Rubellan Remasters Hype/Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Erick Haight, May 11, 2022.

  1. ramonesfan

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    Thank you, @Bob C ! This is right up my alley, and I didnt even know it existed. Much obliged!
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  2. Scott Davies

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    Good to hear, the projects are shaping up really nicely.

    In other news, I managed to work a new deal with my distributor but the best we could do in negotiations so we both don't end up ruined is to essentially break even, and truthfully I'm still ending up with a bit of a loss but just less of one. Honestly, I'm amazed I didn't catch all of this earlier. I just spent the morning calculating all of the elements of some of my recent pressings and repressings and it's not good. If it weren't for all of the Boingo direct sales, I would probably be really sick about it. Even the prices of stickers and polylined inners have been creeping up since the start of the year, along with everything else. I'm leaning towards moving the upcoming Guadalcanal Diary LP's to $27.99, which would still only make a minor dent.

    But this is where we learn and adjust as necessary. UMG acknowledged my email about changing possible future LP clearances to a higher price. I also got a denial and had to cancel another request. The denial was for a colored LP of the XTC compilation Waxworks and the one I cancelled was the House Of Love LP known as The Butterfly Album since I just found a vinyl reissue is coming out next month.
  3. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    I just got to see the full artwork for the upcoming box set I worked on earlier this year. It looks fantastic! It is going to be a November release so I'm expecting CR to include it in their next New Release update, which should hopefully be very soon. The still yet unnamed artist did end up contributing quite a bit of text after all, so bits of the notes I originally provided are used in between the artist's recollections in the 20-page booklet. This is definitely going to be the quintessential release for this artist.
  4. bluedemon25

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    Very nice!
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  5. Listening4yEARS

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    I find it strange that UMG can approve extra content on the Boingo CD’s but not on the vinyl counterparts. Granted there’s space limitations for vinyl . Have you considered what EMI did when they released the Beatles box set and put all the non album tracks on a LP on their own . I don’t know if by now you feel getting a new request read by UMG has the same chance as a one legged man in a ass kicking contest
  6. Scott Davies

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    No chance of making a rarities Boingo LP. As UMG explained some time back when I was trying to create a Missing Persons singles collection LP, custom comps on vinyl are not allowed but on CD are fine. So then I doubled my Missing Persons singles collection idea and submitted it for CD, which I've never heard a thing on. I want to hear that unreleased single mix of Color In Your Life, dammit! I have been able to add the odd bonus track on LP, like the two extras on my Visage singles comp. I also have others out there with bonus tracks requested, but no idea what may come of those.

    As far as new requests being read, I had sent in four new LP requests a month or so ago that included the now denied XTC LP. I have been told the other three are currently going through clearance, but just remember that once it gets to the final step it will fall into the pile with all the others and I may never hear a word on any of them. With only three U clearances this year, at that rate it'll be 15 years before the current batch is addressed, and if I'm still around in 15 years...
  7. Jerry Horne

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  8. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo WhoNeedsRealityWhenThere'sMoreSleepToLookForwardTo

    Something's wrong here.. a corporation who doesn't want to make $'s?
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  9. Scott Davies

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  10. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    Earlier this year, I worked on a box set for Cherry Red records. Several years ago, I had tried to license the Lene Lovich catalog for reissue, though things never fell into place. Cherry Red was able to achieve this and I did the audio remastering across the four CD's and provided some of the sleeve notes in the 20-page booklet. The project is finally being released in late November, and it's looking great! This includes the full Stiff records catalog, including many versions never previously on CD: Lene Lovich: Toy Box The Stiff Years 1978-1983, 4CD Box Set - Cherry Red Records

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  11. RevUp64

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    OMG, when I suggested this earlier it was really just wishful thinking, but wow, what great news!! I see the original mix for Stateless is included, which is worth the price of this alone. Does this mean the original tapes for that mix still exist?
  12. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    Unfortunately, no. But for those who had heard some of my restorations on YouTube a few years back know that it's going to sound like a master. I spent ages making it sound the best it will likely ever sound.
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  13. CD Addict

    CD Addict Bonus tracks? Yes, please.

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    I just needed to see your name on this Scott - that's enough for me to pre-order. Nice to see you get the credit you deserve from CR:
    "• Freshly mastered, with sleeve notes from Scott Davies and Michael Robson, with extensive words from ‘the first lady of Stiff’ herself."
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  14. Juggsnelson

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    Beyond excellent Scott! Obviously wish this had been a full on Rubellan affair but your input will help make this release essential!
  15. ericthegardener

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    Great news! I'll be buying two copies of the Lene Lovich box!!
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  16. Andrewb

    Andrewb Claiming squatter's rights

    Not sure how this works, so sorry if this is a stupid question.

    But, is there still a chance that CR will use compression at the manufacturing stage or, in choosing you to remaster this material, have they missed the boat and the CDs will sound like a Rubellan Remaster.
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  17. Blair G.

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    Good question because were there not a couple of instances where Steve’s work for AF was futzed with after it left his hands? Which shows it can happen
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  18. kwadguy

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    Interesting. So this week hopefully erase the bad taste of that crappy Lovich box set on cdr she sold about a decade ago.
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  19. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    Generally, they put out what they receive because it's all handled by those involved in the projects. The project manager was very pleased with my files, and when the material was supplied to CR I sent them as DDP images for each disc. For those unfamiliar, DDP images are an industry standard and it's basically a folder that contains all the audio in a file only readable by a DDP player. This image also keeps all the spacing I set, such as live tracks that need to segue into each other while other songs would have spacing in between. It also has all the CD text that I enter for each track, as well as the artist/title of the disc. My expectation is the audio will be exactly as I provided it, but I'm supposed to get 3 copies of it so I'll definitely double check once it's in hand down the road. In the past when I did work for CR, each CD was exactly as intended. If that's the case, these will be exactly how they would have sounded if on my label.
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  20. Scott Davies

    Scott Davies Forum Resident

    That's still a sore spot for some, and probably would be for me as well if I wasn't one of the very few who got a refund. Much of that came down to Jude Rawlins, who was part of her band at the time, and I suspect ill-advised Lene on the box set. No idea who actually kept the unrefunded money or how much Lene was even familiar with what was going on. But Jude has been out of the picture for a while and this project has been done by fans who want to see it done right for everyone.
  21. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    Yeah, when people asked how much they'd get refunded, many got the reply, "Your lucky number's none. AhOhUhOh!"
  22. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo WhoNeedsRealityWhenThere'sMoreSleepToLookForwardTo

    Wow, Cherry Red is finally going to release a good sounding set??!!
  23. will_b_free

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    As a Thomas Dolby fan, I'm interested in the Lene Lovich box. So comprehensive!

    Do you have any interest in Paul Westerberg? His albums are not from the 1980s - but the '80s are when he made his fame with The Replacements, and he does have an album with your favorite record label.

    Westerberg was with Universal for only one album, the awkwardly-titled Suicaine Gratifaction, in 1999. It is not a great album, but, his fans tend to be completists* since even on lesser albums there are always a few embers among the chunks of coal.

    I ask because in The Replacements thread someone posted a video tour of the UMG/Iron Mountain storage facility and noticed "5 or 6 boxes of tape reels labeled 'Paul Westerberg'". The reels included the non-album track "Everything Goes Wrong" (which was only released as low-budget music video) and an alternate version of "Whatever Makes You Happy" (which leaked via an in-house preview of the album). Those plus the Japan-only bonus song, "33rd of July" would be a nice start towards an expanded version of Suicaine Gratifaction, particularly if there is more in the inventory.

    *I bought the Japan CD just for that one bonus song.

    Rhino has been making deluxe box sets of The Replacements albums for the past few years, so Jason at Rhino chimed in to say that Rhino has not licensed Suicaine Gratifaction, but added that they control two of his others albums - 14 Songs and Eventually. So there's probably a gap there (the Universal years) that Universal likely won't think of filling on their own, and which Rhino probably won't be doing either.
  24. Bob C

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    So did I! Argh...
  25. moomoomoomoo

    moomoomoomoo WhoNeedsRealityWhenThere'sMoreSleepToLookForwardTo

    I've probably asked for this before, but any chance of the officially recorded Berlin - Live at The Savoy which was pro recorded for West Wood One, & was only released on promo vinyl.
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