Rubber Soul CD - Canadian Pressing Featuring Original UK Mixes?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by button, Apr 9, 2006.

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    I have searched the archives, but didn't find anything, so I'd really like your opinions on this.

    The other night I was at a friend's house listening to some CD's. He put Rubber Soul on, but it didn't quite sound "right". Now, this is one of my favorite all time albums, and I know it inside out, but this sounded "different". So I borrowed the CD to do some research.

    I compared it to my West German pressing, and sure enough, it WAS different.... I searched the SH forums - nothing. But I did find a link to this very useful site:

    Based on the above site, I can confirm that my friend's CD contains the original 1965 UK mixes. Every single variation listed is on this pressing.

    My first thought was that this must be a bootleg, however, this disc was bought in a legitimate music store (in Vancouver, Canada, in 1992 whilst my friend was on vacation).

    Anyway the details are:

    Catalog #: C2 46440
    Matrix Code: made by / fabrique par DISQUE AMERIC CANADA EA41 <011> C246440

    I'm totally intrigued. Surely one of you knowledgeable folk must have this pressing, and can shed some light. In any event, I'd be happy to upload some mp3's or even send someone (a Beatles Gort??) a copy.

    Here's a scan of the disc:

    Attached Files:

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  2. therockman

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  3. Nobby

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    Birmingham, UK
    Indeed... Interesting!

    If it's the real thing, I bet we'd all want a copy. :)

    Does it have the pop in the instrumental break of "Run For Your Life"?
  4. button

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    It sure does. That was one of the clinchers.
  5. Yes, please :agree:
  6. Joe Koz

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    It never ends... :D
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  7. beatlebum

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    What about the ISBN, UPC or ASIN?
  8. apple corpse

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    did I miss the mp3's??
  9. button

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    I don't have my own site. Is there an easy to use site for a non-programmer, where I can just upload the files using my browser?
  10. Laservampire

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    You can upload files and then copy and paste the link in a post here :)
  11. button

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    Sorry, this seems to be just an email service.

    Doesn't anyone else have this pressing?
  12. Jack White

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    I bought my copy when 'Rubber Soul' was first released on CD here and my disc is made in West Germany. Yours ("Made in Canada") must be a subsequent pressing. I'll have to look for it.
  13. Joe Koz

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    Upload the file without an e-mail address. When e-mails you your link. Copy and paste it here.
  14. Mal

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    How did this go unnoticed by anyone for at least 14 years?!?!?
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  15. Right - and don't bother signing up if all you want to do is upload stuff; there's no need.
  16. It's working fine here?

    EDIT - I see you edited your post. Never mind :)
  17. Laservampire

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    I edited my edit :shh:

    Sorry about the confusion, my friend uses yousendit all the time but I've never actually used it myself :laugh:

    I can't wait to hear the samples of this! I'm amazed such a CD could even exist! :goodie:
  18. Nobby

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    Birmingham, UK
    Thanks for posting the songs.

    These mixes are definitely the original UK stereo mixes from 1965.

    Assuming they'e not needledrops (they don't sound as though they are), then where did this come from.

    It's either a very clever bootleg or someone has used the wrong tapes for this particular version.

    Do any other members have a Canadian pressing that they can check?
  19. It's certainly the original mix; from a nice tape source aswell (by the sound of it), although a bit more toppy than the Capitol box. Although the hiss isn't very loud, it runs on a long time after I'm Looking Through You; certainly not typical of an Abbey Road mastering.
  20. Erm ... do the Canadian discs normally have a Parlophone logo on the left and blurb about Capitol on the right?
  21. button

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    Hi Nobby,

    Thanks for confirming my thoughts.

    I can assure you, I interrogated my friend over this :D (he didn't mind - he's a good friend)
    He was adamant that the CD was bought in a legitimate store, and that it is not a bootleg. It was shrink wrapped, but not in a longbox.

    Remember, it was bought in 1992.
  22. chanlon

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    This is my 1st posting. I've been reading threads for the past few weeks and love this site.
    I am a Canadian and own this CD as well. Also purchased from a Canadian music store in the East Coast of Canada.
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  23. Button, I don't want to push things if it's a hassle, but is it possible we could hear "Drive My Car" aswell, please?
  24. Welcome!

    I have to ask:

    1) When roughly did you buy yours

    2) Does it sound the same as Buttons, or does yours contain the '87 remix?
  25. beatlebum

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