Sax, Drugs and Rock & Roll

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by CardinalFang, Oct 12, 2004.

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  1. CardinalFang

    CardinalFang New Member Thread Starter

    I started making a mix CD for a friend, and I realized that the first three songs I chose had sax solos! So I thought I'd bring it to the forum to get some ideas...

    RULES: The tune must be considered a rock song and either have a sax solo or a heavily featured sax. No Bruce Springsteen suggestions, please (already got him covered :) ).

    Here's what I have so far:

    Warren Zevon - Excitable Boy
    Steely Dan - Doctor Wu
    The Band - It Makes No Difference
    Thin Lizzy - Dancing in the Moonlight
    Joe Jackson - Cha Cha Loco
    Bruce Springsteen - Prove It All Night
    Billy Joel - Still Rock & Roll To Me

    This CD is strictly needle drops, so I might not have your suggestions. Still, I might end up borrowing an LP or two (or buying) if it's a good choice.

    Anybody want to suggest a Tom Waits tune?
  2. MikeP5877

    MikeP5877 Non-essential

    Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
    Al Stewart - Time Passages
    Traffic - Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
    Van Morrison - Wild Night
  3. Peter D

    Peter D Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Foreigner - Urgent
    Neil Young - Someday
  4. Dave D

    Dave D Done!

    Milton, Canada
    Wings...Jet! The saxes play the main riff.
  5. reechie

    reechie Well-Known Member

    Carole King- "Jazzman"
    Al Stewart- "Song On The Radio" (inspired by "Jazzman")
    Smithereens- "Especially For You"
  6. theoxrox

    theoxrox Forum Resident

    central Wisconsin
    How about "Mocking Bird" (Carly Simon & James Taylor) from the mid-1970's.
  7. vintageonevinyl

    vintageonevinyl Forum Resident

    Columbia, SC
    Weather Report Suite - Grateful Dead - Wake of the Flood
  8. whaaat

    whaaat Active Member

    Toronto, ON
    Pink Floyd - Money
  9. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    Seger - Old Time Rock ' N ' Roll ?? I think that had a sax solo by Alto Reed.
  10. Drawer L

    Drawer L Forum Resident In Memoriam

    Long Island
    Waiting On A Friend-Rolling Stones
    It's So Hard-John Lennon
    It's Too Late-Carole King
  11. CM Wolff

    CM Wolff Forum Resident

    Jr. Walker and the Allstars - What Does it Take (to Win Your Love)

    (Greatest sax hook ever in a pop song)
  12. XMIAudioTech

    XMIAudioTech New Member

    Petaluma, CA
    'Harden My Heart' -Quarterflash

    'The Heart OF Rock & Roll' -Huey Lewis & The News

  13. Charger

    Charger Forum Resident

    The Rolling Stones "Brown Sugar". I think it's Bobby Keys blowing the sax.

  14. Green Tea

    Green Tea Sweet Soulful Sounds

    Romeo Void - Girl in Trouble
  15. Jimbo

    Jimbo Forum Hall Of Fame

    Zero/Zero Island
    AB-SOLUTELY!! :righton:

    In a totally different direction, I'll mention "The Day The World Turned Day-Glo" by X-Ray Spex.
  16. Ben Sinise

    Ben Sinise Forum Reticent

    Pink Floyd - Us and Them, nice steamy sax sound there.
  17. gd0

    gd0 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies

    Golden Gate
    Easy Street Edgar Winter Group

    Hot sax solo by EW himself.
  18. Larry L

    Larry L Forum Resident

    Allen, Texas
    Harry Nilsson-Take 54
  19. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    Fear's - New York's All Right If You Like Saxophones
  20. GaryW

    GaryW New Member

    Salt Lake City, UT
    AWB - Pick Up the Pieces
    Elton John - The Bitch is Back
    Jefferson Starship - Miracles
    Doobie Brothers - Takin' it to the Streets
    David Bowie - Young American

    for some classic oldies not already mentioned...
  21. Ian

    Ian Active Member

    Milford, Maine
    Stooges - "Fun House"
    Aerosmith - "Mama Kin"
    Hawkwind - "You Shouldn't Do That"
  22. DavidW

    DavidW Forum Resident

    Beatles - You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) (Brian Jones on sax)
    Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knocking
    Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
  23. Pug

    Pug Elitist Snob

    Near Music Direct
    Pink Floyd - Shine on you Crazy Diamond
    Beatles - Savoy Truffle (IIRC)
  24. Dave Stuart & Barbera Gaskin - Lilly Was Here
    Hazel O'Connor - Will You?
    Smokie Robinson - Being With You

  25. joelee

    joelee Senior Member

    CCR-Long as I can see the Light!
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