Rush - new 2015 vinyl and hi-res reissues thread. (Part 2)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ken_McAlinden, Apr 27, 2015.

  1. The Slipperman

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    Do all these HD Audio vendors have installer applications? Why can't we just download the straight files like from bandcamp or Amazon with their MP3s, I really don't like installing unnecessary crapware on my system.
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  2. I can't post links or screen grabs from Twitter, but Magee just posted a response to a question from a reader saying that something did go wrong in the HD rendering, but it has been corrected. What I take from that is: Kudos to any vendor that QC'd the file and did not sell it or pulled it once they learned it was not really hi-rez, and raspberries to any vendor that does not check what they sell to make sure that they are really delivering true hi-rez content. And I say that even though I am quite certain I could not hear the difference. :)

    Curious if and when it gets posted to HDTracks, and if the file is legitimately hi-rez without a 44.1 step somewhere in the process.
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  3. nightenrock

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    He also added that he cut the AFTK vinyl from 192 files, but with a 15kHz low pass filter.
  4. oneway23

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    Thank you for this info...I wonder if this means that Pono had the proper 24/96 and 24/192 files all along, or if the ones I bought were upsamped..
  5. mitchcortes

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    I wonder the same about the qobuz files I downloaded yesterday (24/192).
  6. When did they show up on the Pono site? I am not sure when the problem was noted and corrected, but I suppose timing of the release would be the key.
  7. oneway23

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    NY, US
    Last Tuesday, on release day...

    I'll have to check with Pono to see if there's a way to distinguish these new, QC'ed files....Are there definitely new files? Pono's CS is usually great in answering inquiries within the community...can be somewhat iffy in terms of promptness via e-mail.
  8. The file size would probably be bigger. All that data capturing what we can't hear above 20K would surely take up additional space. :)
  9. vanye

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    Can you expand on this? What was the reason for the rejection? Care to name your source for the information?
  10. dammci

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    On their Facebook page:

    "Yes! We have rejected the first delivery and requested a new studio master. This has a good frequency response and classifies as HighResAudio. Enjoy! P.S. looks like the others still do not have a quality control in place."
  11. botley

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    There was no 44.1 step on Magee's end, just a lowpass filter that removed high frequencies.

    Here's a screencap of the conversation:

  12. Steve Martin

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    I bought the Pono 24/96 on release day and it is definitely cut off at 22kHz. I'm expecting a "Pono Promise" upgrade to the 24/192 version when they get around to it (they've been taking 4-6 weeks in my experience, got Mark Knopfler's Tracker upgrade most recently) and hopefully by then it will have been sorted out.
  13. KDubATX

    KDubATX A Darby Man Never Says When

    Just downloaded the 2015 All the World's a Stage. Another really good upgrade from my Sector box 24/96 version. Afraid I will end up re-buying just about all of these 40th anniversary editions before all is said and done.
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  14. Gezza

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    Confirmed by Highresaudio Support. The new version is now listed on their site.
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  15. Diablo Griffin

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    The 24/96 Acoustic Sounds version I bought last Tuesday has no data above 22 kHz either. If AS gets the real hi-res mastering, will I be able to receive a refund?
  16. oneway23

    oneway23 Forum Resident

    NY, US
    Would someone please explain what a low-pass filter at 15kHz means for the files?
  17. Plan9

    Plan9 Mastering Engineer

    Toulouse, France
    It's not for the files, it is for the vinyl cutting. It is a sort of EQ that rolls off the high frequencies progressively starting at 15kHz as to not overheat the cutting head.
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  18. Ben Adams

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    And beyond that, it's pretty common in vinyl cutting.

    I'm truly sorry for those who got lousy copies of AFTK. Despite the slight bowling on mine, the pressing sounds phenomenal and has almost no surface noise. For me, they're still batting nearly 1000 on this reissue series.
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  19. E()

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    Got my vinyl copy of AFTK today. Looks flat and clean - so far so good. I won't be able to spin it until tomorrow but I am hoping the sound is good. The copy I bought in high school took a beating so I am sure the new one will at least be quieter.

    The 2112 and ATWAS sounded pretty good and there were no issues with surface noise/warping. I will probably continue at least through Moving Pictures.
  20. jon9091

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    Yep AFTK was a beauty. Now bring on Hemispheres! :edthumbs:
  21. Can't wait to buy this in its corrected version. I am highly enjoying the vinyl!
  22. henry babenko

    henry babenko Forum Resident

    complier, I been through 4 already and the one I got the other day is more warped than the last one. but only has a few little ticks. so iam tired of sending it back, this is definatly a pressing problem that needs to be addressed before hemispheres (which probably already has the same problems). On mine, the track madrigal seems to always has clicks or pops, this last one only has 3 instead of 5.. it sucks. cause other than those issues, the recording sounds great...
  23. Are you cleaning your records before playing them? Like, at the very least with an anti-static brush?

    Also, what kind of turntable, arm, and cartridge are you using? The surface noise your are hearing might be endemic to your system--some stylii, especially, are more susceptible to surface noise than others.
  24. agentalbert

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    This is good to hear, but I hope they didn't just end up getting the files from the Sector set. I'm waiting for this all to shake out more before I buy.
  25. Diablo Griffin

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    Does anybody know what I should do in this case?

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