Saturday Night Live (SNL) 2018-2019 44th Season Thread

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Turnaround, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. Dillydipper

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    Seeing Paul Rudd doing comedy only makes me think of one thing...GOD, does The Daily Show need Jon Stewart back. The two of them had such chemistry every time he was on...sometimes the best part of a Trevor Noah interview segment, is the non-sequiter edit getting to the end of one.
  2. Ken_McAlinden

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    Most solid laughs I had during the finale were during the "What's Wrong with this Picture" game show sketch. Kenan really sold that one. That's not a very high high, either. I laughed pretty hard at DJ Khaled, but not because he was trying to be funny. :)

    Disappointing since Paul Rudd can seem effortlessly funny when paired with even semi-decent material.
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  3. Or heck, Darrell Hammond's Trump - which was closer to the actual guy than Baldwin's. Anyway, Baldwin's cold opens were funny at first, but I agree they're just tired and are more a bunch of references at this point than anything actually satiric.
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  4. :wtf: o_O Verily we do live in Clownworld.

    But to be fair, as far as I know - and as per his DJ handle - Khaled made his name as a producer, not an actual performer or especially not as a rapper.
  5. swandown

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    I disagree that Hammond was closer to Trump (check out this sketch - not very Trumpy). IMO, Hammond was closer to Phil Hartman's version of Trump -- which itself was more like a 1940s stock character.

    I think Baldwin nailed Trump on the first try -- from the sound of the voice to the words that he says to the mannerisms that he uses. But it was so good that there was nowhere to go with it. One of the basic points of comedy is to exaggerate -- but you can't exaggerate a person who is already an exaggeration. So, Baldwin's impersonation became less and less funny each time he did it, because all he was doing was mimicking reality.

    One of the things that made SNL's political humor so great is that they would take a grain of truth and exaggerate it. For example, George H. Bush never said the exact phrase "Not gonna do it, wouldn't be prudent" -- but Dana Carvey took a grain of truth and exaggerated it into a phrase that became so popular that Bush himself started using it. But you can't do that with Trump because you can't exaggerate his mannerisms.
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  6. Dan C

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    Phil Hymes, SNL's lighting director since 1976, has died at age 96.

    The man started lighting live shows at NBC in 1951, and most recently worked as a consultant at SNL until 2018. He sounds like a real character, and he had an amazing career and life. RIP Mr. Hymes, and thanks for brightening up countless people's lives.

    Phil Hymes, Who Lit ‘Saturday Night Live,‘ Dies at 96

    dan c
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