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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Anachostic, Sep 5, 2020.

  1. Anachostic

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    Is anyone getting any shipments out of Japan? I won an auction back in July and the seller said that because of COVID, Japan's mail delivery volume dropped and they weren't sending any packages to the US. He said that might get better soon.

    I checked back with him at the 30-day mark and he said nothing had gotten better. Before I check in at the 60-day mark, I thought I'd ask for some others experiences. At this point, I have a small suspicion he wants me to cancel the order so he can try and sell it for a better price.

    I recently had a German seller tell me he couldn't send me a package, but another German seller also said he couldn't send a package but would ship the CD and artwork as a letter (which came through successfully). Maybe I can suggest that to my Japan seller?
  2. Dave

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    I honestly believe it's more about seller's being a bit paranoid about impatient buyers requesting refunds and leaving negative on-line feedback. Personally having received parcels from all over Europe and Japan since January I don't think most buyers are aware that if they use Paypal they have a 180 day protection guarantee. Their thinking of older more reliable shipping times pre-Corona is not helping. You could possibly try reassuring the seller, like I did recently with a USA seller, that you'll be patient or you could possibly try the letter-mail route you are suggesting.
  3. joachim.ritter

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    I guess the Japanese seller is honest.

    Shipping goods, even just a CD, from Germany to the USA is very expensive at the moment because the standard international shipping option (Warensendung International) is not available at the moment. Letters must not contain goods, so a letter with a CD might be returned and postage costs might be lost. And if the letter gets lost the sender will not be reimbursed. I personally would try it only for cheap CDs.

    I don't know about the options in Japan. But I assume the Japanese post is following the same international shipping rules as the German post. Different shipping options for goods and letters.
  4. jamesmaya

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    I have the same issue with a seller in Japan. Is his eBay handle “kameshita”?
  5. Anachostic

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    I guess I'm going to wait it out. The seller who wouldn't ship the package, I gave a neutral rating to. I thought that was fair, but he protested and requested me to remove it. Whatever.

    The worries you mention are the same ones I've heard.

    In fact it is. At least I'm not alone.
  6. joachim.ritter

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    The same happend to me (neutral feedback because I couldn't ship the CD). eBay deleted the neutral feedback without me even having to ask them for it.

    Sometimes sellers need protection, too. Shipping costs would have been about 50 Euros instead of 7 Euros. Did the buyer expect me to pay them? A few months ago the list of countries I could ship to / could not ship to (for a reasonable price) changed almost daily.
  7. Jack

    Jack It’s alright, in fact it’s a gas

    I have a package on its way from CDJapan, delivering Wednesday via Fed Ex.
  8. Echo

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    Early april I got a reply from a Japanese seller my cd could not be shipped to Holland. The reason was there were 'no connections' anymore between our both countries because of corona.

    That was a real shock to me while the Dutch-Japanese trade connections were the oldest Japan had with the western world! Historical fact: since 1639! And it's now all over...?

    He was however a good seller while he wrote me also he would email me immediately when the Japanese post informed him he could ship items again to Holland. And he did some months later!

    A big relief, thanks to me and my cd, our international trade connections were restored! :D

    PS: For having a great seller from Japan: Kirbystarr at Discogs (99.9% pos)
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  9. IronRinn

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    As far as I am aware (as of this post) Japan Post still isn't sending anything to the US. Fedex, UPS, and DHL are the only options. I've looked into buying a couple albums from Japan off of Discogs and the sellers didn't want to deal with using other services besides their postal service.

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