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Ryan Adams Big Colors

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Trainwrecker, Apr 23, 2021.

  1. Trainwrecker

    Trainwrecker Forum Resident Thread Starter



    Big Colors is the soundtrack to a movie from 1984 that exists only in my soul. It’s a cliché inside a watercolor painting of neon blue smoke rising up off summer streets in the night.

    It’s the most New York California album I could cut loose from my musical soul, and for me as both a guitar player and songwriter, this is the zenith point dream time.

    While I won’t be able to match this album for its depth and broad color forms in the future, this is the sound of my soul and a door to a place I’ll be returning to again.

    The treasures in our past are the shamanic visions of the future when the destination is dream zone 3000. This is that.

    I’m only dreaming in Big Colors now.

    Big Colors - Vinyl With Exclusive Bonus 7"

    Ryan Adams Big Colors - Vinyl With Exclusive Bonus 7"

    Digital Download Included.


    1. Big Colors
    2. Do Not Disturb
    3. It's So Quiet, It's Loud
    4. **** The Rain
    5. Manchester
    6. What Am I
    7. Power
    8. I Surrender
    9. Showtime
    10. In It For The Pleasure
    11. Middle of the Line
    12. Summer Rain
    Bonus 7"

    • Side A: Anybody Evil
    • Side B: The Opposite of Love
    Important notes:

    • This item is a pre-order and has an expected ship date of August 18, 2021
    • This ship date includes any non-preorder items that you may have included with this order, unless you make 2 separate orders.
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    Big Colors - Vinyl With Exclusive Bonus 7" - Official Ryan Adams Store

  2. Trainwrecker

    Trainwrecker Forum Resident Thread Starter

  3. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

    I like that song.
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  4. CD and streaming on 11 June.
  5. cgoodwin22

    cgoodwin22 Senior Member

    Severna Park, MD
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  6. Record Rotator

    Record Rotator A lone wolf in an overpopulated world.

    That's a really good song.
    Much better than anything on his previous album Wednesdays.
    At least to my ears.
  7. Big Blue

    Big Blue Forum Resident

    I’ll admit I was underwhelmed by what I heard of Wednesdays.

    I basically like two modes of Ryan Adams: alt-country-sounding Ryan Adams, and jangly chorusy guitar Ryan Adams. This one looks more promising.
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  8. lonelysea

    lonelysea the chlorine in your eyes

    The North
    It’s no Cuts Like A Knife but I find it pretty catchy.
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  9. Record Rotator

    Record Rotator A lone wolf in an overpopulated world.

    That joke is soooo old. Concert-goer: "C'mon, Ryan, play Summer Of '69!" :)
  10. ceddy10165

    ceddy10165 My life was saved by rock n roll

    Avon, CT
    I listened this morning. Interesting production and mix. I was at one time a major fan and would be frantically preordering whatever limited bonus version was available. Still don’t have the last one. I went back and listened to a bunch of older songs of his today that really light me up. Reminded of the amazingness of the group of Cardinals, and what they brought and created, and how much his collaborators have brought over time. The more recent records, just don’t connect with me. I miss that feeling. I’m glad the new music is coming out though for those that do enjoy it.
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  11. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Me too, although I lean more to the jangly chorus mode myself. Really like "Do Not Disturb", so I'm looking forward to this.
  12. Jack

    Jack Swollen Member

    Strongly agree with your sentiment. Ashes and Fire was ok, but that was it. Ryan jumped the shark.
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  13. ceddy10165

    ceddy10165 My life was saved by rock n roll

    Avon, CT
    The song Ashes and Fire is the last one for me that really hits home. I am still interested in what he does and will check it out, just don’t feel it.
  14. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    I thought Prisoner was great.
    A&F was for moms.
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  15. Luftveraenderung

    Luftveraenderung Well-Known Member

    The Netherlands
    I agree with Pawnmower on this. Ashes & Fire lacks an edge most Ryan Adams albums had until then. It is mellow and soft. The only songs I really like are ‘Dirty Rain’ and ‘Ashes & Fire’. The others are quite replaceable.

    In my opinion Ryan reinvented himself with his selftitled record and the 7 inches, which cumulated in Prisoner, his best record since 2005.

    I’m looking forward to Big Colors. I wonder it will be departure from Prisoner or a continuation.
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  16. mtruslow

    mtruslow Forum Resident

    Towson, Maryland
    I’m a sucker, er, completist. I own everything by Ryan and I’ll buy this too.
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  17. ExHead

    ExHead Forum Resident

    New York
    Do Not Disturb? Seems to me he has disturbed a few women. Is that what the song’s about?
  18. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    A very urban, 80s sound. Unlike anything else I’ve heard from him (I think!).
  19. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    ‘When You Cross Over’ is a wonderful track off of Wednesdays. If anyone hasn’t heard it, I highly recommend.
  20. violarules

    violarules Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    I like this new single more than what I have heard from Ryan in the past 10 years about. Nice hook in the chorus, so I could have done with another hearing of the chorus in the song.

    Does anyone else think he sounds like Ben Gibbard in the chorus of "Do Not Disturb"?
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  21. slop101

    slop101 Guitar Geek

    So. Cal.
    Overall, I think I like this batch of songs better than what was on Wednesday.
    Wednesday might have higher highs, but lower lows. Big Colors seems more consistent.
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  22. Pawnmower

    Pawnmower Senior Member

    Dearborn, MI
    Title track dropping as a single at midnight.
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  23. Crush87

    Crush87 Forum Resident

    New York
    Holding out for reviews on the vinyl. The Wednesday pressings seemed to be mostly crap. I wish he'd use Chris Bellman like he did for most all his past albums
  24. MikeT

    MikeT Prior Forum Cretin and Current Impatient Creep

    New Jersey, USA
    Got the CD this weekend (I guess the store got it early - will get the LP in August), and it sounds like crap. Typical modern mastering - hurts my ears. Produced and mastered by all the same people that did Wednesdays. I understand that Wednesdays is more laid-back, so it doesn't sound that bad - but I have both the CD and LP, and the LP (even though a sub-par pressing) sounds better than the CD; the LP is more dynamic. So I'm hoping that the LP of Big Colors is better than the CD.

    The difference with Big Colors is it is a rocking electric album - and when it rocks out - it is barely listenable. Doesn't sound as if it's clipping - just sounds distorted and hurts my ears. Maybe Ryan wanted it to sound this way?
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  25. lucan_g

    lucan_g Forum Resident

    How is the rest of the album music wise? I appreciate the audiophile perspective, just wondering what you think of the songs themselves....
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