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Sean Connery's Non-Bond films

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by omikron, Nov 23, 2021.

  1. omikron

    omikron Avid contributor to Paul McCartney's bank account Thread Starter

    Lexington, KY
    I watched The Russia House the other day and was curious what people though about Sean Connery's non-Bond films.


    I'll reserve my comments so as to not indirectly bias this thread.
  2. Mylene

    Mylene Senior Member

    The Man Who Would be King
    The Hill
    A Fine Madness

    All 5 star classics
  3. Raf

    Raf Senior Member

    Toronto, Ontario
    The Offence. His best acting performance, hands down.

    Last edited: Nov 23, 2021
  4. PeanutButterParty

    PeanutButterParty Well-Known Member

    New York

    Is.... something...
  5. MekkaGodzilla

    MekkaGodzilla Forum Resident

    Westerville, Ohio

    Personally, I consider this a Dr. No prequel.
  6. PeanutButterParty

    PeanutButterParty Well-Known Member

    New York
  7. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    Pretty obvious but The Untouchables...and he singlehandedly elevated the third Indiana Jones into a classic.
  8. geetar_await

    geetar_await This space for rent.

    I enjoyed The Rock (1996) for the first half-dozen viewings or so, but not so much later.
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  9. '05Train

    '05Train Crashin' & Flyin' & Livin' & Dyin'

    Roanoke, Virginia
    He was hit and miss with his films. Loved Outland though, and The Untouchables is a bona fide classic.
  10. Timothy Aborn

    Timothy Aborn Forum Resident

    Milford, NH 03055
    Broadly, Sean Connery is like most actors: he's had good films and not-so-good films.

    Some of his best films include:
    1. The Hill
    2. The Anderson Tapes
    3. The Offence
    4. The Wind And The Lion
    5. The Man Who Would Be King
    6. Robin And Marian
    7. A Bridge Too Far
    8. The Untouchables
    9. The Last Crusade
    10. The Hunt For Red October
    11. The Rock
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  11. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

    The man who would be king
    The name of the rose
  12. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

    I used to say that Sean Connery would accept a role if "The" was in the title :D
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  13. Derek Slazenger

    Derek Slazenger Specs, rugs & rock n roll

    'Darby O'Gill and the Little People' deserves a mention.
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  14. raveoned

    raveoned Forum Resident

    Ambler, PA
    You also have to put in The Molly Maguires! Connery and Richard Harris, although it didn't do well on release, still a good movie worth a watch!
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  15. rediffusion

    rediffusion Forum Resident

    His best film (by a mile)...

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  16. herky10

    herky10 Forum Resident

    Caledonia UK
    One that no-one seems to have a good word for, but I adore it:

    Medicine Man

    Honourable mentions:

    The Presidio
    Finding Forrester
    Dragonheart (voice acting)
    Just Cause
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2021
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  17. One ping Vasily....
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  18. HotblackDesiato

    HotblackDesiato Well-Known Member

    The Man Who Would Be King [1975]
    Robin & Marion [1976]
    The Hill [1965]
    Hell Drivers [1957]
    Highlander [1986]
    The Name Of The Rose [1986]
    The Offence [1973]
    Time Bandits [1981]
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  19. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    I tried to watch Robin & Marian earlier this year...pretty tough sit unless you saw it back in the day.
  20. Steve Baker

    Steve Baker Forum Resident

    Columbia, Maryland
    Time Bandits
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  21. twicks

    twicks Forum Resident

    Wait, has no one mentioned Highlander? RAMIREZ!
  22. fr in sc

    fr in sc Forum Resident

    Hanahan, SC
    No mention of Marnie or Rising Sun, I see.
  23. Pizza

    Pizza With extra pepperoni

    Yeah. But his appearance in this film and the sequel still made it odd to me when he snubbed his nose at the thought of being in a Star Trek movie.
  24. BeatleJWOL

    BeatleJWOL Senior Member

    That said, the one he was approached for was The Final Frontier, so...

    (I love that movie but many Trekkies don't)

    I'd just heard it was because Last Crusade came along first.
  25. brockgaw

    brockgaw Forum Resident

    I always got a kick out of the fact that no matter what the origin of his character (Irish, Arab, Russian, English and Spanish) he kept his accent and dared us to deal with it.
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