RSD3 - Crosley 3" Record Player for RSD

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    Sukiyaki (Ue o Muite Arukou) by Kyu Sakamotois a very cool track.
    1961 release in Japan, 1963 topping the charts worldwide.
    Sukiyaki (song) - Wikipedia

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    That probably is the entire point, for better or worse.

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  3. Michael

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    yea, right...a fun novelty.
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    In for a penny on for a pound anyone got leads on finding the epitaph records 3” releases for not obscene prices? My store only sold them as packs with the player so went for a third man with sukiyaki pack

    Not interested in to players just for another for records!
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    Thank you for noticing. One of my peeves. I always wonder what engineering school my local mall parking lot designer flunked out of.
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    Cute and funny but too small for my fat fingers... Well, I don't have fat fingers, but hey I need an excuse.^^
  7. Kyhl

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    A classic quote from a local record store, found on their FB page yesterday. :laugh:
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    I just kept thinking I’ll see one of these at a flea market in the not distant future along side a Pono Music player.

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