Rubellan Remasters Hype/Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Erick Haight, May 11, 2022.

  1. Joseph.McClure

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    I guarantee theft is going on….
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  2. Scott Davies

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    Many thanks for the order. As much as I'd like to do Danielle's Blast LP, I suspect it won't happen. But ultimately, sales of this one will be a strong indicator if it would be worth it, but it's no surprise that most of the orders I've received so far this morning have been Boingo only. I'm sure part of the reason will be the areas where Danielle's audience are located. I already had one outraged Facebook post on the cost of shipping with the extremely boring mainstay "Shipping is more expensive than the record!!", all of which I promptly deleted. Apparently, some people have never placed an overseas order so their sticker shock is somehow perceived as me gouging them on shipping when it's of absolutely no benefit to me. I'm sure this title will do best in distribution where it may eventually show up as an import in some areas for not much less than an order placed at my store. But none of this is anything new. The fact that this one cost more than a U licensed LP, and the fact it will take longer to recoup, which will likely be mostly in distribution, a reissue of Blast The Human Flower seems unlikely. However, if I'm pleasantly surprised on how this one does, I do have an original Euro copy of the Blast LP to create artwork from.
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  3. Groovy

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    As these photos have disappeared from The Danielle Dax thread I thought now would be a good time to post them here.




  4. Groovy

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  5. jimhb

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    I would love to see a proper reissue campaign of the band Lowlife. Diminuendo is such an amazing album from a criminally underrated band. Also, originals are $$$$$
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  6. thefxc

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    Wichita, KS
    LTM put Lowlife's Diminuendo back in print in CD recently, and Permanent Sleep + Rain is available as well.
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  7. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    There's definitely gotta be some changes if I have any desire to even attempt to keep this label going. During further discussion with my distributor on my take from LP's in distribution, I went back to all associated fees of the recent Oingo Boingo LP's and was pretty shocked by how things have changed in just the couple of years that I've done vinyl. Looking at my first pressing of Boingo's 'Only A Lad' LP and the first pressing of 'Dark At The End Of The Tunnel', the cost of manufacturing and licensing has increased by an average of $5 per LP! The way that translates into distribution sales, and including my gradual cost increases in an apparently failing effort to keep up with inflation, is I went from about a $2 profit in distribution LP sales in early 2022 to a loss of nearly $2 on each LP sale through distribution this year. My distributor are going to attempt to rework our deal to some sort of benefit to me but I'm not sure if they can actually make something that would move the LP format back into a profit area for me. I've got some serious thinking to do over the coming months...
  8. slop101

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    Yeah, that sucks, but vinyl records, overall, have gotten so much more expensive over the last couple years - I think it's a combination of gouging and costs going up.
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  9. Hymie the Robot

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    CDs sound at least as good anyways. Hopefully you go that direction.
  10. jamesc

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    Yeah, but proceed with caution because they're not the same mastering as the original issues. Average DR6 on the 2022 CD compared to DR11 on the 2006 of Diminuendo. It would be great if Scott was a fan and could bring those back to life.
  11. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    Considering I still actually make a minor profit in distribution on CD, I'd be fine with that. But as already discussed, U hasn't given any CD licenses to me since the start of January, so I'm kinda stuck.
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  12. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    Yes, I agree it's likely a combination of necessary and unnecessary increases. And let me correct myself, the average increase since early 2022 is around $4 per LP, $5 was the high end and $3 is the low end. Either way, I make $0 or - on any LP sale through distribution at this point. I hadn't realized how much everything, manufacturing as well as the publishing fee increase this year, really spiked my costs. I even moved on from The Vinyl Lab as my manufacturer because it was just too expensive for me, and that was even by saving money by buying my own jackets, inners sleeves, inserts, stickers, and lacquer cuts. With my current manufacturer, I still buy my own inner sleeves, stickers and lacquer cuts, and I am saving money but still not enough to be profitable in distribution. Plus, I found that since the pallets are now coming from New Orleans as opposed to Tennessee, I'm paying an additional $400 per shipment, so that squashes part of the savings. Something as simple as those variant stickers are around $260 per 1000 LP pressing.

    My distributor had been telling me for ages to raise my prices to around $29.99 but what I don't think they realize that, aside from direct sales, after additional amounts for the increase are allocated to UMG, and then more into distribution, I'd probably make around $.35 cents more per each dollar increase, so that would bring me to only another $1 with a $3 price increase, so it's not worth it to likely ward off more sales by jumping that high. I'll be eager to see what new calculations they provide me to try to make these worthwhile because I currently have 7000 LP's in my basement with another 3500 expected over the next couple of months, and I'm not going to just send all of those into distribution if it means everyone else gets a several dollar profit from each sale and I'm losing.
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  13. PdB73

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    Western Australia
    How about having a chat with Mike (owner of the In Groove) to see if he would be interested in being your vinyl distributor? He is going to do this for Kevn Gray's label - might be an option for you as well. Or at the very least - seeing if he would be interested in selling your stock online? You may make more profit on each sale that way and he does have a large reach.
  14. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    I believe he does stock some of my titles that he gets through the distribution warehouse. I've seen some mentioned in the occasional new release videos he puts out, usually when someone tells me one of my releases has been mentioned. There are other distributors out there and I reached out to some of them a while back. Problem was they were only interested in vinyl, and with my catalog being a mix I need something that would handle both.
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  15. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    I found a great band called fiction factory.. I really enjoy there style..
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  16. stoneage romeo

    stoneage romeo Forum Resident

    I really hope you can see a way through this , Scott. I have purchased 8 or 9 of your vinyl titles direct and they have all been stellar. Your attention to detail does not go unnoticed. You are the only champion that a lot of your roster has and it’s obvious that you give all of your releases a massive amount of time and attention.

    I know it does not help your plight with distribution but I, for one, would not hesitate to pay $30 direct for any of your titles. I purchase a lot of records and I rarely pay less than that from any other direct source.
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  17. reapers

    reapers Forum Resident

    I like what I’ve heard — they seem to have an Icehouse vibe…
  18. Post-Punk Monk

    Post-Punk Monk Seeking divinity in records from '78-'85 or so…

    North Carolina
    That second FicFac album [Another Story] would be an IDEAL CD reissue from RR. There was a single German Line CD pressing in 1987. There have only been pirate copies following that and it's a $125.93 median price on Discogs. I was lucky enough to have seen a copy in 1990 and bought one. It's a superb album and a huge leap past their admittedly fine debut. The second album was recorded at Callum Malcolm's Castlesound Studios with band production and it has that spacious sound Castlesound is known for.
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  19. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    Yeah, they do have ice house feel.. only second is available ..
    Another story is hard to get
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  20. Cherrycherry

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    Le Froidtown
    Serious question: do you type your posts or use speech-to-text?
  21. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    I appreciate that but I wouldn't dare go to $30 per LP. I think some people are already annoyed with the recent increase to $26.99, and that's where it's going to stay for the moment. Distribution is just going to have to make it work somehow because from what I can see, both the warehouse and distributor are making several dollars for each LP sold while I'm getting zip and negative zip at this point. Something needs to change big time or those cases can sit in my basement and I'll sell direct at a trickle to at least ensure I'm the one benefiting the most from the sale, not some warehouse who has done who knows what with my unaccounted for inventory. Truth is, I likely spoiled buyers by initially offering LP's at $23 so the gradual increase, despite the inflation and gouging of the various manufacturers responsible for making each element that becomes a final LP product, is likely frowned upon.

    They're also making it harder to advertise product. They have a weekly new release guide that goes out to thousands of recipients and it's been a good way to get that initial burst of sales and awareness of the new products. I put together a quick onesheet to include in this e-mag and it would usually run within a few weeks. In the past, when I would have a change in color variant, I used to be able to submit an updated onesheet and it would run again. Apparently, they recently stopped any advertising in the e-mag of existing products, only brand new UPC's. Had I known that I would have gone with a 500 unit pressing rather than 1000 (or 900 as it turned out after a manufacturing issue) of the Visage LP. I mean, it is moving in distribution but likely not as much had it had new exposure under the new color variant, especially since it has been unavailable for nearly a year. It's more about stores who happen across the title when reviewing available items to stock their shelves, or buyers who just happen to punch the band name in on various websites.

    They've also made more new release requirements like they have to have the ad run two full months before a release date. If you try to set a release date of early October for a product today, they won't run the ad. We used to be able to have the ad run a couple of weeks before the release date, or even if the product was already available in distribution. So, we're trying to get one of the Danielle Dax variants into distribution but just this morning I was told they need to move the release date to late October for the ad to run. I don't know if someone new is now overseeing this e-mag but they're becoming ridiculous about their requirements.
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  22. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    There not making easy for you. Sorry about that..
    We understand what your trying to do.. But your hands are tied with logging chain at this point.
  23. Listening4yEARS

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    Costa Mesa , CA
    It’s seems the record industry is still working under the good ol’boy network . It’s not what you know but who you know . It’s really hard for a small independent reissue label to make a profit specially if you are not based in the same cities as the major labels . Maybe embrace the small aspect. Be a specialty limited edition label . Do hand numbered editions . Collectors eat that sort of thing up . You ever see the record store day clips on YouTube it seems their eyes light up when they see that’s it numbered . Then sell the low numbers like #1 through # 10 for $ 99.00 like you do with your test pressings . Maybe try to get a pressing run for record store day . Just throwing suggestions against the wall .
  24. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    The balance is going to come in a couple of ways. I'm currently working on a new deal with my distributor that could at least bring me to break even with the current pricing for LP's sold in distribution, but likely still with some loss. I've researched LP prices throughout the day and if they are self-released they can often be around the mid-$20's, and if they are licensed or from a major they can run anywhere from around $30 to upwards of $40. With my most recent Warner licensed titles, I really don't foresee these becoming anything other than break even titles at best, but likely losses. But there's a label out there called Friday Music who does a lot of licensing from Warner, and their compensation for the higher licensing fee is to charge mid to upper $30's per LP. While their two Sparks reissues appear to have done well, and they have new pressings coming out, I'm not sure how many people want to pay that amount for a colored vinyl Debbie Gibson album. But these are the things people have to do to attempt to survive in this climate.

    Which takes us to the other part of the balancing act. I sent Universal a message to make any possible future LP clearances an MSRP of $28.99. My distributor suggested $35 but I'm not going there. Unless a vinyl reissue has Boingo in the name, the mass majority are going to move in distribution. The response to the Danielle Dax CD in 2019 vs the LP in 2023 has been eye-opening, and just confirms this vinyl revival is not global across every new reissue. I can only hope it sells well in distribution to at least recoup, but sometimes you just have to appreciate the product for what it is if the sales aren't so hot, and I have to say I love the way this reissue came out and I'm a massive fan of the LP, so regardless of the overall performance as time goes on, I'll never be able to view it as a misstep, other than my pricing.
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  25. PdB73

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    Western Australia

    You could also think about inserting a leaflet into the vinyl sleeve to advertise that people can actually buy direct from you (or a sticker on the shrink?). A lot of people may not even know they can. Even offer 10% discount for first purchase or something to entice them.
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