Seeking recommendations for sanely-priced full-range speakers

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Benzion, Aug 10, 2019.

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    that is dedication to the hobby of audio !!!!
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    Hey, somebody must like them, otherwise they wouldn't exist.
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    Pretty sure they would sell more if they didn't look like that (I understand the narrow baffle is needed for the type of drivers used with their dispersion pattern), I have heard them in two owners systems and both said they don't like the look but bought them for the sound. I think others have written the same online.
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    Yes that can be a problem - even in large cities in North America it would be difficult to find the brands and VERY difficult to find the brands in the same store. Thus making comparisons difficult. I remember back in the day I would make a comment on a speaker and they would say something like "did you bring them home?" The implication was that the only way to judge a speaker is if you brought them home. The same people, mind you, who would dump on my speakers having only heard them at a show. One can only laugh.

    I was somewhat fortunate that I had a terrific audio dealer in business over 40 years and carried a high number of big name products so I could audition the gear in the same room back to back with the same gear at the same volume level. Here in Hong Kong - 20 floors 20 audio dealers - all the same floor, wall, ceiling construction. So one floor has ATC/Vandersteen the next floor has B&W/KEF, next Magnepan/Paradigm, next Legacy Audio/ next Vivid Audio Giya/Tannoy Westminsters next floor Nola Grand Reference/Tidal and so on and so forth.

    And of course connected to the top of the line gear from most everyone. And then there are the consignment and second hand shops again in the same buildings on several floors.

    As good as Soundhounds in Victoria is - you'd still have to take a 2 hour trip via ferry to Vancouver to go to the dealers there that carried say PMC or Cabasse if you wanted to hear those.

    I think there are generally more rich people in Asia - at least in terms of rich people with disposable cash and not rich people where the money is tied up in pensions or their house.

    People here go to the casino in Macau and open a carry bag with $500,000 USD in cash. Vegas is chump change. There are single chips in Macau bordering on half a million dollars - and played on the main floor - then there is the high roller room!

    Of course you have several components from several companies that are not exactly common and available in every city either. I see that you live in Florida - there are two Audio Note dealers in Florida - one in Miami and one at Palm Beach Gardens. So at least they're in the State. I would have to imagine the others you list have at least 1 dealer in Florida too. I would expect them to have more than 2 each.
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  5. Richard Austen

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    I like the looks of the Vivid Audio speakers - Heard them several times at show and dealers here in Hong Kong. I can get past any of the looks if the sound is great. But I preferred the AN E/SPx AlNiCo over the Giya 2 or Oval that I have auditioned - I like the looks of Vivid Audio more. I am more of an at work sculpture kind of a guy than a retro rectangle box kind of a guy. But sound trumps looks.
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