Safe to use surround amplifier with only two of its channels?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by CMT, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. CMT

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    Stupid question, I imagine, but, wanting to isolate myself from other family members while listening to music, I got out an old CD player I wasn't using and I've hooked it up to an amplifier someone gave me (a cheap Harmon Kardon HVR 1510, I think it is), which seems to be designed for surround sound. Looking at the manual online, it seems to expect more than two speakers and you might have to configure it in some way? Just wondering if simply hooking up speakers to the right and left front speaker connections (ignoring the two back connections and the subwoofer connection) could in any way hurt my speakers? It's a nice pair of KEF LS50s. I've been trying to sell these, but no one's shown interest, so I thought I'd try to use them in a thrown-together second system in the bedroom. Just don't want to hurt anything. Thanks!
  2. F1nut

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    You won't hurt a thing, but you will have to configure the AVR for the best 2 channel results.
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  3. CMT

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    And what does that mean?
  4. Rick58

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    there might be a setup where you configure it for stereo, but even if you can't find that, I bet it'll work just fine.

    Looks like there's buttons on the front "Surround Mode" that I bet one of the choices is 'Stereo'. If not ... try the other buttons?
  5. fluffskul

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    Some of the old amps have all these choices like "jazz hall," "stadium concert," if there's an option for "EFFECT OFF" or "NO effect," that should do it.
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  6. BruceS

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    According to the manual for the HK AVR1510, the Surround Mode Category button should offer you a Stereo setting. That ought to do it. Seems like a nice-enough setup for a 2nd system in BR.
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  7. Brother_Rael

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    Yes, perfectly safe. I used to use my then Onkyo TX-NR818 AV amp in this mode and selected for Stereo Only mode. As outlined above, you should be able to scroll through the menu settings on your remote to get this.
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  8. frcnorth

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    I’ve done the same thing with a Denon 5803. It’s no longer viable to use an a modern day AVR (no HDMI), but its build quality, sound characteristics, power (170 wpc), and subwoofer out have made it an excellent choice from which to build a 2.1 analog system. I have it connected to a turntable, reel to reel, 8-track and cassette (since these older AVR’s allow for a multitude of connection options). As for the playback variations, I have the option to choose stereo, stereo direct and pure direct. All sound great.
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  9. lv70smusic

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    I know this question was about a solid state amp, but just in case someone extrapolates this information to a tube amp -- do not turn a tube amp on without either speakers or a dummy load attached to the speaker outputs.
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  10. Josquin des Prez

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    I've been doing that for years, no problem. The digital board on my Arcam AVR300 failed years ago, so now I use it as a two-channel analog receiver for my home office system. For the analog source I use a Logitech Squeezebox touch configured as a Roon endpoint into an Arcam rDAC. The only problem now is that the Arcam AVR has a digital volume control and that's now starting to fail too, so I might be looking for something else.
  11. Raylinds

    Raylinds Martinis, music and glowing tubes

    I had an AVR that had a Pure Direct setting for two channel that bypassed the audio processor to theoretically give a better sound. I think minimizing the signal chain is always a good idea.
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