Ryan Adams - Love is Hell MFSL vinyl

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PBo, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. PBo

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    New England
    I saw this mentioned in the upcoming MFSL titles thread, but I thought it deserved it's own thread:


    From Elusive Disc's listing:


    Originally Released as Two EPs in Late 2003

    Personal Document on Romantic Loss, Frustration, and Loneliness Hits Bittersweet, Spiritual Notes

    Adams' Voice Never So Poignant: Supported By Strings, Acoustic Guitars, Spare Pianos

    Revealing Sonics: Mastered on Mobile Fidelity's World-Renowned Mastering System and Pressed at RTI

    Originally released on two EPs and mired in controversy, Love Is Hell is a staggeringly personal report on romantic desolation, personal frustration, and incurable loneliness whose themes play out via splendidly crooned vocals, chamber-pop strings, and spare pianos. The excising of pain has rarely sounded more bittersweet—or spiritual.

    About Silver Series: Coming from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab, the MoFi Silver Label Vinyl Series features an eclectic mix of recordings. This series is mastered and cut on the famous Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab state-of-the-art Tim de Paravacini-designed mastering system. Vinyl is pressed at RTI on audiophile-grade standard vinyl and are numbered limited-editions. Future releases will continue to stretch stylistic boundaries, as the MoFi Silver Label continues to explore music from many different genres. Expand your musical horizons with the Silver Label!

    • 3LP Box Set
    • Limited Edition
    • Numbered
    • MoFi Silver Label Vinyl Series
    • Mastered and Cut on the famous MoFi Sound Lab state-of-the-art Tim de Paravacini-designed mastering system
    • Pressed at RTI on Audiophile-Grade Standard Vinyl

    1. Political Scientist
    2. Afraid Not Scared
    3. This House Is Not for Sale
    4. Anybody Wanna Take Me Home
    5. Love Is Hell
    6. Wonderwall
    7. The Shadowlands
    8. World War 24
    9. Avalanche
    10. My Blue Manhattan
    11. Please Do Not Let Me Go
    12. City Rain, City Streets
    13. I See Monsters
    14. English Girls Approximately
    15. Thank You Louise
    16. Hotel Chelsea Nights

    I'm wondering why they're doing this as three lps. I checked the running time and couldn't this comfortably fit across two lps without inner groove problems?
  2. Blackie

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    Los Angeles
    You'd think as it was originally on two 10" records.
  3. kingofstoneage

    kingofstoneage Forum Resident

    A must-buy for me!
  4. Dear 23

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    Midwest USA
    Such a truly fantastic album. Easily my favorite RA release.
  5. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Dayton, Ohio, USA
    One of my 2 favorite Adams albums (the other is Cold Roses).

    I do hope this comes out--a vinyl release (aside from the double 10" that's long OOP) has been discussed for a while now, but has never appeared.
  6. MikeT

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    New Jersey, USA
    I'm definitely going to purchase a copy, and I actually have 2 copies of the 10" vinyl sets. The problem with the 10" vinyl sets is that they vinyl is not of high quality and quite noisy. I'm looking forward to a MOFI pressing, even if it is part of the "silver" series.
  7. Supafly

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    Glen Mills, Pa
    Any ideas as to when?
  8. serge

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    Arlington, VA
  9. PBo

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    New England
    That price does seem high, but it is for three lps. What I don't understand is why an album that's 68 minutes, that doesn't contain any songs with long time lengths, can't be cut for a double lp set.

    Also, I wonder what this is being cut from since it's the Silver label series? Tape copy, hi-res digital, lo-res digital?
  10. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Fascinating that MFSL chose this controversial album. Which happens to be in my R.A. Top Three ~ sandwitched between "29" & "Cold Roses". Not sure if I want this ~ the original 10" is just fine. Even though flipping ten inches in candlelit rooms can be a pain ;)
  11. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    One of my fav RA albums. His cover of Wonderwall is the best version going, including the original! If it's over 3LP's could they be 45's? That would be nice :)
  12. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    The third LP is the 7 bonus tracks from the Japanese version of the album. Cannot wait for this.
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  13. hazard

    hazard Forum Resident

    Cool, I love this album, what are the bonus tracks do you know?
  14. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    I know this may seem trite but I still put Gold toward the top of my RA favorites. I'd be interested in any well done RA reissue. I feel like Lost Highway did him, and others, a disservice by putting his music on crapy vinyl. My copy of 29 is unplayable garbage. A shame.
  15. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Yeah.... "29" was especially annoying, I went through three copies until I finally got a decent one. Shame because this album is so quiet... One of the best listening experiences for really cold January nights btw.
  16. ruben lopez

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    Barcelona Spain
    Just for the record,i think this guy is a genius.
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  17. PBo

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    New England
    Ok, that makes more sense. I guess they don't have the full track listing on Elusive Disc's website. According to wikipedia, these are the Japan bonus tracks:

    1. "Halloween" 3:52
    2. "Caterwaul" 5:41
    3. "**** the Universe" 7:29
    4. "Twice as Bad as Love" 4:14
    5. "Father's Son" 3:36
    6. "Gimme Sunshine" 3:55
    7. "Black Clouds" 4:48

  18. jimhb

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    Denver, CO, USA
    I hope this means that all of his catalog will get a MFSL release. The current vinyl of Heartbreaker is horribly pressed.
  19. Blackie

    Blackie Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
    My copy of Heartbreaker (2xLP Cobraside regular weight vinyl) is great, no pressing problems.
  20. jimhb

    jimhb Forum Resident

    Denver, CO, USA
    You are lucky! I have had two copies and both had non-fill throughout.
  21. PBo

    PBo Forum Resident Thread Starter

    New England
    Yeah, my vinyl copy of 29 is pretty noisy. I haven't tried to track down a quieter copy though.

    I think that 29 on cd sounds pretty damn good. It's very warm and dynamic.
  22. UncleHalsey

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    Seattle, WA, USA
    I have the original LIH vinyl but will spring for this for the MOFI treatment.

    In addition to "best tape copy available" projects, I am gathering that the Silver Series allows MOFI to work on vinyl projects that are digitally sourced. No mention of analog anywhere here--the elephant in the room.
  23. mikeyt

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    Los Angeles, CA
    My copy has non-fill issues on one of the sides, though just one of the songs. It's been a while since I've played it but I think it's Damn, Sam. Otherwise it sounds great but I would welcome MFSL reissues of Heartbreaker (if they could improve the already fine sonics), Gold, Cold Roses, and Jacksonville City Nights.
  24. Paully

    Paully De gustibus non est disputandum

  25. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident

    I emailed music direct a few weeks ago and was told that the latest it should be available is the end of February

    Can't wait for this.

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