Run Out Groove: fan-driven, vinyl-only label from Warner Music

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Turnaround, Apr 4, 2017.

  1. Turnaround

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    New York
    Warner Music has a new label, called Run Out Groove, which does limited-edition, vinyl-only releases based on what fans pick.

    Billboard: Warner Music Launches Fan-Driven, Vinyl-Only Label Run Out Groove: Exclusive

    Warner Music Launches Fan-Driven, Vinyl-Only Label Run Out Groove: Exclusive
    * * *
    Label website: Run Out Groove - Official Store
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  2. Chemguy

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    Western Canada
    Hmm...if they do this right, from proper source tapes and all, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.
  3. eddiel

    eddiel Senior Member

    Toronto, Canada
    I agree but it's a very big the looks of it, they pressing quality will be high e.g. high quality of the jackets, inners, lp but I remain sceptical regarding source tape usage. I think this is going to be geared towards those that aren't that concerned about stuff like that.
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  4. CrazyCatz

    CrazyCatz Great shot kid. Don't get cocky!


    Seems like a Neat idea though :D
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  5. MickAvory

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    New Orleans, LA
    I signed up last month for their email notification and voting, but I voted for the Solomon Burke Greatest Hits that didn't win and won't be released as of yet.

    I also voted for the Secret Machines LP. I may order it and see how it comes out. They claim they are only pressing enough to fill the orders. This may be a good concept so that there is no retail stock sitting around collecting dust. But.. the main problem is a 'you miss it and now its gone' issue. Its not a special club with really special releases like Third Man's Vault. They are just releasing, for the most part, out of print LPs that have some demand. No represses.. no finding it at a store...

    Overall a good idea, but its not without its problems.

    I'm not really interested in any of the next three, so I'll take a pass until next time. Maybe they will put up something that I've got to have.
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  6. iworkatinitech

    iworkatinitech Forum Resident

    New York
    They just announced they will be releasing a 1997 Morphine concert on vinyl in the fall...apparently the pre-order information should be coming out shortly. Looks like it was a great show too, so hopefully the recording is solid and they don't cut anything out! [fingers crossed]
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  7. PteroDon

    PteroDon Forum Resident

    Kent ,England
    Ive just ordered Secret Machines , love that , Ive had it on CD & still enjoy it . Hope the LP is worth the bucks .
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  8. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    I ordered the Secret Machines vinyl, and if Golden Smog is their next one, I'll order that too.

    Hopefully these are well-mastered, quality pressings.
  9. snigglefritz

    snigglefritz Forum Resident

    Durham, NC
    I pre-ordered the Echo and the Bunnymen live LP from Run Out Groove shortly after it was announced. My wife's purse, with the credit card used to make the purchase, was stolen a few weeks later, so we cancelled the card.

    The day after we reported the card stolen, I got an email from Run Out Groove stating that my order was cancelled because my credit card had been declined. They had only pre-authorized the card at time of purchase and had tried to process the actual payment right after the card had been stolen. The email advised that I go back to the website and place another order.

    Because of the Run Out Groove business model limiting production to the number of copies pre-ordered, this was impossible. There was no way for me to order a copy of the LP from the website. A call to Customer Service at Run Out Groove (Rhino/Warner Brothers) confirmed that I was out of luck obtaining a copy from them.

    As it turns out, I already have all the music on this LP on the Crystal Days box set. I actually didn't know that when I placed the initial order or I probably wouldn't have bought it at that price. In the end, I saved spending $30 or so for music I already owned.

    This is just a note for anybody thinking about pre-ordering from these folks --- make sure the credit card will be good for some 30 to 45 days into the future. You can do this for expiration date, but how you do it for a stolen card I don't know. If you could foresee that your card would be stolen, you'd prevent it, wouldn't you?

    On a side note, the same customer service organization handles Grateful Dead Merchandising as well. They were kind enough to tell me that my pre-order of the limited edition May 1977 box set had been fully paid before my card was stolen. They told me that was a good thing, because otherwise my box would have been sold to someone on the waiting list and I would have been left without one of those either.

    Don't you think a company like Rhino/Warners would have a mechanism for dealing with these situations?
  10. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    They have an option to use paypal, which is what I did after my CC wouldn't go through.
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  11. jimhb

    jimhb Forum Resident

    Denver, CO, USA
    They need to be forthcoming with their sources. I have repeatedly asked them who cut the vinyl, where it was pressed and what sources were used. Finally, they did respond with this... regarding the Secret Machines lp :"Vinyl Lacquers were cut by Jeff Powell at Sam Phillips Recording Service. He does amazing work. Record Industry in the Netherlands is doing the pressing. Track list will be revealed soon."

    Nothing about the source...
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  12. PteroDon

    PteroDon Forum Resident

    Kent ,England
    So , Secret Machines , the amount being pressed is a paltry 1625 .
    Got to admit I thought demand would have been greater. But there you have it a sure fire rarity. Can't wait to hear it and see the swirley vinyl goodness.
  13. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    I'm really bummed that Golden Smog didn't win the vote for next month's pressing. That would've been sweet. Oh well.
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  14. Minafer

    Minafer Well-Known Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    I was a little surprised that the number was that low as well. I own an OG pressing, but got this because of my love for the band and it was announced shortly after ROTG came on my radar. I hope it sounds great
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  15. MC Rag

    MC Rag Forum Resident

  16. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    Any idea how long it'll take them to press and ship out the Secret Machines records?
    I can't seem to find any info on an ETA.
  17. sully12

    sully12 Forum Resident

    N. CA
    Just picked up their numbered MC5 May release (#1366). Packaging is tops and pretty cool. Love the thick and shiny aluminum cover. Like the Elektra label side one and Atlantic label for side 2. Really nice red and blue swirl vinyl. I would give the packaging and presentation a 10 out of 10.

    IMHO, sound wise, it is not great. Flat sounding and lacking bass. I imagine that original songs on their respective albums probably have more punch. I don't have any to compare though. Curious as to what others think of this release.
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  18. ibekeen

    ibekeen Forum Resident

    I hope they press Pet Sounds and Eagles Greatest Hits.
  19. Coricama

    Coricama Classic Rocker

    Marietta, GA
    I'm listening to it now. Sounds extremely lowfi. I don't have any other MC5 in my collection to compare it to either. I would be willing to bet the originals don't sound much better. I would love to hear from anyone who does have original recordings.
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  20. AZRunner

    AZRunner Forum Resident

    SW FL
    Can anyone else comment on the quality of their previous releases? I already own the complete Fun House box, but I'm really tempted by this vinyl.
  21. sberger

    sberger Dream Baby Dream

    The originals: The singles, I Can Only Give You Everything(raw early) & Looking At You(completely over the top, in the red greatness); LP:s Kick Out The Jams(Ramblin' Rose, Kick Out The Jams, Come Together, Rocket Reducer No. 62)is loud and over driven, Back In The USA(High School, The American Ruse, Shakin' Street, Teenage Lust) is thin, no bass, High Time(Baby Won't Ya & Sister Anne) is great, easily the best song and sound wise.

    Are these lp's from the original tapes(doubtful)? Who mastered them?
  22. Computer Magic

    Computer Magic New Member

    Atlanta, GA
    Hello, newbie here. Just signed up to post on this thread. I was given the Motor City Five release as a gift recently, and I'm also a little turned off by the overall sound. I don't have copies of the LPs to reference either, at the moment. I do recall that 'Kick Out the Jams' and 'Back in the USA' always sounded kind of ****ty, but High Time is great, sonically and otherwise, so I'm a little sad that Sister Ann is the only track from that album, and sounds like crap to me. What's the deal here? I don't have any MC5 on vinyl, but I'm wondering whether I should just return this record and wait till I come across a good copy of the originals (or another reissue of High Time, if it sounds better).
  23. klaw

    klaw Forum Resident

    I'd really like that HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FUN HOUSE SESSIONS 2LP set.
    Their international shipping is very fair - just 10 bucks... But should the parcel get caught by the customs it would become way too expensive here in Denmark...

    However, I just had a look around and it turns out it's actually available for pre-order at amazon uk. Still expensive, but it beats what I'd have to pay in import charges and what not.

    Highlights From The Funhouse Sessions [VINYL]: Music
  24. SuperFuzz

    SuperFuzz Forum Resident

    On the surface, this seems like a really great idea.... but unfortunately I sense that the quality of the product will be poor. This program is not aimed at audiophiles (or even people who don't call themselves "audiophiles" but know a mediocre vinyl mastering when they hear one) but people who just want their favorite music on vinyl. Since the pressing runs will be limited, many of them will end up being flipped or sold in the future for big $$$, despite the quality.
    I hope they do more of the custom compilations (like the Stooges and MC5 ones), and leave the reissuing of albums proper to labels like Intervention Records (@IR Shane), who know who to do it right. I've signed up for their newsletter, so I will be voting.
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  25. iworkatinitech

    iworkatinitech Forum Resident

    New York
    I've requested that they offer up a song or two as a sample of what the albums sound like. I personally would like to order the Morphine live show that's currently up for ordering but as it's a live show I'm skeptical of the sound quality.

    Is it that hard to post an mp3 or even a YouTube track?

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