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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by unclefred, Sep 16, 2021.

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    That collection is a steal at this price. It’s basically three dollars per movie with better encodes than the Scream Factory releases. Some may consider this blasphemy, but I enjoy Psycho II much more than the original. Fans of the original Psycho that haven’t bothered watching any of the sequels should definitely take a stab at this.
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  3. Norman's s 'mother' liked ' Psycho 2' , the other sequels not so much.
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    It is a steal and, yep, the discs for the three sequels are better than Scream Factory’s, as Thenightfly1982 mentioned (though you don’t get SF’s extras).

    I like all four. The second film is a great example of a sequel that’s much better than many probably expected, probably better than anyone could have expected.

    The third one is basically the grindhouse, giallo-esque film of the series (one scene looks like an intentional homage to Dario Argento’s work). It’s very sleazy in a way the other three are not. Anthony Perkins directed, and in spite of struggles with the studio (the identity of the murderer was originally intended to be someone else), the movie’s pretty good, though the weakest of the four, for me.

    The fourth one is a surprisingly sensitive origin story for Norman Bates, scripted by Joseph Stefano, who also penned the original. This one disregards II and III, and tells a new story of Norman after being released.

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