Siegfried Linkwitz RIP

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by morinix, Sep 12, 2018.

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    His Loudspeaker System Design 3-part article in Wireless World in the late 70s really inspired me as a kid. I'm sure I still have the tattered and yellowed pages around somewhere, brilliant stuff...

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    Yes, his crossover design was/is a very interesting idea, and really a notable innovation for stabilizing vertical response.
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    Michael Fremer visited Siegfried last June and wrote about the visit in the September issue of Stereophile:

    "One thing Linkwitz said stuck with me. I'd asked him about measurements, and the often considerable difference between what's seen in measurements and what's actually heard in listening. 'What is important to the eye is not necessarily important to the ear,' he said. 'Why should it be? Nature makes sure each does its job and does its job perfectly. You get cues from the eye, but some things that look gross in the frequency response, the ear says, "I don't care".

    Michael Fremer "That from a guy who's more a scientist than an artist. Never forget those words when you look at measurements, in Stereophile or elsewhere. Measurements are useful tools, but don't let them hold you hostage."

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