RSD 2021 6/12 (pressing/overall quality review) *first drop*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry James, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. davenav

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    Louisville, KY USA
    Welp.... my Tom Petty was rather noisy, and I gave it two cleanings. Finally got side one sounding good, flipped it over and saw a huge gash on the last two songs of side two. There won't be any way in the world to clean that away.

    I ran to the store today and was there when they opened, in the hope that there may still be a copy I could exchange for. But nope.

    I've had such good luck with RSD over the years, but still to have this happen to my most anticipated release this year, and after such good luck with ALL the other Petty releases.... I'm gutted.
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  2. Alan2

    Alan2 Forum Resident

    I would be gutted too. I returned one item today (Bert Jansch: Black Swan) and fortunately there was another copy. In addition, one other shop had copies too. I dont know yet if I'll be faced with the same faults. I may just have to keep it.
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  3. neubian

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    Apison, TN
    That does suck.
    Well, if you just want the music (and not the collectability) you can preorder the regular black vinyl version on Amazon... although it would be more money spent for you.
  4. ferrari

    ferrari Forum Resident

    Given the ever increasing pricing on LP's, would be interested in how others fared, specifically in regard to the RSD pledge which allows markups of up to 20% over list. I myself have a local small shop that consistently sticks to suggested retail; however I took a spin up to a nearby Newbury where I picked up among other things both Steely Dans. To the best of my knowledge, the list on 2AN was $35 (I saw it advertised elsewhere as such); Newbury had it marked it up to $43 which seemed a little greedy to me. Hey, no complaints that I got a copy for half of what the scalpers are asking today, but it's just about the spirit of the thing. Personally, I'd feel better about throwing a few extra bucks to keep a small local treasure open rather than a chain store.

    On another note, got a copy of the Petty as well; given the 50/50 opinions on the noise level here & on Discogs preordered the Amazon black vinyl copy. The sealed RSD will go to the secondary market.
  5. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Hearing In Stereo Since 1959

    Salem, MA
    I just cleaned and played my RSD copy of Two Against Nature. Clean and quiet. Side 2 is a teeny hair off- center, but barely noticeable.

    The mastering is full, fairly extended, and reasonably dynamic. Images are being, but have a bit of sterility to them, lacking the juicy, reach-out-and-touch that the best recordings have. A little of bit of grayness to it.

    Still, if you're a Steely Dan fan, it's worth seeking out. I have the first "non-authorized" LP release. It's buried somewhere. At least it's not currently filed correctly. If I recall correctly, the original was also pressed in Germany, and produced by Warner Brothers.
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  6. Obtuse1

    Obtuse1 Forum Resident

    Guess I got lucky. Thankfully my copy of The Truth was flat and quiet, no non-fill.
  7. marcb

    marcb Senior Member

    DC area
    As mentioned at least once earlier in the thread, these are RSD firsts. But any re-presses - if and when it happens - probably won’t be on red & blue vinyl.
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  8. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    I am not able to hear that noise - thankfully. There only seems to be one pressing (GZ).
  9. drbryant

    drbryant Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    It isn't that bad. Just a few zips, and series of clicks in the second and third cuts on Side A. It's not as bad as the Dylan Test Pressing. I can live with it, although I hate the thought of my high end cartridge tracking through non-fill.

    [Edit] I listened again. It's pretty bad on the first three tracks on Side A. I doubt I'll play it much. I wonder if the record company will replace this.
  10. marcb

    marcb Senior Member

    DC area
    Actually just a handful or so of reports on discogs out of 12,000 copies indicates it likely is an isolated incident...
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  11. Billy Bird

    Billy Bird Forum Resident

    I have something similar. Out of stock at distro and Craft International customer support basically brushed me off.
  12. Hershiser

    Hershiser Forum Resident

    My local still had one in stock and exchanged it for me. I was shocked.
  13. farewelltransmission

    farewelltransmission Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    8/12 comments on Discogs mention noisy vinyl or a pressing defect of some kind. And more than a few of us on this forum have made similar complaints. But sure, you're right, all 12K owners haven't chimed in just yet... :rolleyes:
  14. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Hearing In Stereo Since 1959

    Salem, MA
    I cleaned and am listening to the Link Wray Sings And Plays vinyl reissue. This also was released on CD for RSD as well.

    The vinyl is on clear vinyl and well pressed.

    Fidelity-wise, it's nothing to excited about. I have no idea what source they used for this. In this day, that's a bit telling, isn't it?

    It's somewhat frequency limited, mostly an extended midrange; and dynamics are limited. I'm guessing that this wasn't a super recording to begin with, but tonally, it's pretty good. It sounds like something that would come out of a period jukebox. I suppose we should happy that this got released as all, as rare as the original recording is.

    There's nothing earth- shaking with regard to originality here. This is just good, solid rock and roll, with the focus on the songwriting and his singing. First side focuses on rockers. Side two focuses on ballads. There's not an instrumental focused song here. They mostly either sound like an Elvis Presley song, an early Beatles song, or a Buddy Holly song.

    Nothing wrong with that. It's a fun listen.
  15. My Petty blue is very quiet. Unusually so for new modern day vinyl.
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  16. Nightswimmer

    Nightswimmer Forum Resident

    Not really.
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  17. ElevateMeLater

    ElevateMeLater Jesus of Cool

    My box set of Dirty Three - Ocean Sounds was noisy out of the shrinkwrap. Had a consistent click and pop and some surface noise, especially on the first disc. Gave it a run through the Spin-Clean and a still getting the same result. Pretty disappointed for a box set with a $60+ list price.
  18. April Snow

    April Snow Forum Resident

    I agree the LP sounds great (if you get one with the non fill issue) but the warping is quite bad on my copy.......
  19. NettleBed

    NettleBed Forum Resident

    new york city
    Had a chance to listen to a couple of others:

    Quiet Kenny - nothing to say here that hasn't already been said. Sounds great.

    Col Bruce Hampton - Arkansas: I had never heard this album before but just got it because I have had that Aquarium Rescue Unit album from the early 1990s, from around the time it came out. To say that this sounds "quintessentially 1987" (the year it came out) would be an understatement. So there is an extent to which the vinyl format isn't necessarily important or even of much significance. SQ is very good, but IMO it sounds like a very good sounding CD from the same era. Probably just because of the production decisions - I have no idea if it was originally recorded digitally or not. Anyway, its clean and quiet and does sound good for what it is, so if anybody is a fan I think you can it get and be happy. I have never heard another version to compare with, though.
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  20. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    Sorry to hear that. It’s not just the $60 either. I know you camped out a while in line to get that. My heart goes out.
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  21. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    Try playing it. Someone here claimed it sounds fantastic (for an ash tray).
  22. BradB

    BradB Birth.Music.Death?

    Denver, CO
    I don't think anyone has mentioned this one yet; I picked up the CD of Jim Messina & His Jesters 'The Dragsters" and it's a fun listen!! I had no idea Jim Messina was doing instrumental surf music before the vocal pop & rock stuff he became known for in the 70's. This is slightly fuzzy, upbeat instrumentals from the 60's with a vague car/racing theme in the titles and sometimes in the music with subtle instrument or sound effects to give the feel of cars in motion. Overall mastering quality is very listenable for what's mostly mono recordings. Such a nice surprise for what was basically an impulse buy on RSD!
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  23. I'm not here to argue with you, friendo. You have no idea about my vinyl purchase experiences.
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  24. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    Come on now, some random guy in Germany absolutely knows your luck with new vinyl. If he didn’t why would he say any differently!?

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  25. ElevateMeLater

    ElevateMeLater Jesus of Cool

    Yep exactly. My store only got one copy so I can't swap it out unfortunately. Just emailed Touch & Go and Bella Union's customer service to see if there's any replacements available, fingers crossed.
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