Sealed First-state "Butcher Cover" on Yahoo Auctions Japan - The Beatles "Yesterday and Today"

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    I've been meaning to post this as I've never seen a sealed first-state "Butcher Cover" publicly offered for sale. This mono copy of The Beatles' "Yesterday and Today" is presently on Yahoo Auctions Japan and has about 45 hours to go. The minimum bid of about $43,500 is over the top, but I believe the listing to be legitimate.

    Beatles / yesterday and today MONO ブッチャー... - ヤフオク!


    Beatles / yesterday and today MONO Butcher Cover (New Article · Real Thing)

    At that time, the Capitol Records officials of Los Angeles got six butcher covers and stored them, so I bought it from the collector about 15 years ago.
    It is a complete genuine sealed.
    Factory No. 6
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