Rubber Soul CD - Canadian Pressing Featuring Original UK Mixes?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by button, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. munson66

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    Wish I could recall for certain. This is a bit like asking Wayne Gretzky about his 637th goal. :)

    I remember clearly buying Pepper almost immediately after the release date in '87. Just really wanted to have that one. But the rest would have been acquired in dribs and drabs.

    Oddly enough, Help! would've been one of the last I acquired on CD, because I already had a batch of the 1987 cassettes with the UK lineups, and I also had an LP of Help! (Capitol C1 46439) that was mono on one side, stereo on the other. Which, at the time, because I was young and foolish, I considered a disappointment.

    (I also managed to snag one of those reissues of Beatles VI that turned out to be in mono. At the time, this was also disappointing because I'd got the mono BFS on CD and now was nostalgic for the Capitol stereo.)
  2. BIG ED

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    Thanks for all the work.
    Looking forward to your update tomorrow.
    However, after Chris posted it does not look good for the current stock to be DA. Thank goodness for used cee dee's.
    Thank's AKA Mike Richards, as well.
    Is DA Disc America in French?
  3. Jack White

    Jack White Senior Member

    Yeah, I think that it's all a matter of when the CDs were purchased which determines who pressed them. I bought them when they were first released and have mostly West German, a US and my Past Masters 1 & 2 are UK pressings. I think that Disque Americ took over pressing Beatles CDs in late '80s or early '90s. I think that someone posted that they bought their DA CD in the late '90s. EMI Canada must have taken over pressing their own CDs since then.

    Miike posted that his local brick 'n' mortar had US pressings. Recently, I have noticed that the local stores have a lot of red and blue albums that were US imports but didn't notice the other albums. I'll double check tomorrow.
  4. Vivaldinization

    Vivaldinization Active Member

    The Beatles CDs are *not* no-noised.
  5. Muddy Holly

    Muddy Holly Senior Member

    Here's another clue for you all...
    My non-Disque Americ Canadian Help! has a difference on the back cover. On the right-hand side from bottom to top, text reads ""Beatles", "Apple" and the Apple logos are trademarks of Apple Corps Ltd." It is identical to munson66's Disque Americ pressing cover in every other way.
  6. Drifter

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    Some of them are!
  7. kipper15

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    United Kingdom

    Yes, that will be the Apple logo & statement added to all Beatles CDs in the 1990s, somewhere around 1995 I believe.
  8. Jack White

    Jack White Senior Member

    I changed the wording in that post.

    The initial CD releases did not use the infamous EMI No Noise system, although I believe some noise reduction technique(s) was. And certainly on subsequent Beatles releases (e.g. '1') a no-noise system was employed.
  9. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    Not really. At least not the 1987 discs. They used a noise gate on a few tracks on the White album and Abbey Rd. A noise gate isn't the same as digital noise reduction.
  10. kipper15

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    United Kingdom

    How did THIS happen I wonder? It's news to me (thank you billy budapest for the PM alert).

    George Martin remixes the Help! and Rubber Soul stereos in the digital domain in 1986, the new-fangled digital tapes are sent to various pressing plants around the world but somewhere in Canada they've used the original UK stereo mixes!! Unbelievable!!!

    I am wondering what source was used for these. We know GM rejected stereo mixes for the first four albums (which had already been remastered for CD and planned for release by EMI) and set about remastering the mono mixes instead. Does anyone know if the original UK stereo mixes for Help! and Rubber Soul were remastered for CD, then GM decided to remix or is it possible these might come from an analog source?

    It all seems rather weird. Even if those 2 LPs were digitally remastered prior to remixing, then rejected by GM, how on Earth did the 'rejected' CD masters of the original UK mixes end up in Canada????

    Thank you button and peteham! :)

    You guys have enlightened us here to something MAJOR that somehow, God knows how, seems to have gone 'un-noticed' for nearly 20 years!

    The question now is how do those of us outside of Canada get 'em? I am tempted to import from but it sounds like these mixes are not on EVERY Canadian-pressed CD, just the Disque Americ.
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  11. Another Side

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    The only way I can see this happening is that someone in Canada used the tapes they had arround for Rubber Soul and Y&T, and mastered the album themselves.
  12. Drifter

    Drifter AAD survivor

    Vancouver, BC, CA
    George Martin rejected stereo mixes for the first two albums not the first four. George Martin intended "A Hard Day's Night" & "Beatles For Sale" to be released in stereo but a mistake was made somewhere along the way so George remixed the next two so he would have total control over what was released.
  13. Radiotron

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    Montreal, Canada
    Canada has done things differently for the Beatles in the past. Wide-Stereo "Beatlemania!", extra "Don't" in "Don't Bother Me" on certain late 70s "Meet The Beatles" and now this!
  14. kipper15

    kipper15 Forum Resident

    United Kingdom

    Yes. You are indeed correct drifter.

    It's late here and I was about to crash and get some zzzzz's but then this thread kind of woke me up somewhat, but obviously not enought to type certain things correctlY :)

    The never-ending anomalies of Beatles pressings continues! But I think this one will floor even the really hardcore experts...
  15. Inscape

    Inscape New Member

    But the Canadian version of Rubber Sould was the same as the American version--which means that, if this is indeed what happened, the mix of "The Word" would not be the UK mix, but would instead be the US mix. And what about the extra bit of guitar on the opening of the American stereo version of "I'm Looking Through You"? Would someone covertly go to the trouble of trimming that off in order to match the UK version?

    In any event, I find it extremely hard to believe that someone at Capitol Canada would have taken it upon themselves to compile a unique master tape in the way that you describe. Given the contentious copyright issues that are involved, this is the sort of thing that could easily get someone fired. It seem clear to me that, somehow, at some point, an alternate master prepared in the UK must have accidentally made its way to Canada.
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  16. Another Side

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    That's true. I agree with what you're saying. :thumbsup:

    Edit: One thing, though, if at some point EMI prepared a different mix of Rubber Soul. It seems unlikely that Canada would have been sent the wrong digital copies of both Help! and Rubber Soul.
  17. John Carsell

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    Northwest Illinois
    Before George Martin listened to test pressings of The Beatles CD's, earlier in 1986 EMI had Geoff Emerick compile some test pressings of Beatles material so the I'm assuming that the possibility that "Help!" and "Rubber Soul" could have had analog mixes transferred to digital and perhaps the analog mix of RS was sent by mistake to Canada.

    This would be like the scenario where in 1964 when several tapes with alternate mixes and edits were mistakenly sent to some foreign EMI subsidarys.
  18. william shears

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    new zealand
    Wow, this is pretty major. How come no-one noticed this before? Maybe this is a very small, early run of cds?
  19. dachada

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    I was joking too. I believe many people in this forum are music collector like me and news like this does not happen every day and beginning today we will see more thread talking about this issue.
  20. button

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    I notice that my posts containing links to I'm Looking Through You, Run For Your Life and Drive My Car have been removed :confused:
  21. Joe Koz

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    Yes, they have. You posted the songs in their full length. A 20 or 30 second sample of a song is fair use and not a problem. Copyrighted material and all that... ;)
  22. Drifter

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    Vancouver, BC, CA
    Did you post entire songs? If so, that's probably why. If you were to post 30-60 seconds of a song that would be okay as it is just a preview, but a whole song could be considered copyright infringement.

    Edit: oh well, Joe beat me to it.
  23. rnranimal

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    Button, could you possibly repost some clips from Help!. I didn't get to check those out. Thanks!
  24. button

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    I don't have Help, only Rubber Soul.
  25. rubbersounds

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    I did that already. :whistle: Probably zero chance of getting these, but I didn't have Help! on cd anyway. :hide:

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