Shortstack Records Toronto closing down end of March 2024

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  1. eddiel

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    Toronto, Canada
    Owner (also a member here) hasn't posted on any official social media channels yet. He sent out an email out to subscribers.

    Long story short...they were subletting a small portion of another shop (Flower shop). That shop has decided to close so they need to move by end of March.

    Despite sales being good, he's decided to close rather than deal with having to find another temp location (which would be the 4th move in 8.5 years) at such short notice and then continuing the search for a permanent location. I know he's been looking for a permanent location for awhile.

    It's a shame to lose a good record store, but it's been a rough few years, in general, never mind having to move so often. Trying to remember exactly when they last moved but I think it was late 2022, early 2023, so relatively recently.

    Closing down by end of March. Possibly earlier.
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  2. ShortstackRecords

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    Toronto, Canada
    We opened at Queen & John in November 2015.
    Moved to our first proper storefront in July 2019.
    Then moved to our current location in August 2022...

    But we've had a good run!
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    I shopped there last July when we visited Toronto and found a bunch of cool stuff. Sorry to see it go.
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