SH Spotlight SACD & 45 RPM VINYL lovers, grab some NAT KING COLE, take a chance! "After Midnight," etc.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. scoutbb

    scoutbb Forum Resident

    I see the 45rpm AP vinyl of WDEG for $55 on eBay.
  2. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I think that's "Where Did Everyone Au G0-Go."
  3. jimi55

    jimi55 Forum Resident

    I was watching that Where Did Everyone Go SACD on Ebay too because I need it also but knew it was going to go high. Also missed out on getting Love Is The Thing SACD from the same seller because I got busy grilling steaks for the wife.
  4. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    Try a “Want To Buy” post on the marketplace here. That’s how I got my copy. You might find one for an excellent price too. Good luck!
  5. Clark V Kauffman

    Clark V Kauffman Forum Resident

    Des Moines, Iowa
    Hang in there and keep looking — especially on eBay. This is my favorite of all the Nat Cole SACDs. Not only is it just a great album, the new mix created for the SACD is an enormous improvement over all previous releases, vinyl and digital. The original mix is buried in sludge, and is almost muffled sounding. The SACD mix sparkles.
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  6. Rigoberto

    Rigoberto Forum Resident

    USA (UT)
    The 2-channel DSD download should sound just as good as the 2-channel on the SACD and you do get the cover art and liner notes.
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  7. Collectors want the SACD. They don’t want d/l’s.
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  8. ArneW

    ArneW Senior Member

    Cologne, Germany
    I bought the 45 rpm vinyl when it was first available. At the time, I didn't even have the 45 option on my LP12. I can't think of any other LP in my collection that has benefited more from the remastering process. IIRC it was mixed "live" to the lacquer from the three-track tapes. The sound is absolutely gorgeous. If only we could have "Only The Lonely" or "No One Cares" done in the same way!
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  9. 2a3smith

    2a3smith Forum Resident

    Can you tell me what the “Marketplace” is?
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  10. lv70smusic

    lv70smusic Senior Member

    San Francisco, CA
    It's a subsection of this website that is only available to people who meet criteria related to length of membership and post count. It looks like you've been a member here a long time but haven't posted much (at least that's the way it appears to me when looking at your profile), so it might not be visible to you.
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  11. 2a3smith

    2a3smith Forum Resident

    That would be awesome, Steve! I have been buying music from Chad since his tiny advertisements first appeared in the classified sections of audio magazines back in the mid-80’s. It’s not as if Chad owes me a favor, but I am one of his earliest loyal customers. Thanks much!
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  12. 2a3smith

    2a3smith Forum Resident

  13. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    It’s where at least 30% of my paycheck goes. After taxes. :cry:
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  14. Bill Mac

    Bill Mac Forum Resident

    Was the Where Did Everyone Go? APO SACD produced in lower numbers than all of the other NKC APO SACDs? It seems like that's the case as it's been OOP for quite some time. I was lucky to get a new copy before it went OOP. The one I was having trouble getting was After Midnight as it wasn't available for a few months in 2011. Now it seems to be readily available.

    Check out the sold prices at Discogs. The highest sold price is $79.99. The seller with the listing for $176.67 might be waiting awhile for a sale. At least on Discogs.

    Nat King Cole - Where Did Everyone Go?
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  15. Todd Fredericks

    Todd Fredericks Senior Member

    A New Yorker
    I feel very lucky I got the 45’s and SACD’s when they were first released. Top notch work! I think I’ll play a few tomorrow.
  16. Swordsandchains

    Swordsandchains True metal never rusts

    that 79.99 one was me haha
  17. 2a3smith

    2a3smith Forum Resident

    I just scored the WDEG SACD from a generous fellow SHF member for a good price!!!!
  18. paulmock

    paulmock Forum Resident

    Hollywood, CA
    I love to hear that stuff. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!! Tis a fabulous SACD.
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  19. Simon A

    Simon A Arrr!

    Merry Christmas! :targettiphat:
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  20. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I read this and it all comes back to me:

    "Trust me, these weren't made from fourth generation tape dubs of unknown origin. These are from the real deal. Every song was mastered from the actual recording tape that was on the Ampex recording machine in the studio control room back in 1956-61 using my favorite A/DSD converter.."

    I had a guy at Capitol/EMI Special Markets that I worked with named Jason Blaine. He got me hooked on Trident Mango gum but that's another story. He patiently worked with me to find all original recording tapes of every song on all of these NAT releases. Can't believe we did it but we somehow did. Took a very long time but it was worth it. I can remember 50 reels coming in from Iron Mountain and only one was the correct one, but we had to know for sure (the computer didn't have the best information on many reels.) I pulled the one we needed, usually for just one stinkin' song and the 49 other 10" reels went back to Iron Mountain the same day. This happened three-four times a week for months. Really a lot of work but Jason never complained, we made it into a game to keep it interesting and to keep from screaming.

    Jason also helped me find every Gary Lewis & The Playboys mono hit mix for a Gary Lewis project I did, plus several other projects. Jason was paid the least but worth the most of any person there. Of course he was let go when the changeover happened. Now I how no idea how they find anything. Institutional Memory is just not happening at many places any more.
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  21. Artur Torres

    Artur Torres New Improved Full Dimensional Stereo

    This kind of NKC catalog retrieval also needs to happen with Vic Damone and Nancy Wilson's Capitol phase discs.
  22. paulmock

    paulmock Forum Resident

    Hollywood, CA
    @Steve Hoffman "Institutional MONEY" is what is happening at many places now! Care, skill, knowledge and LOVE are painfully almost completely absent from the music restoration business these days. I say almost because we still have the likes of the Tone Poet, your ol' pal Kevin, Chuck Granata, @MMM and of course @jtaylor and that lovable mensch @MLutthans along with a small handful of other craftsmen. Those who actually still take the time, agony, grief, frustration, disappointment and everything else that comes with producing epic projects like the Nat SACD's/45's and most recently the brilliant Nat Cole Hittin' the Ramp and produce them to their utmost highest standards and quality.

    BLESS YOU ALL and thank you !!!!
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  23. hodgo

    hodgo Tea Making Gort (Yorkshire Branch) Staff

    East Yorkshire
    Excellent post Paul, you echo the thoughts and sentiments of many of us here including this humble Yorkshire man :righton:
  24. Artur Torres

    Artur Torres New Improved Full Dimensional Stereo

    Truly, I hope to go through these experiences reported by @paulmock if I can access the tapes of Vic Damone, Nancy Wilson and Peggy Lee and do work done exactly like Nat's SACDs. And besides acting as a recording engineer, which is one of my purposes.. I hope that happens.
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  25. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Jason bumpie.

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