"Secret Code" to get 50% off on the One Microphone recording sampler.

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  1. Milan

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    I received this from my friend Alex from the Netherlands and I can confirm that the code works.
    It's a promo from the local XFI2019 show in the Netherlands. I don't think there's a better way to optimize speaker placement than these one mic recordings.
    [​IMG] Sound Liaison DXD Music Sampler

    It's in Dutch but I think you'll manage.
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  2. Khoff

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    Not all the tracks are One Microphone recordings. They are all recorded in DXD though and the sound is fabulous.
    The One Mic tracks are perfect for speaker placement. They made me change my listening position.

    With this code you get the 24-96 for $7.50. That´s a steal! Too bad I have all the albums already.
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