Rush's Alex Lifeson on opening for the New York Dolls

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Murph, May 16, 2018.

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    If Rush is no longer I would suggest he take up life as a memoirist.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Aside from burlesque, the theatre would later showcase musical performances by such artists as The New York Dolls, Rush, Peter Frampton and others. Amateur strip nights were also hosted on a weekly basis, and the female members of the audience were invited to perform on the stage.
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    "Rush was doing well financially at this time, so I only had to hitchhike halfway home."
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    Lerxst is awesome, and an incredibly funny guy I think, and a great story teller.
    thanks for the link!
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  9. Neil calls Alex "the funniest man alive" and I wouldn't argue with him about it. I know some people took issue with the RRHOF acceptance speech but who else would come up with something like that? To me it was a golden moment.
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    God, I love Alex.
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    I wish he would write a lot more... he has a gift!
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    Wow talk about awkward. LOL

    Seems like a weird pairing but early Rush was pretty raw as well so in a way it kind of makes sense. Early Rush photos also show that they dressed a bit glammy themselves.
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    Though I usually tend to agree with the cheerful young man & his charmingly cherubic girlfriend regarding that opening act, this is great, funny stuff.
  14. You don't say!:biglaugh:
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    Great article. Hard to believe it was written by the same man whose Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame induction speech was literally, "blah blah blah..."
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    Alex and Neil should work on a book together.
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    "Quick read and funny". Concur.
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    That was awesome! Three of Geddy’s fingers could blow the entire talent of the NYD off the stage. Not the point? It kind of is in light of the criticism they received and the wealth of one band to the other now.
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    He should really develop his own series. I could see it being a single-camera sitcom (perhaps a “mockumentary
    “), or an animated comedy.
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    This is the first issue of the West End Phoenix that's been published online, but they've been going for some months now locally... with Alex's regular contributions. Highly recommend picking up some back copies from their shop (or a print of Alex's hilarious 'how to start a rock band' comic)
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    I went to two concerts at the ol' Victory - Iggy & the Stooges on the Raw Power tour (IIRC the Toronto stop was in January of '74?), then went to see Silverhead open up for Savoy Brown - we were actually there for Silverhead!
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    I'm a huge Dolls fan and not a fan of Rush at all, but I do get that they come from different musical universes, and I've heard enough of Rush to understand why people like them, they're excellent at what they do, that's undeniable. So why do you, as a Rush fan, feel the need to run down the Dolls?
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    + 1 :righton:
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    +2 :righton:
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