Shout Factory Working on a Complete-Series "WKRP in Cincinnati"

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Planbee, May 8, 2014.

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    The two song recognition software modules on my head disagree...but OK. :winkgrin:
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    Went to the Costco in Alpharetta GA today and picked up the only copy of the set I saw on the shelf for $57.99.
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  3. RoyalScam

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    I'm loving the set, so far. Almost done with Season 1. MUCH improved from the FOX set in picture and sound quality (not to mention the overall lack of syndication edits and horrible music removal/substitutions). Well done, thus far.
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  4. Indeed. They've done a great job! Love the bumpers as well.
  5. Planbee

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    Thanks to Frey and Henley, the end of "Doctor's Daughter" was a clusterf---, but that was the only real dismal spot of the first three seasons (that's how far along I am).

    Since Shout! had to move heaven and earth audio-wise to get the idiots' song out of the episode, they should have also done away with the copy of The Long Run LP lying on the counter in front of Fever. Actually, I'm surprised Frenley haven't unleashed their lawyers to remedy that situation.
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  6. Better watch out, or Frenley might sic their lawyers on you for defamation! I mean, how dare you point this situation out and make them look bad.
  7. Planbee

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    There's gonna be a heartache tonight...

    (I wonder if you can get in trouble just for quoting an E****s lyric on an Internet forum?)

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  8. 8tracks

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    I'm slowly working my way through the box. (For some reason I started with season 3.) I'm fascinated with the timing of many music references. In the episode "A Mile In My Shoes" Johnny plays "Another One Bites the Dust" and comments after it ends that he doesn't like the song. This episode aired 9/13/80, just two weeks after the song debuted in the Top 40. In an episode a few weeks later a poster for the debut by Huey Lewis & The News can be seen. That album did not chart in the Top 200 and produced no hits.

    I'm really curious about the inclusion of "I Will Follow" by U2 in the episode "Out to Lunch". (Song was stripped from the Shout! box.) The airing of this on 3/14/81 coincided with the debut of "Boy" on the Billboard 200. Even though wiki only lists an October 1980 release for "Boy", John Jobling's "U2: The Definitive Biography" states "Boy was finally released in the United States in March, 1981". Is Jobling correct? If so are there other examples of debut songs from new acts airing in episodes to time with their release? This seems like an incredible amount of foresight for the show as they plug what will be arguably the biggest band of the next 20 years before they charted in the US.
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    I got mine at Costco for $57.99 a week or so ago as others have. It's amazing how much cheaper it is there than Amazon. I haven't watched most of these episodes since they aired so I'm really looking forward to reliving the show. That was around the time I was first getting into music so it's a meaningful show to me.
  10. musicalbeds

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    They also promote the Pretenders before they made it big, iirc.
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  11. Obtuse1

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    Someone on another forum got a response from Shout! Factory regarding the alternate version of the S1 episode "The Contest Nobody Could Win" that appears on the DVD set.

    ".....speaking with folks behind-the-scenes of the show and super fans that helped consult for the box set, we believe the version presented on our set is very likely the original aired version of the episode that was immediately replaced, due to unknown circumstances, after its initial broadcast."

    According to another member (who has a recording of the broadcast), the more familiar version of the episode (w/Vincent Schiavelli) aired on CBS as a re-run.

    Still not 100% on whether the DVD's version actually aired on CBS initially, but it seems that way.
  12. wayne66

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    Thanks for the information. I wish that both versions would have been released. I prefer the version where Johnny catches the guy who is trying to get away with the money.
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  13. RoyalScam

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    One thing needs to be added to this list for this episode:

    The theme song to Johnny/Rip Tide's TV show is actually Edwin Starr's "H.A.P.P.Y. Radio"

    It's played twice in the episode.
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  14. Well, that changes everything. Now I have to own a copy. ;)
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  15. RoyalScam

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    Just completing a virtually complete list, is all. :tiphat:
  16. wayne66

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    Just a comment about the episode Daydreams. The episode where everybody daydreams during Mr. Carlson's speech. I have never seen Bailey's daydream before. In syndication, they always went to commercial and cut out her daydream. When they came back from commercial they would go to the next daydream. I though I had seen this episode when it was originally on and I never saw that part of the episode. So, that was an interesting discovery for me.
  17. RoyalScam

    RoyalScam Luckless Pedestrian

    Just completed watching the entire set. Overall, I'm very happy with the outcome. Is it perfect? No. But it's a solid B+ for me.
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  18. Same here; too bad it wasn't at least included on the bonus features disc.
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  19. musicalbeds

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    Ontario, Canada

    I'll even throw in an A- as I found it so much fun to watch in order. I didn't recall them being so...linear. Herb's heart problems episode, leads into the next episode because Herb is still in the hospital; I didn't recall noting that when I watched it.

    While the final episode was made without it being known to be the final one.... it feels like a decent enough ending.

    The station will go on as it has been, thanks to Johnny. Fade out to black.
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  20. eddiel

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    Toronto, Canada
    My guess, based on the response that Shout gave about it, is that they had no idea there were two versions and probably didn't even know about it till after all was said and done. I reckon it was too late to change anything.
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  21. That seems a bit hard to believe if they were consulting with "super fans" as they say, but who knows in the crazy world of TV and archival work, eh?
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    Exactly as I feel. I am very happy it was released. Just a few years ago, I was so sure such a thing would never be seen.
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  23. wayne66

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    I just finished watching the series last night. What a great show. It still holds up really well after all this time. I felt kind of sad realizing that it was cancelled prematurely. It could have run at least 3 more seasons. What a shame. A classic series. I think Shout Factory did a fine job putting the set together. Not perfect. I would have loved to have all the music, but they got most of it, so I cannot complain too much. I am just happy to have one of my favorite television shows on DVD at last.
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  24. RoyalScam

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    I really thought Season 4 was incredibly strong. On one hand, it went out on a high in terms of quality...on the other, IMO, it was cut down in its prime. Either way, it left me wanting more.
  25. thestereofan

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    I loved this show but personally I am glad it ended when it did. Maybe only one more year. It went out on a bang like the Rockford Files.

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