Rush - new 2015 vinyl and hi-res reissues thread. (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ken_McAlinden, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Uh oh... looks like somebody just might need a little correction...

  2. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    :laughup: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Exact same impression of my remaster copy of Caress of Steel, almost to the word... :)

    Maybe we both just got odd, poor pressings that DON'T represent how most of them sound. The way bloody EVERYONE talks here, they all seem just fine with it...
  4. Nycademon

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    Well, if "YouTube rocks harder", it sounds like you have a simple solution. Sell your vinyl, and listen to the YouTube stream. And just out of curiosity, which YouTube stream? I could be wrong, but I suspect there are more than one.

    I dunno, given the circumstances, some of this seems awfully nit-picky. I'm old enough to remember the original pressing I had, the awful "Rush Remasters" CD and, at least as of a couple months ago, the cost of used Rush vinyl. There are albums where I'm willing to go on a quest for the "Holy Grail" release, but "A Farewll to Kings" isn't one of them. I'm quite happy with the new vinyl. I'd be willing to bet I'll even like it better than the YouTube stream.
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  5. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    That is totally understandable, and as many here say, these remasters are especially great for those either who don't have older ones and don't want to screw around with finding originals / older pressings, and also those whose copies are so worn that these are excellent replacements. I'm quite sure that's true...

    Seriously though, after hearing MANY here one after the other, and many who have much nicer systems and are much more knowledgable than I am, and have the original pressings on top of that, and they almost ALL categorically said that Caress of Steel is a definite improvement over the original, then, honestly, the ONLY possible explanation for that (other than my rapidly waning sanity...) is that there absolutely MUST be something specifically wrong with the particular album that I happened to get. Like the fellow that I quoted above said about AFTK I think it was. Almost to a person here, EVERYONE raved about THAT remaster the most, I think. So, again, in HIS case, he too must have received a particular record where there was just something wrong with it. Coincidentally, his description about the sound is almost EXACTLY how I would describe my copy of Caress of Steel.

    That honestly must be the case...

    If so, then I will not try to trade it to anyone, etc., since there almost certainly has to be something wrong with it. Too bad too... If I had frigg'n received the same nice lovely copy that everyone else seems to have bought, then I wouldn't have had to go on this crack-fueled craze looking for and bloody already BUYING Near Mint copies of the U.S. original, a German original, and a Dutch original.... GRRRrrr....! :rant:
  6. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    sigh... Okay, it's official now...

    I am a bonehead...

    ... a sorry-@ss loser...

    ... a clueless idiot...

    Well, you get the picture. I'm afraid that I am in a position (of my own witless choosing) where I now hafta wretchedly grovel, crawl, rip my garments apart, throw ashes on my head, and otherwise recant my previous opinion.

    GEEZ, talk about pulling a boner. And NOT in a good way...

    Okay, so today I am over at my listening room and I'm taking more time than usual to do some cleaning and rearranging, etc. So, normally I like clean and detail my car or something while I play a couple of sides to warm up my system (although I use an inverter circuit to run a continuous signal through my phono inputs and my electronics are on 24/7, I still need to warm up my cartridge and tonearm cable) So, today, since I was taking so much time to clean, etc. I ended up playing about 6 or 7 sides of albums until I was done screwing around before I settled down to do some serious listening.

    So, this time I had warmed up my system quite a bit longer than usual, probably about 2 or 3 hours instead of the usual 1 hour or so. So, I though, okay, now is a good time FINALLY to listen to the NM first pressings that I ordered for Caress of Steel. One a 1st German pressing, one a 1st Dutch pressing. So, I throw on the German one first. I listen to Bastille Day and I'm thinking, 'Great, once again yet ANOTHER sucky-@ss pressing from Europe' So, I put on my early U.S. pressing which I had rigorously super-cleaned the other day with Audio Intelligent 15 & laboratory grade purified water, but I hadn't listened to it yet. And, of course, as usual, I'm thinking that my old one is better, yet another waste. So, I then throw on the Dutch pressing. Now that one for some odd reason strikes me a little differently. I'm thinking that although something is definitely different / missing there appears to be good separation, detail, and tonal response. But, the damn drums and low end just don't seem to be as present as my old U.S. pressing.

    Now, my system is bi-amped. It used to be tri-amped, but the larger amp I had running the low end gave out quite a while back (I was running the mids / high-mids & tweeters with a dual-mono setup with a separate amp running each side for total isolation and separation. So, now I simply have one amp running the mids/highs and one amp running the woofers. So, normally with most pressings, I generally have it set so that the lows run about 10 higher on the 'dial' for a good balance. And, of course, this is the way I listened to my old pressing. Occasionally I have to adjust the highs or the lows using just the amps (absolutely NEVER any tone controls or other electronics in the signal chain) So, I though, hmmm, maybe I should bump up the amp for the lows a notch and see how it sounds...


    Yes, you guessed it... THAT was indeed the BONEHEAD moment...

    Suddenly the drums and lows sounded pretty dang good! So, in my great wisdom I thought, 'Hey, maybe I should put the German pressing back on with the same settings' Pretty sharp, huh...[​IMG] So, I did. And, it DID sound better, but still not quite there. So, I bumped up the lower amp one more notch, and... YEP... that did it!

    So then, with my newfound brilliance coursing through me I thought, 'Hey, maybe I should put on the new remaster with the increased low end and see how it sounds...'

    Well, you've likely pretty much guessed it... SUDDENLY, oh my... it sounded pretty damn good! WOW... can you imagine that...?





    Trust me, there aren't NEARLY enough disparaging words to describe how completely and deservedly stupid I'm feeling right about now. I guess my one weak, slimy, poor-@ss excuse MIGHT be that I've only been doing really serious listening about the last month or so after a really REALLY long time of laying off. So, I guess I'm kind of learning how to do it all over again... Pretty dang sad, if you ask me... [​IMG]

    So, whatever penance you guys think is appropriate... you want me to put a dead cat in my pants for week... fine... You want me to wear a garter belt around my head for a week... fine... WhatEVER it is, it won't be enough.

    Anyway, despite the total decimation of any reputation, dignity, or minute credibility I might have had, the good news is that...

    YES! The new Rush: Caress of Steel remaster DOES indeed sound very, very good (gee, like just about, uh... EVERYBODY said here) now that I've FINALLY removed my head from my @ss, where it has been tightly lodged for quite some time, and actually remembered what the HELL I'm doing...

    Just thought I should come here and correct my, uh, 'little' misstep...

  7. pablorkcz

    pablorkcz ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

    Good thing it wasn't "rapidly waning sanity".;)
  8. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Yeah, yeah... Good thing... [​IMG]
  9. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    THIS!!! ^
  10. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    SHOWOFF! :agree:
  11. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    I know this has been a while ago, but sounds like the same thing, but the reverse, of what happened to me with Caress of Steel. I had almost the EXACT same reaction of abject horror, just as you described it. But as ad180 mentioned above, when EVERYONE else totally loves a specific album and thinks it sounds great, it is VERY likely that something on the disappointed guy's end is the culprit. That was my case with CoS. Sounded bloody awful! I couldn't state enough times on the threads how bad it was. THEN.. I literally stumbled on the fact that with this particular album and with my system, I had to bump up the low end of my bi-amped system. What gave me a frigg'n CLUE, finally, was playing 1st pressings that I just got from Germany and Holland. I immediately noticed the same thing, but not quite as bad. And, I'm thinking, 'Crap, I guess I will just have to be happy with my good sounding, but very noisy early U.S. pressing.' BUT... then it dawned on me that the Dutch pressing actually sounded pretty detailed, but just no life in the drums (low end) So, as soon as I bumped up the low end amp 1 notch for the Dutch and 2 notches for the German, LO & BEHOLD! They then sounded pretty dang good :) So, pulling my head even further out of my @ss I thought, 'Hey, maybe I should try to play the new CoS remaster with these settings...'


    Still I also received a beautiful MINT genuine 1st U.S. pressing from a nice guy on eBay and THAT one REALLY sounds amazing blowing away the others! But, the point being is that until I adjusted the amps properly, the new remaster, particularly, sounded absolutely HORRIBLE. But, after bumping up the low end amp 1 notch, it honestly sounded a HELL of a lot better! :D
  12. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

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  13. Ben Adams

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    Yeah, but I only have one of every album, and you have like three or four copies of Caress of Steel alone! :evil:
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  14. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Heh, yeah... but, that's about it! :D Unless you also wanna count my impulsive LOSER European buys of 2112! [​IMG]

    So, could you tell that I read all 160 pages of this forum in like 4 days...?
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  15. Tojo

    Tojo Active Member

    Can anyone please sum up the verdicts on the these reissues? I particularly interested in AFTK, H and MP.
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  16. Ben Adams

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    Phoenix, AZ, USA
    The vinyl? First-rate reissues. Buy with confidence.
  17. Rockin' Robby

    Rockin' Robby Gettin' down so low I'm below ground!

    Unless you have access to some nice originals!
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  18. I agree they are great. But compared to the recent Pink Floyd, Kiss (US) and (specially) Zappa reissues on vinyl, I think the Rush ones are the least great of the bunch.
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  19. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    As much as I really DO like Ben :) he is just such a very nice fellow that he seems to like EVERYTHING :p Overall, depending on your sensitivity and your system, most here, including our dear Ben, have indeed given a pretty good review of most of these. I took it a step farther and PM'd a few of the ones here who seem to have very sensitive systems and seem to be pretty knowledgeable about vinyl. So, I will pass on what I've learned and also the few specific things that I personally have noticed (FWIW [​IMG] )

    Okay, since you are more interested in the 'older' albums, there is where you will have to give some thought to what you want. The 'newer' pressings from what I've learned from others here, I THINK from about Presto onward, are all basically superiour to the originals or are at least very good. The general consensus from what I've read and asked about here is that for AFTK, if you don't have access to an really nice JAMF pressing, then the reissue is a good 2nd choice (for specific albums, you would REALLY be better served to do an actual, specific search of THIS thread with the album names - you only have a few you want, and it would honestly very much help you!)

    For Moving Pictures, I personally snagged a mint Dutch RL copy and it sounds heavenly. I listened to a comparison, which I THINK is here on this thread somewhere and is definitely on YouTube (take that FWIW :)) between the new reissue and just a Columbia Club pressing, and I personally could tell, even with YouTube, that the Columbia was better. So, since I REALLY like that album, I would strongly advise that the RL pressings (whatever country I THINK) are most definitely the definitive ones, and mine really didn't cost much more than the reissue (maybe $5 to $10)

    For Hemispheres you will need to do a search here for I've not fully determined that for myself as of yet. IIRC, like Ben said, I believe the reviews of that reissue are pretty strong.

    That's about all I got... :) I hope it helps!
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  20. Ben Adams

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    Aw man, when something's flawed, I point it out. In recent years the Zappas you mentioned are the benchmarks for a reissue series, neck-and-neck with the Beatles mono vinyl. Rush comes in behind those. And Kiss (mind-blowing how right they got most of those). And the mono Kinks.

    But I also know when something's acceptable in spite of flaws, and with flawed but acceptable reissues we start with Zep and Floyd at the top of the list. Then stuff like Dead Can Dance, Skinny Puppy, and the Bowie boxes.

    I simply don't rave about stuff that doesn't deserve raves. Fair? :pineapple:
  21. Hymie the Robot

    Hymie the Robot Forum Resident

    Some people are sentimental about original pressings and vinyl in general. Great post.
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  22. ad180

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  23. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Aw Ben... I was HOPING that you wouldn't be offended... [​IMG]

    You KNOW I frigg'n love your posts man and have learned a LOT from them! [​IMG]
  24. latheofheaven

    latheofheaven Trying 2 snag Da best deals before Lightning Tuna!

    Let me put it this way...

    I'm not personally for either extreme. Some here are VERY vocal and absolute in stating that they only like original pressings. That is not always true... I just recently bought a very nice Analog Productions pressing of the Grateful Dead's Terrapin Station, an album that I really love. The original, which I have sounds amazing, but as the fellow here who sold it to me said, this pressing edges out the other with a bit more openness and detail, although it really DOES need to be heard to be believed.

    Also, and I'm sorry, I truly do not mean to be argumentative, but there are those here that just say 'All' of a certain group of reissues are great! That is not always true either. But, there are degrees... Sometimes, the reissue might be very close, or their might be trade-offs with the original, or it is so good that there is no need to say 'Original Only'. It varies... IIRC from the thread here, although it's now been a while since I've read over it, I believe that ones here said that the new issue of Hemispheres was so good, most seemed to like it. I think you, Ben, commented on AFTK, if I'm not mistaken, that you were particularly impressed with it (perhaps it was someone else, I'm not sure... :))

    So, to me anyway, there are no 'Absolutes' And, some here (who will remain nameless... [​IMG]) are almost always very argumentative, rude, and inflammatory ANY time vinyl or original pressings are mentioned. I personally find that most unpleasant and completely UNhelpful. But, that's their thing...

    The guy above asked what the opinions were. I felt it was proper to TRY to give him at least what I have either observed myself or learned from others here regarding the specific albums that he asked about. So, I honestly tried to answer in a way that I felt would help him take into consideration his own system, how particular he is, and to give him the most informative and objective information that at least I had come up with so far. IF you preface a statement with 'if your system is not extremely exacting, or depending on how critical you are' THEN, with that understood, sure, with the RUSH reissues in general I'd say, yeah, for the most part you should be happy with all of them. But, I feel to be TRULY helpful and honest, that should be clarified.

    Again, there are degrees and a LOT depends on the person's system and how particular they are. The exception, of course, would be if the reissues are truly inferior. The new Silver Label MFSL album of Sisters of Mercy 'Floodland' was so atrocious, I would warn EVERYONE away from that one!

    You will likely remember this Ben, I was CONSTANTLY bothering and pestering everyone with incessant questions about these albums. I'm quite sure that I drove a LOT of people up the wall! [​IMG] And, like I said, I PM'd a number of the ones here who I feel have pretty sensitive systems and are fairly exacting, in order to inform me better as to what I should do. I just wanted to pass that along, that's all...
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  25. Ben Adams

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    Wouldn't have put dancing pineapple guy if I didn't like ya, man! :pineapple: I just wanted the record straight, because in some other threads, I've had my critical acumen poo-poo'ed by some of the more vocal "experts." (What do I know, anyway? I only managed record shops for nearly a decade and listened to tons of different pressings of different things....)

    By the way, I used to have a Nautilus half-speed of Terrapin Station about 25 years ago. It's literally one of about 25 albums I wish I'd never gotten rid of. Sadface.
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