Selling records--question about expectations and grading records/jackets

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by abcgroup, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Before I ask all y'all about expectations when buying/selling on sites like Discogs, can someone tell me if I am in the right spot to get feedback from other audio goobers like myself? I'm not here to sell anything. I'm here to get advice on handling a situation. Let me know if I am in the right spot.
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    Sure. What's the question?
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    Livonia, MI
    This would best be handled in our "Marketplace Discussions" sub-forum. I will be moving this thread there shortly, but I will leave a 48 redirect from Music Corner.
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    Ken--for now, I'll run my questions by folks and then let you move the thread--is that cool? Small world--I used to work off 8 Mile in Livonia.

    The dilemma:
    If you buy a record on Discogs that you know comes from a label that has historical pressing problems--but the seller sells the record to you (both jacket in NM condition)...and they in fact show up in NM condition, but the pressing itself is not a great you hold the seller responsible for the label's pressing quality?

    Bear in mind--these are widely accepted to be pressings with issues. So...are you buying grading based on the CONDITION of the record/jacket (only), or are you buying grading based on record/jacket/pressing quality?

  5. hvbias

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    If you know this company/pressing plant produces defective records at a high rate I would ask the seller if he play graded it. If he didn't I'd move on, if he said he did and it had no issues ask what sort of a system he was using and whether it was headphones or speakers. Honestly if it was me I just avoid these junk companies like Scorpio, 4 Men With Beards, Rainbo pressings, etc entirely; modern vinyl already has a high enough defect rate no point in me rolling the dice on known shoddy stuff.
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  6. Arkay_East

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    I don't know. Personally I expect a visual grade for the most part and work under that assumption. I would not feel right about the transition if the record and jacket looked perfect. If it was a particularly expensive item I might request a play grade. YMMV. This is also why I rarely buy anything online, especially used. Although I understand some things are not likely to show up locally without a lot of patience (or ever).

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