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Saddest song you’ve ever heard

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Carlperkinscadillac, Aug 29, 2020.


    MOE DOLLAZ Well-Known Member

    Hazard County
  2. carrolls

    carrolls Forum Resident

    Last Stop This Town.
    Great decision to turn it into a funny video.

  3. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
  4. WhoAreYou

    WhoAreYou Soul Survivor

    New York City
    Thankfully, that song is followed by “Carey” on the album, otherwise I’d ball my eyes out.
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  5. Duncan Day

    Duncan Day Middle Aged Savage

    U.K. Chippenham
    There’s a few Brian Wilson/Beach Boys songs that get the lip trembling. That’s a good choice. I find Summers Gone on the last BBS album a hard listen.
  6. WhoAreYou

    WhoAreYou Soul Survivor

    New York City
    Maybe more “the loneliest” song(s) than overtly sad, as they are sorta upbeat in tempo, but lyrically they’re a profound punch to the gut for me:

    “Sitting In My Hotel” and “Celluloid Heroes” by the Kinks. Ray, the genius he is, disguising utterly depressing sentiments behind lilting melodies, but when he gets to the part in “Celluloid Heroes” where he says “I wish my life was a nonstop Hollywood movie show/A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes/because celluloid heroes never feel any pain”, it tells you how he’s really feeling. And “Sitting My Hotel”, god, could a person feel more alone? It’s the painfully introspective follow up to “Waterloo Sunset.”
  7. PaoloOcco

    PaoloOcco Forum Resident

    The Great Otis Taylor
  8. Buggyhair

    Buggyhair Forum Resident

    Ann Arbor, MI
    This isn't a sad song, but is in the category of So Beautiful, I Cried.
  9. Pseudoty

    Pseudoty Well-Known Member

  10. Jamey K

    Jamey K Internet Sensation

  11. Rockhead

    Rockhead Well-Known Member

    Anathema One Last Goodbye
    Band leaders Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh dedicated it to their late mother. It's beautiful, but so sad that I'm not able to listen to it anymore.
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  12. Gigi

    Gigi Active Member

    orange county, ca
    "Traces", Classics IV
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  13. Sedwards

    Sedwards Senior Member

    Don't know much of his work - just know this guy doesn't get much respect in some music circles. But someone shared this video and it's a hard one to listen to, especially if you've been there:

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  14. Solly Bridgetower

    Solly Bridgetower Elton is my golden God of music. Deal with it.

    Ontario, Canada
    Years ago, I'd have said something like Billy Joel's "Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)" or even Taylor Swift's "All Too Well". Both songs recall feelings I have about many people I've had to leave or say goodbye to.

    But the one song I absolutely can't listen to -- can't even hear the opening chords without getting a serious lump in my throat -- is Bob Seger's "Against the Wind". I'm not even that much of a Seger fan; I first heard the song as a teenager on my sister's copy of the Forrest Gump soundtrack. And back then, though I was intelligent enough to understand what the song was about, my understanding was only superficial. It couldn't have been anything more, not at that age. It wasn't until a few years ago (I just turned 40, last birthday) that I realized how true the song is. It's not necessarily about regret; and yet the song reminds me anyway of so many personal regrets. So much lost time in my twenties and early thirties, chasing things I thought were important but really weren't.

    Oh, jeez. Who needs a drink? ME. See ya later...

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  15. Maurice Bursztynski

    Maurice Bursztynski Drummer, Singer, Podcaster.

    Richard Thompson has written a bunch of sad songs, but this is my favourite.

  16. John54

    John54 Senior Member

    Burlington, ON
    The band's name is completely incongruous with their song, a lushly-arranged, late-'60s folk-pop tear-jerker -

    Rejoice!, November Snow:

  17. frye

    frye Well-Known Member

    Charleston, SC
    Long Black Veil - Especially the version done by The Band
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  18. RSteven

    RSteven Forum Resident

    Brookings, Oregon
    Bobby Vinton wrote Mr. Lonely while serving in the Army in the late 1950's, but the song did not get released as a single until 1964 when the Vietnam War was in full swing. I saw him perform live in Las Vegas with a full orchestra in 1975 at the original MGM Hotel (now known as Bally's). He put on a fantastic show that night, but Mr. Lonely was the highlight for me. His opening act was Joan Rivers. At the time, she was the highest paid opening act on the strip at $50,000 a week, which was just astronomical for a comedian or opening act in Sin City.

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  19. Folknik

    Folknik Forum Resident

    "Give My Love to Rose" is right there with it. A double-barrel tearjerker.
  20. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

  21. jeffd7030

    jeffd7030 Don't forget the pouring rain.

    Hampden, ME
    I agree with the OP regarding Wichita Lineman...not so much sad but very poingant.

    I will suggest 'Shannon' by Henry Gross.
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  22. Rorsontherun

    Rorsontherun Forum Resident

    There are three songs that reach me a lot.

    Empty Garden by Elton John
    Little Willow and Dear Friend by Paul McCartney (I find Dear Friend makes me more sad than Here Today, dunno why).
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  23. concorde3

    concorde3 Active Member

    "April Come She Will" / "I Am A Rock" - Simon And Garfunkel
    "Baby Blue" - Badfinger
    "Wish You Were Here" / "Nobody Home" - Pink Floyd
    "Oh Life (There Must Be More)" - Alan Parsons
    "Whispering Pines" - The Band
    "Day After Day (The Show Must Go On)" - The Alan Parsons Project
    "Cat's In The Cradle" - Harry Chapin
    "Speakin' Out" / "Borrowed Tune" / "The Needle And The Damage Done" - Neil Young
    "I Can't Make It Alone" - Dusty Springfield

    Some of these, people may find sad.

    EDITS: Also "American Pie" - Don McLean
    "To One In Paradise" - The Alan Parsons Project
    "Outside The Wall" - Pink Floyd
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  24. Brettlowden

    Brettlowden Forum Resident

    Rochester ny
    Closing my eyes Fleetwood Mac
    Alone and forsaken hank williams
  25. Skydog7

    Skydog7 Climb down off that hilltop, get back in the race

    “Eleanor Rigby” always made me sad and I always skipped it.

    Willie’s “I Still Can’t Believe that You’re Gone” is another one that tugs at me deeply.
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