RSD 2021 6/12 (pressing/overall quality review) *first drop*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jerry James, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. ToothFangClaw

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    Just wrapped up listening to all... Also, all were washed in Spin Clean before playing.

    Kenny - As said, sounds great, flat.

    Joey Ramone - Some noise in between songs, but sounds fine. Slight warp.

    Toots - Pretty noisy with some pops and clips. Split vinyl may be the worst "special" color variation for sound.

    Def Leppard - Flat, thick black vinyl. Sounds great! Crank it. When the boys were just a good NWOBHM band.

    UFO 10" - Cool clear vinyl, sounds and looks great. Very crackable Strangers studio versions without crowd noise.

    Non-RSD new release pickups:

    Blackberry Smoke - You Hear Georgia - 3 sides with etching. The usual nice packaging but noisy vinyl.

    Cheap Trick - In Another World - Gotta love CT, but the title and artwork are dreadful. I got the exclusive Indy version (splatter) from my locsl shop, but inside was a picture disc! An obvious mistake at the plant. I took it back and all 6 of his splatter copies were picture discs. He called the ditributor and they hope to replace copies, but I'm not holding my breath. I'll spin the picture disc to see how it sounds, but probably wind up going to the black vinyl. Anyone else see this problem?
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  2. Munros1969

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    Had this in my hands on the day but put it back, then ended up buying it online from the store after RSD ended. It seemed to be a really nice set. Looking forward to hearing it… very encouraged by your feedback.
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  3. JeffMo

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    New England
    Cool that you supported Dyno records! I couldn't get up there this weekend but may try on Fathers Day.
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  4. mikemoon

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    Atlanta, GA
    Bullmoose has it!
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  5. AnalogJ

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    His prices on new stuff is over retail, but the owner is a really good guy.
  6. imsjry

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    Neenah WI
    I bought it just because I didn’t own “Percy” on anything else. I’m shocked how good the picture disc sounds. Eyes closed I’d have no idea it was a colored picture disc.
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  7. JeffMo

    JeffMo Format Agnostic

    New England
    Exactly! And you can find some cool gems there too.

    For RSD I prefer Bull Moose with fairest pricing. I got gouged by Newbury Comics this year by having to stay local.
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  8. Dan & Jeanie Swan

    Dan & Jeanie Swan Active Member

    My copy was also just a perfect pressing and flat too.
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  9. I'm very sensitive about my vinyl purchasing experiences. :kilroy:
  10. jewelsnbinoculars

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    Washington, DC
    Just like to throw it out there again since it hasn’t come up as much. The Paris 72 dead set is phenomenal.
  11. bluejimbop

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    Castro Valley, CA
    !Tenemos una linda comunidad aquí!
  12. Mang

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    I had that album when I was 8 - who knows what happened to it
  13. MikeT

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    New Jersey, USA
    The Creation - In Stereo - nice pressing, sounded really great to me. Very worthwhile.

    The Who - Face Dances - perfect pressing, both LPs flat, but the sound quality was a bit muted. 1/2 speed mastering, according to the hype sticker is supposed to provide better high frequency response. If this is true, I guess the Face Dances tapes (even the bonus and live tracks) weren't recorded with much high frequency material.

    The Groundhogs - Who will Save the World - perfect in all respects. Quiet pressing and excellent sonics!!
  14. Tommyboy

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    New York
    Anyone purchase Colemine Records Soul Slabs Vol. 3?
  15. landerstnkb

    landerstnkb Forum Resident

    @Tommyboy I bought it thinking it was something else and am absolutely loving it! Probably my favorite purchase this RSD and it was nowhere on my radar.
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  16. AnalogJ

    AnalogJ Hearing In Stereo Since 1959

    Salem, MA
    The betterment of the high frequency response is not that there's more of it but that it's more detailed and smoother.
  17. I haven't finished listening to my haul and there's still titles to come by mail. So far I'm happier compared compared to last year. I felt like I was yanked sideways silly and backwards up and down last year. So far, this year is better, and I attribute that in part to not getting the Residents release Leftovers Again (what a terrible title!) on Cherry Records.

    Bobo Jenkins - This one sounded great to me ears. At the end of side two, a couple small bits of nonfill. I can forgive that. A blues record should not be quiet like a paranoid Shostakovich recording. A little bit of sonic gravy (occasional light pop) suits me just fine. This one is great and the lavender wax doesn't detract really.

    Carla Whitney - Choker Campbell and the Super Sounds - This one hasn't arrived yet. Killer soul music from Canada in the 1970s. I had never heard of her. I sure hope the white vinyl doesn't disappoint. I paid forty bucks for it on amazon. Dang, I love her!

    Tangerine Dream - Concert à la Cathédrale de Reims December 13, 1974 - I found out after buying it (only one copy was left in the bin!) that it's a Cherry Records release, and this terrified me. This one is on colored wax and the trippy, psychedelic photography of this cathedral on the inners is beautiful. There is a kind of booklet in it, but I haven't torn off the shrink completely yet. I was very impressed with this. Everything was going smoothly until the very beginning of side four. There was a light tick that repeated at the beginning of the record for about eight revolutions. I can live with that. I found myself laughing quietly to myself at this music because it doesn't sound like religious/inspirational music at all (no surprise there), and in fact some spots sound downright diabolical. I can see why it flustered the Holy See. I recommend this one to fans of this band. I found more than worth it.

    Lee Perry - Roast Fish, Collie Weed, and Corn Bread. It's on red vinyl, and it sounds terrific. Dang, it better because I paid $30 for it. No technical issues. I don't understand his fascination with the screams of babies as part of his aural environment, but it works for me on a subconscious level.

    Colemine Records Soul Slabs Vol. 3 - I haven't heard it yet. My other two volumes sound terrific and had no issues. I'm hopeful for the same thing here. This is my favorite record label in America at the present time.

    Kenny Dorham The Quiet Kenny - I haven't heard it yet. Some of the comments have me a little worried. However, I have a new VPI 16.5 expected here by tomorrow. I can always put it to use if needed.

    Fela Kuti - Open and Closet - This is probably the second sexiest-sounding record (behind Carla Whitney). It's on red-and-yellow butterfly-colored wax. I played it this morning with no technical issues. I've always been well treated when buying Fela records from RSD. However, when I've bought some of his stock reissues in the past, I wasn't so lucky. I see RSD as the perfect theatre for Fela releases for folks like me who don't want to plunk down the money on the box sets. Recommended!

    Grateful Dead - L'Olympia 1972 - I haven't played this yet, but I'm hopeful. Paris is my favorite city in the world, and the Dead playing in my favorite city in my favorite year for the Dead is a big, big serotonin boost. This release was the one that I most wanted. I could care less about any other future Dead RSD released items unless it's the Paris show, second night from 1990 with that industrial-sounding "Victim or The Crime" that has that garbage truck belching black soot and smoke at the beginning. I have both those shows on SBD cd, but I would definitely buy either one of these shows on wax. Let's keep the Paris theme going for the Dead!

    Memphis Soul '67 - This one is a whole lot of fun. It's a no brainer and I know that Steve Cropper must be wielding the Telecaster on at least some of these tracks. If not, it's a Steve Cropper imposter, and he should be congratulated.

    Keith Richards seven-inch record - "Wicked as it seems" b/w "Gimme Shelter" from his 1993 tour. I haven't listened to this yet but I'm going to stash it inside my Hollywood Palladium boxset from last year.

    name withheld release - Tied with the Dead release, this is the one that I most wanted. I haven't received a tracking number yet. The other vendor from whom I ordered it cancelled my order. I knew that this one was going to put up a fight, but I'm still holding my fishing rod to reel it in.
  18. My Puffin rates Quiet Kenny and Sgt. Zippo with A+’s on each side. Apparently, my copies studied just a little bit harder for Record Store Day.


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  19. MoonPanda

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    I've shopped at Newbury Comics for years, but lost touch with them when they decreased their music sections to sell more funkos and the like. However I have hit them up for a few RSDs, and have to say that your use of the word "greedy" is spot on. While it was nice to be able to be able to find stock on the racks, comparing what other shops charge is a bit shocking. Your Steely Dan example is typical.
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  20. Spazros

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    There is no need to worry about Quiet Kenny. Your record either has a less than one minute defect but otherwise sounds great, or it just sounds f'ing fantastic all the way through and it cost you about $25. Fold-down, "true" mono, fold-up, origami, who give a sh*%*#)@ if it sounds good. Pour a drink and enjoy!
  21. NapalmBrain

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    my best guess is it's the whole run and it's sad they went to such great lengths with this set, even resequencing the album (presumably for fidelity) and the mastering is quite good which is typical for touch & go/quarterstick releases. Most of the original 90s releases were so quiet and great sounding but most of their reissues from the last decade have been substandard pressings like the rodan and rachel's "music for egon schiele" however the rachel's "systems/layers" was quite good. If you gain any headway please let us know. I am also in the same boat of being disappointed but I can live with this pressing if there is no repress in sight.
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  22. Tommyboy

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  23. He should wait a couple of months and buy another copy. He can sell his existing copy now caveat emptor. Sometimes this stuff happens. It happened to me last year with that horrible Kinks Kronikles and that Residents Icky Flix. I need to lose that Kinks album for whatever someone wants to pay me for a vg+ record. The Residents lp is different because that is a release harder to come by. I'll just plug my nose and keep that Icky Flix.
  24. Spazros

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    Philadelphia, PA
    I want to make sure I understand. You are suggesting he sell his sealed copy now, not knowing if there is anything wrong with it, and buy another one in a couple of months?
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  25. petzmark

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    Thank you for confirming that I am not losing it. Only one other person has mentioned the lack of high frequency. It's very noticeable on an otherwise excellent pressing/package. Tinkering with my bass/mid/treble dials did nothing to compensate for sounds that just aren't there.
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