Rush - new 2015 vinyl and hi-res reissues thread. (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ken_McAlinden, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. thetman

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    true, I have a near mint copy of this I acquired. I like the album but the vinyl was not pleasant to listen to.
  2. GeraldB

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    Why "as it should have"? The analog tape was derived from the 16/44.1 digital master (probably using 1980 DACs). How is that better than starting from the digital master and using a modern DAC (even if you are going to master in analog, as Sean does)?

    As you mention, the analog multi-tracks were used for the surround mix. I doubt anyone is going to go back and do a remix straight from analog multis today, but even if they started with those (24/96) transfers, it would be a nice upgrade.

    With Steven Wilson doing AFTK last year, I'm hopeful that he will be asked to do MP one day.
  3. Plan9

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    Toulouse, France
    That's not what I meant. It could be better to start from the original digital master if it still exists. What I meant is that it's better IMO to master any source, whether analog or digital, in "Hi-Res". I have already written my thoughts on the subject in this forum many times.
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  4. GeraldB

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    Gotcha. Would that, in your opinion, also apply if the end result is vinyl? (Sorry; I have read many of your excellent posts, but don't recall seeing this specifically.) I don't see the value if the mastering engineer uses analog EQ and the end product is also analog. In that case, you're adding at least two extra A-D round trips.
  5. Plan9

    Plan9 Mastering Engineer

    Toulouse, France
    It depends on what you want to do with the sound. If possible, digital master to all-analog mastering for vinyl sure is nice.
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  6. Krzysztof Maj

    Krzysztof Maj Forum Resident

    It is possible to have information what was the recording per Rush album - even digital, analog and on what?
  7. Plan9

    Plan9 Mastering Engineer

    Toulouse, France
    There are various articles scattered on the net... You can also analyse the Hi-Res files.
    Everything after (and including) Moving Pictures was mixed to digital (not sure about Signals, will have to check).
    At least up to and including Test for Echo, the original masters are 16-20bit(?)/44.1kHz.
    Not sure when they stopped recording on analog tape though.
    Vapor Trails seems to be a 44.1Hz recording mixed to 48kHz.
    Starting with Snakes & Arrows, the masters are full 24bit/96kHz.
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  8. Krzysztof Maj

    Krzysztof Maj Forum Resident

    Thanks. So, to be honest most of the so called remasters are not legit high resolution ones, never recorded like that. I could understand tape transfer to digital high res domain for that reason, but the rest, hm, just upsampled or dummy files.
  9. Plan9

    Plan9 Mastering Engineer

    Toulouse, France
    16bit/44.1kHz digital ceases to be just that as soon as you do something to it. It's no different than mastering analog tape.
  10. Krzysztof Maj

    Krzysztof Maj Forum Resident

    How is it possible to record in 44.1kHz and mixed to odd 48kHz rather to 88.2kHz?
  11. bbanderic

    bbanderic Forum Resident

    Does anyone here have the 2015 Magee hi-res of ATWAS and Exit Stage Left? Best digital versions available? If they’re the same as the mastered for iTunes versions on Apple Music then I would buy them in a flash.
  12. bbanderic

    bbanderic Forum Resident

    Just picked this up from HDtracks, DR values for those interested:

    foobar2000 1.3.17 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.1
    log date: 2020-01-23 21:58:45

    Analyzed: Rush / Exit...Stage Left

    DR Peak RMS Duration Track
    DR13 -4.32 dB -18.70 dB 5:13 01-The Spirit Of Radio (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR13 -2.55 dB -17.69 dB 6:49 02-Red Barchetta (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR12 -2.62 dB -18.12 dB 7:45 03-YYZ (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR12 -2.96 dB -17.60 dB 3:49 04-A Passage To Bangkok (Live In The UK / 1980)
    DR12 -2.56 dB -17.37 dB 3:11 05-Closer To The Heart (Live In The UK / 1980)
    DR12 -3.11 dB -17.12 dB 2:36 06-Beneath, Between & Behind (Live In The UK / 1980)
    DR14 -0.37 dB -19.15 dB 8:50 07-Jacob's Ladder (Live In The UK / 1980)
    DR11 -14.22 dB -29.21 dB 1:37 08-Broon's Bane (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR12 -2.62 dB -18.44 dB 4:51 09-The Trees (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR13 -2.35 dB -18.92 dB 12:11 10-Xanadu (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR13 -1.14 dB -16.00 dB 5:33 11-Freewill (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR13 -2.67 dB -17.63 dB 5:04 12-Tom Sawyer (Live In Canada / 1980)
    DR13 -3.63 dB -19.61 dB 9:50 13-La Villa Strangiato (Live In Canada / 1980)

    Number of tracks: 13
    Official DR value: DR13

    Samplerate: 48000 Hz
    Channels: 2
    Bits per sample: 24
    Bitrate: 1607 kbps
    Codec: FLAC
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  13. 44.1kHz multitracks——D/A conversion——Analog mixing console——A/D conversion——48kHz master

    Or alternately:

    44.1 kHz digital source——DAW or digital mixing console——SRC——48kHz master
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  14. Right! Guess what you have when you dub a 16/44.1 digital source to analog tape? Yup—an analog tape! It’s no longer digital, albeit it won’t contain content over 22.05kHz.

    Likewise, when you take a 16/44.1 digital tape/file and SRC it to 24/96, guess what? It’s no longer a 16/44.1 file! Sure, the music content doesn’t have the dynamic range of a “native” 24-bit file and there is no music content over 22.05kHz, but EQ, FX, and anything else you do will be at 24-bit precision and the end product will sound better than a straight 16/44.1 file.
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  15. Serapis Bey

    Serapis Bey Forum Resident

    I have both. They are superior to all other versions, IMO. Granted, I haven't examined them in as much depth as I have with the studio albums
  16. bbanderic

    bbanderic Forum Resident

    Thanks, I grabbed them both, very pleased with them, money well spent.
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  17. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    Are the high resolution Tidal Masters versions of these Rush albums the Sean Magee mastered versions? Sorry if this has been asked before, 171 pages here and couldn't find an answer quickly doing a forum search
  18. albertop

    albertop Forum Resident

    Don't know the answer, but the credits say: 2015 Anthem Entertainment / Mercury Records... so I'd say yes?
    EDIT: for Moving Pictures only. Other albums report a different date... (all post-2011 though).
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  19. gdpeck

    gdpeck Forum Resident

    Mesa, AZ
    I recently purchased the 2015 Presto and Snakes and Arrows LPs. Neither record lists a mastering credit for Sean Magee. Presto mastering credit is Bob Ludwig. Snakes & Arrows credits Brian "Big Bass" Gardner. Were these actually remastered, or just repressed?

    To confuse me even more, both of them have stickers on them that say remastered on 200G audiophile vinyl. I also purchased the 40th anniversary Deluxe Farewell to Kings and the 2015 remaster of Grace Under Pressure. Both of those list a re-mastering credit for Sean Magee. I'm also not sure about the version included with the Presto and Snakes & Arrows downloads. The comment field in the flac tags for Presto states "2004 Atlantic Records". For Snakes and Arrows the comment field states "2007 Atlantic Records." Is this consistent with what others have seen?
  20. Queezma

    Queezma Forum Resident

    So....I could be wrong....BUT I think Sean Magee mastered everything from debut up to and including Show of Hands which were all on Anthem/Universal (here in Canada). I think Atlantic has the rights for everything from Presto up to and including Snakes And Arrows.
  21. ad180

    ad180 Forum Resident

    Those credits are the original album credits. Magee cut everything in the Rush vinyl reissue series, from both Universal and Atlantic.
  22. Lamus

    Lamus Forum Resident

    Tempe, Arizona
    I’m seeing 2015 for a lot of the Masters versions (Signals, AFTK, Hemispheres...). The 2015 Masters Tidal version of Hemispheres is quieter than my 80’s CD (standard Mercury one). Am I missing something?
  23. Diablo Griffin

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    I know that this is off-topic, but I bought the FLAC download of Working Man (Vault Edition) from 7digital today. I can hear watermarking artifacts on the drum transients (very prominent between 6:15 and 6:40), matching the artifacts that I heard on my Magee hi-res files. I thought that it might be an up-sampled mp3, but that's not the case because there's audio all the way up to 22kHz.
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  24. Diablo Griffin

    Diablo Griffin City Pop, Rock, and anything 80s til I die

    United States
    All of the Mercury era downloads (both the Magees and Sectors) on 7digital are showing the release date as 03/02/20 right now. I'm not sure if that means anything was done to them, but if so, hopefully there isn't any watermarking. On the other hand, the prices seem lower than the last time I checked the site, so that could explain the date change. I'm downloading the 24/96 Magee versions of the first 2 albums and 2112 right now.
  25. JediJoker

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    Please report any findings re: watermarking! I know my copy of Fly By Night (Blu-ray download card) is watermarked.
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