Rubber Soul CD - Canadian Pressing Featuring Original UK Mixes?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by button, Apr 9, 2006.

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    well this thread change from a music discussion to how to make some money ;(
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    If someone finds a source for these, please post it here! :)
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    Not at all. It will change from a discussion on how to "spend" money.
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    Just an educated guess here ... but any Beatles' CD presently sold in Canada should be pressed by Disques Americ. Sometime after the original release of Beatles CDs in Canada (initially USA, UK and West German pressed CDs were imported for the domestic market), domestically pressed CDs were manufactued for the Canadian market by Disques Americ. (I remember this well because I purchased several albums again because the first CDs sold lacked the Apple logo on the back cover - that sounds a little pathetic doesn't it :). The new CDs I purchased were manufactured by Disques Americ, in Canada. Unfortunately, I did not re-purchase either 'Help! or 'Rubber Soul'.) I forget the exact year this transition happened, but as far as I know Disques Americ has continued to press Beatles CDs for Capitol/ EMI Canada ever since. So, any Canadian retailer should be selling these editions of 'Help!' and 'Rubber Soul' in question. Although I have noticed lately that US editions of '1962 - 1966' and '1967 - 1970' have been flooding local brick 'n' mortars.

    The ID numbers of 'Help!' should be C2 46439 and 'Rubber Soul' should be C2 46440 on both the spines and discs. (As well, both discs should state 'Made in Canada' on the back cover, near the bottom in the Capitol corporate blurb.) The IDs should NOT be CDP 7 46439 2 and CDP 7 46440 2. These discs are the earlier West German (remixed) imports that were sold in Canada.

    I'll be surprised if the original UK mixes are not the ones found commonly in any CD shop. I doubt if there's a shortage of them. I guess no-one has ever noticed them before.

    *** P.S. Keep reading this thread. I'm probably wrong about the current availability of these CDs.
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    Sorry to ruin your day.
    My post;
    " This CD will probably be 'only' $50US a pop by next weekend!!! ;-)"
    only joking referred to the astronomical prices people pay for CD's.
    See Steve Hoffman's "sorry" thread for the prices people are paying for some of his out of print CD's.
    Look what people pay for a Tosh Abby cee dee!
    I was not speculating on the investment potential of this item. I was posting a heads up, get it now or pay though the nose, in a humorous (although not to you) fashion. Hence the wink (not any $ signs).
    If you don't wish to add any value to this title in question, I am glad. I certainly have my limits on what I can pay for this disc. And would despise this disc going for black triangle money. Yet, I can not stop it, can you?
    Let's hope it was 20,000! Or even, 200,000.
    Maybe our Canuck brothers & sisters can tell us it still in print, ala some of Steve's work.
    Let's hear it for the Great White North!!!
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    I believe that Disques Americ has a pressing plant in North Carolina and a distribution facility in Minnesota. I don't know if DA presses Beatles' CDs for the US market or whether they just have the contract for the Canadian market. But if you live in the US, you might want to look at your Beatles' CDs and see if DA manufactured them.
  7. Wait a minute . . . are these CD's with the correct mixes the *current* Canadian pressings?
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    That's my best guess. I'm going to check it out tomorrow.

    ** P.S. Keep reading this thread. I'm probably wrong.
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    Here are scans of the spine and back cover of my copy of Help! On the spine scan, I've included my US pressing of Revolver. Notice the different typeface for the catalogue number. Indeed, I wouldn't call that a typeface at all. It looks like my old Smith-Corona electronic typewriter, which could simulate boldface by re-typing the character after moving the carriage (or was it the daisywheel?) ever so slightly.

    I'm also curious: were all pressings of Help! and Rubber Soul ADD?

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    The german pressings are ADD.
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    Hmmm...This conflicts with my Help has the ID number C2 46439 on the CD and spine, states made in Canada on the back cover but does not say "Disque Americ" on the hub, as does my Rubber Soul.
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    How about the mix when you play it?, which is it?

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    What company pressed that CD?
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    Only HELP! and RUBBER SOUL were remixed for CD.

    They were mixed digitally, hence the ADD reference.
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    I wish I could be so certain. My Canadian-pressed copy of A Hard Day's Night makes no reference to Americ on the inner ring. It says MASTERED BY EMI MFG. This also appears on my Canadian-pressed Past Masters, volumes 1 & 2.

    Help and Rubber Soul seem to be odd in that they explicitly credit Americ with the manufacturing.

    I see on EMI Canada's B2B website that they do custom pressing. Do they have their own facility now, or do they just farm it out?
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    Thanks Lloyd.
    I have never seen such a back cover on any Beatles CD, so good news I've never missed one & bad news cause they are tough to come by south of the border.
    Wish me luck!
    It would be HILARIOUS if US Disque Americ had the original mixes as well & all this time the CD's were getting dissed, these "prefect sound forever" cee dee's were under our ears the whole time!!!
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    Did you buy AHDN, PM 1&2 and H! and RS at the same time?

    As I stated previously, this was my best guess. I live close to four CD shops, so tomorrow (if I have the time) I'm going to try to find out if DA still presses the current Beatles CDs available in the stores.

    And, as I also stated in a previous post, even if these turn out to be the original UK mixes and they are readily available, either new or used (even if DA doesn't press them any more, they probably did press tens or hundreds of thousands - so they shouldn't be difficult to find in used CD shops), they are still going to have the same sonic deficiencies as the other Beatles CDs.
  21. Just got back from HMV Calgary. The current EMI Canada Help! U.K. and Rubber Soul U.K. discs are the 1987 George Martin remixes. :shake: The U.K. Help! discs are Capitol U.S. pressings with the black and white Apple logo on the disc itself and on the back tray card. The Rubber Soul U.K. is EMI Canada, same printing as the scan on page 1 of this thread, but different pressing plant.
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    I've got my Disque Americ "Help" on right now and "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" has no echo on the vocal. Incidentally, a friend of mine just exchanged his old "Rubber Soul" for a new one at a local HMV here in Toronto, before all this came down, and the new one has the Martin remix. Needless to say, he is quite irritated now.
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    My goosebumps just turned into pimples!
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    There is a copy of Help and Rubber Soul for auction on ebay from Canada. I emailed the seller and asked him to check the company which pressed each CD. Both were made in Canada, but the manufacturer turns out to be EMI MFG. IFPI L043 CA 1-1-4 46439 for each of them.

    So, you should avoid bidding on these if you want the Disque Americ editions.
  25. The only Disque Americ CD pressing I have is Past Masters Vol. 1, replacing a lost copy in the late 1990s. All other original Beatles EMI CDs I purchased or received in 1987-88.

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