While the original releases of Wildflowers, Echo and Last DJ were mastered for vinyl from digital sources, for the 2016 box set release, they assembled the original analog masters for the first time, and mastered vinyl from that. According to Bellman, "the sound quality is especially better on these albums."
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  10. Jam757

    Jam757 Forum Resident

    Cool, thank you for posting. I do now remember reading the Fremer description now. I’m going to listen to it again today and have pre-ordered Angel Dream too!
  11. mr.dave

    mr.dave Forum Resident

    Berlin, Germany
    Aye, aye! First, the pressing quality: it is OK. I was afraid in the beginning, as side 1 started with some ground noise and some clicks and pops (nothing too bad, though), but after maybe around 30-50sec, it was alright. There was something strange sound effect I can't really put my fingers on. Like the left channel was a bit faulty, but that occurred only first half of side one. Sides 2+3 are just fine, but side 4, yea.... a bit disappointing, although I had worse for sure. Noisy, ticks, pops, clicks (however you name it throughout). Anyway, I can live with it, and the risk of exchanging it seems too big.

    Sound: very interesting mix, I must say! I wasn't too sure about it in the beginning, as it was really bass-heavy and rather boomy sounding (and I like bass). However, I recently got my bass section of the speakers activated and can control the bass volume, which is actually a good feature.

    So I turned the bass a bit lower, and here we go... I was sucked in. it is somehow a more mystical version as some sound effects seem to be more pronounced. I have to compare it to the original mix next few days. But it's clearly different. And I like it. Actually, now I am happy to have bought it (as I stated, I wasn't too sure in the first place).

    So a quick summary of the other titles:

    Steely Dan - Two against nature

    Just awesome. Plain audiophile. I am in love with that record since it came out. I got the CD and later the DVD-A. The new Vinyl version is clearly my favorite. The bottom end is phenomenal. Pressing itself nearly perfect. Flat and ultra-silent. Outstanding record. I'll buy myself a backup copy tomorrow and am done with it. EXTREMELY HAPPY!!

    Steely Dan - Everything must go.

    I bought the original twice but also sold it twice again, as offers were tempting and I was fine with the CD (ripped). It's always discussed controversially (witnessing it again yesterday in the store), but I really like the album and the songs. Quiet, flat pressing. It sounds clearly above the average but a bit more "digital" to my ears than 2AN, which I find superior sounding in every regard. Anyway, happy to have it again and can clearly recommend getting it.

    Elton John - Sgt. Zippo

    It seems that I like early Elton John. Having checked only side 1 so far, it's a nice surprise. A little bit trippy, homeopathical psychedelic and...mono (played on my AT33 Mono system). Flat, silent, good-sounding record.

    Salah Ragab - Egypt Strut

    My Highlite (if it wouldn't be for 2AN). Everyone who is into Strut, Strata East, African it! Great pressing, great musical trip, nice booklet. Listening to it, while typing, and so far it's silent.

    Stimulated by Neon , I might pick up the Garbage LP tomorrow as a store around the corner still has it for 35 EUR). Let's see, whether or not I get weak when I'll buy my backup copy of 2AN and follow more recommendations from here.

    My usual, general remark: why the he** are coming those premium-priced records without poly inners. But some miracles have to remain...

    Cheers, D.
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  12. bjlefebvre

    bjlefebvre Forum Resident

    Washington DC-ish
    Ugh. Definitely going to have to check out that Egypt Jazz album now.
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  13. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City south of Detroit

    Fonthill, Ontario
  14. markshan

    markshan Forum Resident

    Pittsburgh, PA
    For me the short answer is because I don't play CDs.
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  15. tinnox

    tinnox Senior Member

    I have always enjoyed this album and It’s Hard, this reissue is really good imo.
  16. geddy402

    geddy402 Forum Resident

    Listening to the Donny Hathaway and it sounds ok. Doesn't blow me away but I guess it will fill a spot until I can find an original. Obviously don't have an original to compare but there's something seems a little muffled about it.

    Surprised there are so many copies still available, would have thought it would have been a better seller, but I guess without a clear pedigree of what source was used maybe people didn't want to take a chance on it?
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  17. davenav

    davenav High Plains Grifter

    Louisville, KY USA
    Same. But I’m glad I did!

    It’s amazingly great sounding, with very little noise on side two which I will give a cleaning to, as I’ve had to do on far noisier regular Lps this time.
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  18. Tattooed Headshrinker

    Tattooed Headshrinker Accidentally Like A Martyr

    Orlando, FL
    I have a very modest setup, but both my Tom Petty and Toots LPs are quiet and sound great right out of their sleeves. Either I’m very lucky (and trust me, I’m not), or new vinyl seems to be very agreeable with my turntable and stylus since I rarely have the problems others seem to have. I’m confident any pops or small imperfections I hear will be rectified with a good cleaning.

    Conversely, almost all vintage vinyl I buy is plagued by terrible surface noise no matter what the visual quality of the record is or how many times I wet clean it. *shrug*
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  19. bluejimbop

    bluejimbop Percussionist

    Castro Valley, CA
    Good to know.
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  20. Tattooed Headshrinker

    Tattooed Headshrinker Accidentally Like A Martyr

    Orlando, FL
    Almost every Grateful Dead complete show on vinyl has an etching on the final side. While I’ve never noticed a problem with warping on those discs, I’d still rather have few bonus tracks (a’ la the old Dick’s Picks CDs) than an etching.
  21. ndoheny

    ndoheny Forum Resident

    Sacramento, Ca
    just played mine and it’s fantastic. I’m not a huge salsa fan but I will grab any RSD AAA release especially a landmark album in any genre. It got me up dancing and what else is there to say.

    QUOTE="geddy402, post: 27096366, member: 69553"]Listening to the Donny Hathaway and it sounds ok. Doesn't blow me away but I guess it will fill a spot until I can find an original. Obviously don't have an original to compare but there's something seems a little muffled about it.[/QUOTE]

    I have an original and the original beats it but I’m still glad to have the reissue. It’s not amazing sounding but getting clean originals is nearly impossible. It’s not bad by any means and the gatefold package is really nice.

    Did anyone grab the Timeless series with Arthur Verocai and Mulatu Astatke? I had to get those two online and I haven’t heard them yet. I’m dying to know how they sound.
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  22. bluejimbop

    bluejimbop Percussionist

    Castro Valley, CA
    Certainly to my taste. #1 on my RSD list but couldn’t cop. Only 2,000 pressed, IIRC.
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  23. mcrichley

    mcrichley Forum Resident

    Basically available at cost on Discogs as of this morning.
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  24. bluejimbop

    bluejimbop Percussionist

    Castro Valley, CA
    Bless you.
  25. NapalmBrain

    NapalmBrain Forum Resident

    Kansas City, KS
    Dirty Three: Lovely packaging and colored vinyl, but a little noisy it mostly calms down after the first minute or 2 and it's never completely intrusive but it's noticeable. The sound is really good though and the live set is a real treat. I have no regrets with my purchase but feel bad for those paying inflated prices.

    Verlaines: I enjoyed the first 3 sides despite the primitive quality of the recording but side 4 is so dished I can't even track the record, side 3 played without issue (and I usually have no issues even with heat warped records). Will take it back for a replacement tomorrow.

    Maria McKee "High Dive": Dead quiet, flat and wonderful sound. This is a real keeper.

    got my girlfriend the Senses Fail: Beautiful color that matches the art nicely, moderate noise floor when you drop the needle but it goes away as soon as the music kicks in. Slight improvement over the CD but for this kind of music I wasn't expecting much it at least sounds mastered for vinyl. Not flat and dead like some of the vinyl pressings of 2000s punk/emo bands

    my roommate got Col. Bruce Hampton: Wonderful sound, thick fat bass, enjoyable album I was not familiar with. Had a slight warp but played just fine. Included bonus tracks as well and spread out the original single lp into 2 LPs

    He also got The Police Vol. 1 set: Decent sound for a live show, spectacular set, nice deviations from the album versions and they stretched out some of their best songs in a very tasteful manner. I wasn't born when this show happened so this will be as close as I can get. Flat and quiet vinyl. Highly recommended!

    That was it for me since the Dirty Three was so expensive, but that was my must have

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