Sgt. Pepper's 50th Anniversary editions to be released May 26, 2017* Anticipation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JOSERENATO, Mar 5, 2017.

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  1. coolsound

    coolsound Forum Resident

    any DR for this edition ?
  2. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Beneath the blue suburban skies.
  3. MCK57

    MCK57 Forum Resident

    East Northport NY
    On A Day In The Life John did all his vocals on Jan. 19th. He did a guide vocal and then overdubbed a proper vocal and then double-tracked that in places and Paul added some piano on the second vocal track.They bounced three of the tracks to another tape the next day and Paul and Ringo added bass and drums for the first time.Paul then dropped his lead vocal in the empty space on the now combined vocal track but he messed it up.On Jan. 30 a mono mix was made.Listen to that mix.The AAAHHH"S are not there and remember that John has done all his vocals.On Feb.3 Paul and Ringo redid the bass and drums and Paul redid his vocal and now the AAAHHH's are there.And John and George and someone else can be heard also as has been pointed out.It's the tape echo on Paul's voice that throws many people off and I was one of those people at one point in time.
  4. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

    Same line popped into my head as well - Liverpool wouldn't get too many blue sky days
  5. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Not Mr Blue Sky then ?
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  7. Yayastone

    Yayastone Forum Resident

    Monterey, CA.
    Now i'm really curious...
    What's the deal with the Penny Lane US promo mix??
    Sounds like it was found in a pile of battered 45s at goodwill and then needle dropped from a crosley turntable.

    We get all these wonderful outtakes with great fidelity and then ends with a track sounding like a tortilla

    This was kind of hilarious.

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  8. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Yes ' men( behind Lennon) got short hair still in 1967.
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  9. AFOS

    AFOS Forum Resident

  10. TeddyB

    TeddyB Forum Resident

    Now that Giles has weighed in on the "aaahs", the haters can really step out against him!
  11. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    John. With same echo as he has on his voice on the rest of the song. Just as my ears have always told me. With Paul and Mike Love doing the strange distant backing vocals that we've heard on the Rock Band extractions. So Giles also confirms that Mike did take part in this recording.

    Good we can now put an end to this. Though i am sure there will soon be a "Giles lies brigade" on this forum so the discussion can be repeated.
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  12. Onder

    Onder Forum Resident

    It's Paul without a doubt. There's even no punch-in between dream/aaah, all you can hear in that spot is Paul quickly taking a breath after "dream" because immediately after that he starts singing "aaaah". On that track you can hear punch-in before the "woke up" section and punch-out after the "aaaah" section before John starts his "I read the news...".

  13. hodgo

    hodgo Tea Making Gort (Yorkshire Branch) Staff

    East Yorkshire
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