Schiit still honoring Bifrost 2 $100 rebate

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    Just a note in case you've been looking at this item or are in the market for a new DAC. I discovered this after I ordered my Bifrost 2 a couple days ago. Sent an email to Schiit, and they refunded me $100 off my purchase price. You must have previously purchased a Bifrost or Bifrost upgrade to qualify for this rebate.


    "In addition, current Bifrost owners or upgraders receive $100 off the price of a Bifrost 2, if they want to move to the new platform. Current Bifrost owners or upgraders are anyone who purchased a Bifrost or Bifrost upgrade from Schiit or an authorized reseller, at any time. Current owners and upgraders will be asked for a proof of purchase."

    Bifrost 2 is available at now at the following pricing:

    • $599 for current Bifrost owners and upgraders
    • $699 for all-new owners
    Here's the URL with the info: About | Schiit Audio
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