Rush - new 2015 vinyl and hi-res reissues thread.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Murph, Dec 8, 2014.

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  1. crimsun

    crimsun Active Member

    I'm including links here for the previously released (24-bit, 192 kHz from HDtracks where available) titles from this year;

    Fly By Night:

    Caress Of Steel:
    (RushFrance, among others, has also posted information, e.g.,


    All The World's A Stage:

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  2. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    I just played these samples against my original Mercury LP and I will be downloading this as soon as I find a discount code. Very listenable and you can turn it up to rocking levels. The Mercury LP sounded thin in comparison. Even though my turntable usually sounds better than the same music that has been sourced on digital, I'm going this route for convenience. I picked up the second record on digital when it came out and wasn't as impressed as this release.

    Thanks again for the samples, made my decision much easier.

    HD Tracks 15% code HDApril21 for new releases until 4/27
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  3. Unfortunately, it hasn't been posted to HDTracks yet.
  4. cyclistsb

    cyclistsb Forum Resident

    Yes I was noticing that now....

    So if this release is indeed 44.1 and I have a code for 15% off ProSutdioMasters (Code is "UP" BTW)....that would be the one to get for ~$15 as there is no advantage to getting the higher rez @ 96 or 192?
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  5. It depends. If a 24/44.1 file was upsampled to 24/192 and the mastering work was done at 24/192, and then src was used to create 24/96 files, then conceivably the 24/192 files could sound better. How MUCH better is open to debate.

    If the mastering work was done at 24/44.1, and then src was used to upsample to 24/96 and 24/192, then it shouldn't matter which one you buy.
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  6. Stvn6

    Stvn6 Well-Known Member

    Dallas, Texas
    Yes, the tape issue is present on the Sectors AFTK.
  7. rtrt

    rtrt Well-Known Member

    Thanks for explaining the possible difference
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  8. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    A Farewell to Kings on SSD "awaiting repress". Sh-- or get off the pot I guess. I don't get this one. It's been on sale since before it was released and now it's "selling out". Mine's coming luckily. We are such victims of marketing it's pathetic. I know this and yet I panic when I see "awaiting repress". I know I'm being played and yet I can't stop playing the game. They win, I willingly play along and lose, again and again. Vinyl addict, guilty as charged.
  9. Hey, I'm a vinyl addict too, I guess, but I don't worry about things like repressings, especially for DMM issues--the plating process to make stampers is one step process instead of a three step process, and the DMM master is copper (hard) instead of lacquer (soft), and won't get worn out anywhere near as quickly (or ever).
  10. vlds8

    vlds8 Forum Resident

    Why did they start with digital to begin with, AFTK should be an analog master, is it known to be worn/destroyed/unusable or something else?
  11. sound chaser

    sound chaser Forum Resident

    North East UK.
    Around the time MFSL did "Permanent Waves" I'm sure there was talk of a lot of the master tapes being in bad condition, maybe they were quickly captured to digital?
  12. robtodd

    robtodd Forum Resident

    The noise on the intro prior to the guitar coming in is NOT on the original vinyl.

    Well this is strange because as I said in post #1658 the noise on my UK copy is present.
  13. soka

    soka Forum Resident

    Got AFTK in hi-res from Qobuz yesterday.
    It's good but not great like all the previous albums in this round of remasters.
    I find it to be a little too bright and edgy, whereas the others sound very natural and open. The dynamics are fine though.

    Only 12.23 euro! But then again, it's not real hi-res...:shrug:
  14. ClassicRockTragic

    ClassicRockTragic Forum Resident

    Late to the party AGAIN.

    Had 2112 for two weeks and only listened to it today. Events have been conspiring against me.

    Anyway... This sounds AMAZING. I had the record years ago, and in recent times the Cd. It kills the Cd I have.

    It helps that it is such a good record.

    Mine is flat as a tack, needs a wet clean mainly to get rid of the odd pop and static.

    Couldn't be happier. I wish all new vinyl was as good as this.
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  15. That's the question. We don't know what they started with. I assume that they started with the original analog master and that somewhere along the line there was a conversion to 24/44.1 for unknown purposes.

    Really, if it's a 24-bit digital file, it's still hi-res, and as for the vinyl, it sounds great, so I'm not too concerned. Just curious.
  16. henry babenko

    henry babenko Forum Resident

    I tried cleaning my kings vinyl and dust it off with carbon brush ect. and still same cracles and pops.. once they are there on the record. they are there forever. that's why iam replacing it...
  17. Blender

    Blender Forum Resident

    You should replace it. I have had two copies now. Both dished, but both absolutely quiet.
  18. henry babenko

    henry babenko Forum Resident

    yeah, I believe now, that you are either gonna get a dished one or one that has pops, so its a which one do I choose to keep...
  19. henry babenko

    henry babenko Forum Resident

    just think how the future ones are gonna be.. dished and cracks pops. meaning, the hemispheres and waves pictures and signals ones...
  20. Blender

    Blender Forum Resident

    That's an easy choice. Keep the dished copy.
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  21. vanye

    vanye Forum Resident

    Or even better: Go digital! :D

    Speaking of which: Does anyone know when the download will be available for us poor, disadvantaged Europeans?
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  22. mitchcortes

    mitchcortes Forum Resident

  23. vanye

    vanye Forum Resident

    Hm, available in the Netherlands but not in Germany. Truly, the paths of the music industry be convoluted and incomprehensible sometimes! Where is all that vaunted European spirit? Oh well, I'll just wait. Fairly certain they'll get around to it eventually.:shrug:
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  24. Majestyk

    Majestyk Rush Resident

    I heard the All The World's A Stage 2015 vinyl tonight. It just slaughters the original US vinyl and the CD's. It sounds like you're in the front row at the concert...Well pretty close. Geddy's bass so wimpy on the other versions, yet the 2015 doesn't sound bass-boosted.

    This is the first 2015 Rush Vinyl that I prefer over the originals...Not that the other 2015 vinyls were bad.
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  25. Ken_McAlinden

    Ken_McAlinden MichiGort Staff

    Livonia, MI
    The discussion continues in Part 2
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